"Painting a picture of the client": implementing the Addiction Severity Index in community treatment programs.


:This article discusses the implementation of the Drug Evaluation Network System (DENS) version of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) among substance abuse treatment providers in Los Angeles County. Thirty-two trained and certified treatment professionals from 14 programs participated in focus group interviews about their use of and experiences with the ASI. All 14 programs were currently administering the ASI at the time of the study. Qualitative interviews revealed variation among the programs in terms of when staff administered the ASI and how they used it in clinical care. Although the ASI creates a comprehensive picture of substance-abusing patients and their functioning, the timing of its administration seems to significantly affect the usefulness of the information. The findings illustrate the importance of practicality, flexibility, and ongoing training for the successful implementation of evidence-based practices.


J Subst Abuse Treat


Spear SE,Brown AH,Rawson RA




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  • If substance use disorder treatment more than offsets its costs, why don't more medical centers want to provide it? A budget impact analysis in the Veterans Health Administration.

    abstract::Given that many studies have reported that the costs of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment are more than offset by other savings (e.g., in health care, in criminal justice, in foster care), why haven't health care system managers rushed to expand treatment? This article attempts to explain this puzzling discrepanc...

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