The mosaic nature of the eukaryotic nucleus.


:The phylogenies for each of the protein-coding genes from the Methanococcus jannaschii genome were surveyed to determine the history of the major groups of life. For each gene, homologous sequences from other archaea, eucarya, and Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria were collected and aligned, and a phylogeny was reconstructed with a maximum-likelihood algorithm. The majority of significant phylogenies favor the eucarya and the archaca as sister groups. A smaller, but still substantial, portion of these significant phylogenies favor an eucarya/Gram-negative clade. These results indicate that support for the early history of life is not unequivocal. A chimeric origin of eukaryotes or an ancient, massive horizontal transfer of genes from Gram-negative bacteria to eucarya can explain many of the observed phylogenies.


Mol Biol Evol


Ribeiro S,Golding GB




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1998-07-01 00:00:00












  • Non-African populations of Drosophila melanogaster have a unique origin.

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  • The dynamic nature of eukaryotic genomes.

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  • Discovery of cyanophage genomes which contain mitochondrial DNA polymerase.

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  • Is Mutation Random or Targeted?: No Evidence for Hypermutability in Snail Toxin Genes.

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  • Extensive Differential Splicing Underlies Phenotypically Plastic Aphid Morphs.

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  • Cross-Study Comparison Reveals Common Genomic, Network, and Functional Signatures of Desiccation Resistance in Drosophila melanogaster.

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  • The "domino theory" of gene death: gradual and mass gene extinction events in three lineages of obligate symbiotic bacterial pathogens.

    abstract::During the adaptation of an organism to a parasitic lifestyle, various gene functions may be rendered superfluous due to the fact that the host may supply these needs. As a consequence, obligate symbiotic bacterial pathogens tend to undergo reductive genomic evolution through gene death (nonfunctionalization or pseudo...

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  • Rapid functional divergence of a newly evolved polyubiquitin gene in Drosophila and its role in the trade-off between male fecundity and lifespan.

    abstract::The cost of reproduction is a pivotal trade-off with various biological processes during the evolution of organisms. However, the genes and molecular mechanisms underlying the evolution of balancing reproductive capacity and its cost are still largely unknown. Here, we present a comprehensive study on the evolution, e...

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  • Extreme reconfiguration of plastid genomes in the angiosperm family Geraniaceae: rearrangements, repeats, and codon usage.

    abstract::Geraniaceae plastid genomes (plastomes) have experienced a remarkable number of genomic changes. The plastomes of Erodium texanum, Geranium palmatum, and Monsonia speciosa were sequenced and compared with other rosids and the previously published Pelargonium hortorum plastome. Geraniaceae plastomes were found to be hi...

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  • Detecting Signatures of Positive Selection along Defined Branches of a Population Tree Using LSD.

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  • Euarchontan Opsin Variation Brings New Focus to Primate Origins.

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  • The genealogy of a sequence subject to purifying selection at multiple sites.

    abstract::We investigate the effect of purifying selection at multiple sites on both the shape of the genealogy and the distribution of mutations on the tree. We find that the primary effect of purifying selection on a genealogy is to shift the distribution of mutations on the tree, whereas the shape of the tree remains largely...

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  • Population genetics of speciation in nonmodel organisms: I. Ancestral polymorphism in mangroves.

    abstract::The level of DNA polymorphism in the ancestral species at the time of speciation can be estimated using DNA sequences from many loci sampled from 2 or more extant species. The comparison between ancestral and extant polymorphism can be informative about the population genetics of speciation. In this study, we collecte...

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  • Out of America to Africa or Asia: inference of dispersal histories using nuclear and plastid DNA and the S-RNase self-incompatibility locus.

    abstract::The plant genus Lycium (Solanaceae) originated in the Americas and includes approximately 85 species that are distributed worldwide. The vast majority of Old World species occur in southern Africa and eastern Asia. In this study, we examine biogeographic relationships among Old World species using a phylogenetic appro...

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  • Molecular adaptation of a leaf-eating bird: stomach lysozyme of the hoatzin.

    abstract::This report describes a lysozyme expressed at high levels in the stomach of the hoatzin, the only known foregut-fermenting bird. Evolutionary comparison places it among the calcium-binding lysozymes rather than among the conventional types. Conventional lysozymes were recruited as digestive enzymes twice in the evolut...

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  • Theoretical foundation of the balanced minimum evolution method of phylogenetic inference and its relationship to weighted least-squares tree fitting.

    abstract::Due to its speed, the distance approach remains the best hope for building phylogenies on very large sets of taxa. Recently (R. Desper and O. Gascuel, J. Comp. Biol. 9:687-705, 2002), we introduced a new "balanced" minimum evolution (BME) principle, based on a branch length estimation scheme of Y. Pauplin (J. Mol. Evo...

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  • Evolutionary dynamics of tandem repeats in the mitochondrial DNA control region of the minnow Cyprinella spiloptera.

    abstract::Length variation due to tandem repeats is now recognized as a common feature of animal mitochondrial DNA; however, the evolutionary dynamics of repeated sequences are not well understood. Using phylogenetic analysis, predictions of three models of repeat evolution were tested for arrays of 260-bp repeats in the cyprin...

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  • Evolution of closely linked gene pairs in vertebrate genomes.

    abstract::The orientation of closely linked genes in mammalian genomes is not random: there are more head-to-head (h2h) gene pairs than expected. To understand the origin of this enrichment in h2h gene pairs, we have analyzed the phylogenetic distribution of gene pairs separated by less than 600 bp of intergenic DNA (gene duos)...

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  • Rare variation facilitates inferences of fine-scale population structure in humans.

    abstract::Understanding the genetic structure of human populations has important implications for the design and interpretation of disease mapping studies and reconstructing human evolutionary history. To date, inferences of human population structure have primarily been made with common variants. However, recent large-scale re...

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    authors: O'Connor TD,Fu W,NHLBI GO Exome Sequencing Project.,ESP Population Genetics and Statistical Analysis Working Group, Emily Turner.,Mychaleckyj JC,Logsdon B,Auer P,Carlson CS,Leal SM,Smith JD,Rieder MJ,Bamshad MJ,Nickerson DA,Ake

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  • Bayesian Analysis of Evolutionary Divergence with Genomic Data under Diverse Demographic Models.

    abstract::We present a new Bayesian method for estimating demographic and phylogenetic history using population genomic data. Several key innovations are introduced that allow the study of diverse models within an Isolation-with-Migration framework. The new method implements a 2-step analysis, with an initial Markov chain Monte...

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  • Asymmetric Context-Dependent Mutation Patterns Revealed through Mutation-Accumulation Experiments.

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  • Adaptive evolution of hepcidin genes in antarctic notothenioid fishes.

    abstract::Hepcidin is a small bioactive peptide with dual roles as an antimicrobial peptide and as the principal hormonal regulator of iron homeostasis in human and mouse. Hepcidin homologs of very similar structures are found in lower vertebrates, all comprise approximately 20-25 amino acids with 8 highly conserved cysteines f...

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  • Selection against deleterious LINE-1-containing loci in the human lineage.

    abstract::We compared sex chromosomal and autosomal regions of similar GC contents and found that the human Y chromosome contains nine times as many full-length (FL) ancestral LINE-1 (L1) elements per megabase as do autosomes and that the X chromosome contains three times as many. In addition, both sex chromosomes contain a ca....

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  • Excess amino acid polymorphism in mitochondrial DNA: contrasts among genes from Drosophila, mice, and humans.

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  • Nucleotide polymorphism in the acidic chitinase locus (ChiA) region of the wild plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

    abstract::To investigate DNA variation in natural plant populations, a 1.8-kb region of the acidic chitinase locus (ChiA)was analyzed for 17 ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana sampled worldwide and 3 Arabis species in Japan. As in the Adh region, dimorphism was detected throughout the investigated ChiA region, suggesting the poss...

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  • Sequence evolution in bacterial endosymbionts having extreme base compositions.

    abstract::A major limitation on ability to reconstruct bacterial evolution is the lack of dated ancestors that might be used to evaluate and calibrate molecular clocks. Vertically transmitted symbionts that have cospeciated with animal hosts offer a firm basis for calibrating sequence evolution in bacteria, since fossils of the...

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  • HIV-1 modulates the tRNA pool to improve translation efficiency.

    abstract::Despite its poorly adapted codon usage, HIV-1 replicates and is expressed extremely well in human host cells. HIV-1 has recently been shown to package non-lysyl transfer RNAs (tRNAs) in addition to the tRNA(Lys) needed for priming reverse transcription and integration of the HIV-1 genome. By comparing the codon usage ...

    journal_title:Molecular biology and evolution

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    authors: van Weringh A,Ragonnet-Cronin M,Pranckeviciene E,Pavon-Eternod M,Kleiman L,Xia X

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  • Layers of evolvability in a bacteriophage life history trait.

    abstract::Functional redundancy in genomes arises from genes with overlapping functions, allowing phenotypes to persist after gene knockouts. Evolutionary redundancy or evolvability of a genome is one step removed, in that functional redundancy is absent but the genome has the potential to evolve to restore a lost phenotype. Ex...

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    authors: Heineman RH,Bull JJ,Molineux IJ

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