An analytic solution to the homogeneous EIT problem on the 2D disk and its application to estimation of electrode contact impedances.


:An analytic solution of the potential distribution on a 2D homogeneous disk for electrical impedance tomography under the complete electrode model is expressed via an infinite system of linear equations. For the shunt electrode model with two electrodes, our solution coincides with the previously derived solution expressed via elliptic integral (Pidcock et al 1995 Physiol. Meas. 16 77-90). The Dirichlet-to-Neumann map is derived for statistical estimation via nonlinear least squares. The solution is validated in phantom experiments and applied for breast contact impedance estimation in vivo. Statistical hypothesis testing is used to test whether the contact impedances are the same across electrodes or all equal zero. Our solution can be especially useful for a rapid real-time test for bad surface contact in clinical setting.


Physiol Meas


Demidenko E




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2011-09-01 00:00:00














  • Empirical mode decomposition analysis of HRV data from patients undergoing local anaesthesia (brachial plexus block).

    abstract::Spectral analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) is used for the assessment of cardiovascular autonomic control. In this study, a data-driven adaptive technique called empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and the associated Hilbert spectrum has been used to evaluate the effect of local anaesthesia on HRV parameters in ...

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    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


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  • Transthoracic impedance study with large self-adhesive electrodes in two conventional positions for defibrillation.

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  • The feasibility of in vivo quantification of bone-fluorine in humans by delayed neutron activation analysis: a pilot study.

    abstract::Fluorine (F) plays an important role in dental health and bone formation. Many studies have shown that excess fluoride (F(-)) can result in dental or skeletal fluorosis, while other studies have indicated that a proper dosage of fluoride may have a protective effect on bone fracture incidence. Fluorine is stored almos...

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  • A shape-based quality evaluation and reconstruction method for electrical impedance tomography.

    abstract::Linear methods of reconstruction play an important role in medical electrical impedance tomography (EIT) and there is a wide variety of algorithms based on several assumptions. With the Graz consensus reconstruction algorithm for EIT (GREIT), a novel linear reconstruction algorithm as well as a standardized framework ...

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  • Hidden Markov model-based activity recognition for toddlers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Physical activity has been shown to impact future health outcomes in adults, but little is known about the long-term impact of physical activity in toddlers. Accurately measuring the specific types and amounts of physical activity in toddlers will help us to understand, predict, and better affect their future...

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  • Effects of muscle injury severity on localized bioimpedance measurements.

    abstract::Muscle injuries in the lower limb are common among professional football players. Classification is made according to severity and is diagnosed with radiological assessment as: grade I (minor strain or minor injury), grade II (partial rupture, moderate injury) and grade III (complete rupture, severe injury). Tetrapola...

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  • Length and activation dependent variations in muscle shear wave speed.

    abstract::Muscle stiffness is known to vary as a result of a variety of disease states, yet current clinical methods for quantifying muscle stiffness have limitations including cost and availability. We investigated the capability of shear wave elastography (SWE) to measure variations in gastrocnemius shear wave speed induced v...

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  • AASM standards of practice compliant validation of actigraphic sleep analysis from SOMNOwatch™ versus polysomnographic sleep diagnostics shows high conformity also among subjects with sleep disordered breathing.

    abstract::In recent AASM practice, parameter actimetry is cited to measure total sleep time in obstructive sleep apnoea patients, when polysomnography is not available. An actigraph was therefore compared to polysomnographic data in 28 subjects with known sleep disordered breathing. Total sleep time (TST), sleep period time (SP...

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  • Assessment of 1-lead and 2-lead electrode patterns in electrical impedance endotomography.

    abstract::Electrical impedance endotomography (EIE) is a modality of impedance imaging where the electrodes are located on an insulating core placed at the centre of the region of interest. The absence of a physical limit to the medium surrounding the probe enables the use of remote electrodes. The present study compares the fe...

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  • Measurement of pupil reactivity using fast pupillometry.

    abstract::Analysis of human eye pupil reactivity is a very valuable diagnostic method used mainly for evaluation of the condition of the autonomic nervous system and the visual system. The paper presents an experimental pupillometer built in the Institute of Physics of the Wroclaw University of Technology. The apparatus makes i...

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  • Topographic distribution of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a hybrid physics- and agent-based model.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressive and fatal disease characterized by excessive deposition of collagen and associated stiffening of lung tissue. While it is known that inflammation and dysfunction of fibroblasts are involved in disease development, it remains poorly understood how cells and ...

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  • Validation of x-ray fluorescence measurements of metals in toenail clippings against inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in a Nigerian population.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Metal exposures have been linked with many adverse health outcomes affecting nearly every system in the body. Exposure to metals has been tracked primarily using blood. Blood metal concentrations have drawbacks as biomarkers stemming from the metals' short biologic half-lives, shipping and storage requirement...

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  • The effect of serial data collection on the accuracy of electrical impedance tomography images.

    abstract::There has been a surge of interest in using electrical impedance tomography (EIT) for monitoring regional lung ventilation, however, EIT is an ill-conditioned problem, and errors/noise in the boundary voltages can have an undesirable effect on the quality of the final image. Most EIT systems in clinical usage use seri...

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  • Pulmonary perfusion measured by means of electrical impedance tomography.

    abstract::Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a recent imaging technique based on electrical impedance, offering the possibility of measuring pulmonary perfusion. In the present study the influence of several pulmonary haemodynamical parameters on the EIT signal were investigated. First, the influence on the systolic wave ...

    journal_title:Physiological measurement

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  • Wavelet bidomain sample entropy analysis to predict spontaneous termination of atrial fibrillation.

    abstract::The ability to predict if an atrial fibrillation (AF) episode terminates spontaneously or not through non-invasive techniques is a challenging problem of great clinical interest. This fact could avoid useless therapeutic interventions and minimize the risks for the patient. The present work introduces a robust AF pred...

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  • Characterization of cardiorespiratory phase synchronization and directionality in late premature and full term infants.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Though the mutual influence of cardiovascular and respiratory rhythms in healthy newborns has been documented, its full characterization is still pending. In general, the activity of many physiological subsystems has a well-expressed rhythmic character, and often an interdependency between physiological rhyth...

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  • Static resistivity image of a cubic saline phantom in magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography (MREIT).

    abstract::In magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography (MREIT) we inject currents through electrodes placed on the surface of a subject and try to reconstruct cross-sectional resistivity (or conductivity) images using internal magnetic flux density as well as boundary voltage measurements. In this paper we present a st...

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  • Circuit modeling of the electrical impedance: II. Normal subjects and system reproducibility.

    abstract::Part I of this series showed that the five-element circuit model accurately mimics impedances measured using multi-frequency electrical impedance myography (MFEIM), focusing on changes brought on by disease. This paper addresses two requirements which must be met if the method is to qualify for clinical use. First, th...

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  • Dynamic time warping and machine learning for signal quality assessment of pulsatile signals.

    abstract::In this work, we describe a beat-by-beat method for assessing the clinical utility of pulsatile waveforms, primarily recorded from cardiovascular blood volume or pressure changes, concentrating on the photoplethysmogram (PPG). Physiological blood flow is nonstationary, with pulses changing in height, width and morphol...

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  • Video and audio processing in paediatrics: a review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Video and sound acquisition and processing technologies have seen great improvements in recent decades, with many applications in the biomedical area. The aim of this paper is to review the overall state of the art of advances within these topics in paediatrics and to evaluate their potential application for ...

    journal_title:Physiological measurement

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    authors: Cabon S,Porée F,Simon A,Rosec O,Pladys P,Carrault G

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  • Microfluidics for flow cytometric analysis of cells and particles.

    abstract::This review describes recent developments in microfabricated flow cytometers and related microfluidic devices that can detect, analyze, and sort cells or particles. The high-speed analytical capabilities of flow cytometry depend on the cooperative use of microfluidics, optics and electronics. Along with the improvemen...

    journal_title:Physiological measurement

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    authors: Huh D,Gu W,Kamotani Y,Grotberg JB,Takayama S

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  • Variability in estimating shunt from single pulse oximetry measurements.

    abstract::Virtual shunt describes the overall loss of O2 content between the alveolar gas and arterial blood. Clinicians indirectly estimate the magnitude of the virtual shunt by monitoring peripheral blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) using non-invasive pulse oximetry. An inherent limitation of this method is the variable precisio...

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  • Home monitoring of within-breath respiratory mechanics by a simple and automatic forced oscillation technique device.

    abstract::Spirometry is the gold standard to determine the presence of airflow obstruction, but it requires volitional participation and needs qualified supervision. The forced oscillation technique (FOT) measures respiratory input impedance (Zrs) during spontaneous breathing and it could be useful for unsupervised monitoring o...

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  • A novel method for continuous blood pressure estimation based on a single-channel photoplethysmogram signal.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Currently, continuous blood pressure (BP) measurements are mostly based on multi-sensor combinations and datasets with limited BP ranges. Besides, most BP-related features derive from the photoplethysmogram (PPG) signal. The mechanism of PPG signal formation is not considered. We aimed to design a noninvasive...

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  • Automatic detection of detached and erroneous electrodes in electrical impedance tomography.

    abstract::One unfortunate occurrence in experimental measurements with electrical impedance tomography is electrodes which become detached or poorly connected, such that the measured data cannot be used. This paper presents an automatic approach to detect such erroneous electrodes. It is based on the assumption that all valid m...

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  • Combining and benchmarking methods of foetal ECG extraction without maternal or scalp electrode data.

    abstract::Despite significant advances in adult clinical electrocardiography (ECG) signal processing techniques and the power of digital processors, the analysis of non-invasive foetal ECG (NI-FECG) is still in its infancy. The Physionet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2013 addresses some of these limitations by making a set ...

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  • New electrohysterogram-based estimators of intrauterine pressure signal, tonus and contraction peak for non-invasive labor monitoring.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Uterine activity monitoring is an essential part of managing the progress of pregnancy and labor. Although intrauterine pressure (IUP) is the only reliable method of estimating uterine mechanical activity, it is highly invasive. Since there is a direct relationship between the electrical and mechanical activ...

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  • Restoration of the electrocardiogram during mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:An artefact-free electrocardiogram (ECG) is essential during cardiac arrest to decide therapy such as defibrillation. Mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) devices cause movement artefacts that alter the ECG. This study analyzes the effectiveness of mechanical CPR artefact suppression filters to rest...

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    authors: Isasi I,Irusta U,Aramendi E,Idris AH,Sörnmo L

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  • Wavelet-based real-time calculation of multiple physiological parameters on an embedded platform.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This paper aims to present how physiological signals can be processed based on wavelet decomposition to calculate multiple physiological parameters in real-time on an embedded platform. APPROACH:An ECG and PPG are decomposed to the appropriate scale based on a quadratic spline wavelet base in order to obtain...

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    authors: Tang M,Xia P,He Z,Zhao Z,Chen X,Yang T,Zhang Z,Zhan Q,Li X,Fang Z

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  • Carotid flow rates and flow division at the bifurcation in healthy volunteers.

    abstract::In nine healthy subjects, magnetic resonance imaging was used to measure blood flow waveforms in the common (CCA), internal (ICA) and external (ECA) carotid arteries. Useful data were acquired from 14 carotid arteries in total. Flow rates were determined from regions of interest placed over the arteries in CINE-phase ...

    journal_title:Physiological measurement

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Marshall I,Papathanasopoulou P,Wartolowska K

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