Cohort profile: the ages 2003 cohort study in Aichi, Japan.


BACKGROUND:The longevity of Japanese is thought to be associated with psychosocial factors such as sense of coherence, social support, and social capital. However, the actual factors responsible and the extent of their contribution to individual health status are not known. METHODS:The Aichi Gerontological Evaluation Study (AGES) 2003 Cohort Study is a prospective cohort study of community-dwelling, activities of daily living-independent people aged 65 or older living in 6 municipalities in Chita peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Information on psychosocial factors and other individual- and community-level factors was collected in the second half of 2003 using a baseline questionnaire. Vital status and physical and cognitive decline have been followed using data derived from long-term care insurance certification. Geographical information on the study participants was also obtained. RESULTS:A total of 13 310 (6508 men; 6802 women) study participants were registered in the study. For an interim report, we followed the cohort for 48 months, yielding 24 753 person-years of observation among men and 26 456 person-years among women. CONCLUSIONS:The AGES 2003 Cohort Study provides useful evidence for research in social epidemiology, gerontology, and health services.


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Journal of epidemiology


Nishi A,Kondo K,Hirai H,Kawachi I




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  • Relationship of food intake and dietary patterns with blood pressure levels among middle-aged Japanese men.

    abstract::To investigate the relationship of food intake habits and dietary patterns to blood pressure, a cross-sectional study was conducted for 473 middle-aged Japanese males. After adjustment for age, residence, occupation, body mass index and alcohol consumption, mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure (SBP and DBP) were...

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  • Reference values for cardiorespiratory fitness and incidence of type 2 diabetes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In "Physical Activity Reference for Health Promotion 2013" the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare publication gives reference values for cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) required for good health. We examined the associations between the CRF reference values and incidence of type 2 diabetes. METHODS...

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  • Association Between Passive Smoking and the Risk of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 1 in Korean Women.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The role of passive smoking on cervical carcinogenesis remains controversial. We investigated the association of passive smoking with the risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and cervical cancer. METHODS:The study recruited 1,322 women, aged 18-65 with normal cytology (n = 592), CIN1 (n = 420), ...

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  • Smoking and colorectal cancer in a non-Western population: a prospective cohort study in Japan.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The risk of colorectal cancer in relation to smoking habits has been examined mostly in Caucasians, and evidence for other ethnic groups is still scarce. METHODS:Our data came from the Japan Collaborative Cohort (JACC) Study. From 1988 through 1990, 25,260 men and 34,619 women aged 40-79 years completed a q...

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  • A limited association of OGG1 Ser326Cys polymorphism for adenocarcinoma of the lung.

    abstract::The 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGG1) repairs DNA by removing 8-hydroxyguanine, a highly mutagenic oxidative DNA adduct. Recently, the gene for OGG1 was cloned and several polymorphisms have been reported. Because environmental carcinogens produce 8-hydroxyguanine residues that potentially cause oncogenic mutations ...

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  • Incidence and short-term mortality from perforated peptic ulcer in Korea: a population-based study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Perforated peptic ulcer (PPU) is associated with serious health and economic outcomes. However, few studies have estimated the incidence and health outcomes of PPU using a nationally representative sample in Asia. We estimated age- and sex-specific incidence and short-term mortality from PPU among Koreans an...

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  • Reproducibility and relative validity of food group intake in a food frequency questionnaire developed for the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the validity and reproducibility of food groups in the semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) developed for the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study (TLGS). METHODS:To evaluate the reproducibility of food groups included in the FFQ, 132 subjects (61 men and 71 women) aged 20 years or older...

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  • Longitudinal analyses of childhood growth: evidence from Project Koshu.

    abstract::Recently, it has been suggested that fetal and infant environments are associated with childhood and adulthood health status, specifically regarding presence of obesity and chronic diseases. This concept is known as the "Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) hypothesis." Thus, it is necessary to collect ...

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  • Baseline cardiovascular risk factors and stroke mortality by municipality population size in a 19-year follow-up study-NIPPON DATA80.

    abstract::The urban-rural difference in cardiovascular risk factors and stroke mortality throughout Japan was examined in a cohort by using hierarchical data structure. The subjects were 9,309 men and women aged > or = 30 years who were residents of 294 areas in 211 municipalities of Japan in 1980; they were followed up until 1...

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    authors: Nishi N

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  • Birth weight among singletons born to foreign-born mothers in Taiwan: a population-based birth register study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We compared the birth weight of newborns born to foreign-born mothers (FBMs) and Taiwan-born mothers (TBMs), using data from the 2005-2006 Taiwan Birth Registry of singleton live births. METHODS:The Wilcox-Russell method, data restriction, and multiple linear regression were used to analyze the data. The ra...

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  • Secondary Data Analysis of National Surveys in Japan Toward Improving Population Health.

    abstract::Secondary data analysis of national health surveys of the general population is a standard methodology for health metrics and evaluation; it is used to monitor trends in population health over time and benchmark the performance of health systems. In Japan, the government has established electronic databases of individ...

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  • Foods contributing to absolute intake and variance in intake of fat, fatty acids and cholesterol in middle-aged Japanese.

    abstract::On the basis of 351 one-day weighed diet records, we selected foods/recipes contributing to nutrients of interest for a data-based food frequency questionnaire by contribution analysis and multiple regression analysis. Total fat was largely of animal and vegetable origin, irrespective of analytic methods. Saturated fa...

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  • Apolipoprotein E, methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) mutation and the risk of senile dementia--an epidemiological study using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.

    abstract::We examined apolipoprotein E (Apo E) polymorphism and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) 677 C to T mutation by using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method in 100 elderly Japanese aged 60 or more, and assessed whether these genetic factors are associated with an increased risk for the clinical phenotypes...

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  • White blood cell, neutrophil, and lymphocyte counts in individuals in the evacuation zone designated by the government after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident: the Fukushima Health Management Survey.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lymphocytes are susceptible to damage from radiation, and the white blood cell (WBC) count, including counts of neutrophils and lymphocytes, is a useful method of dosimetry. According to the basic survey of the Fukushima Health Management Survey (FHMS), among 13 localities where evacuation was recommended, I...

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    authors: Sakai A,Ohira T,Hosoya M,Ohtsuru A,Satoh H,Kawasaki Y,Suzuki H,Takahashi A,Kobashi G,Ozasa K,Yasumura S,Yamashita S,Kamiya K,Abe M,Fukushima Health Management Survey Group.

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  • The validity of nursery teachers' report on the physical activity of young children.

    abstract::This study examined the validity of nursery teachers' report on the physical activity of young children. Subjects were twenty-one children aged 3 to 4 years (12 boys and 9 girls) at a nursery in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Children were equipped with the Actiwatch (Mini-mitter Company Inc.) activity monitor and the Calo...

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  • Prevalence of risk factors for coronary heart disease among Dominicans in the Dominican Republic: comparison with Japanese and Americans using existing data.

    abstract::Risk factors of coronary heart disease (CHD) in Dominicans were compared with those of Japanese and Americans for the presumption of prevalence of CHD in about 2000 persons. Dominican adults aged 20 through 76 years were medically examined in 1993. Data of nationally representative Japanese and Americans which include...

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  • The trajectory patterns of parenting and the social competence of toddlers: a longitudinal perspective.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Many studies have suggested that the daily emotional interactions between a child and his/her caregiver play a significant role in his/her development. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the trajectory patterns of parenting patterns of caregivers raising toddlers affect the social competence ...

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    authors: Sugisawa Y,Shinohara R,Tong L,Tanaka E,Watanabe T,Onda Y,Kawashima Y,Hirano M,Tomisaki E,Mochizuki Y,Morita K,Gan-Yadam A,Yato Y,Yamakawa N,Anme T,Japan Children's Study Group.

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  • Physical growth charts from birth to six years of age in Japanese twins.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The purpose of this study was to analyze the characteristics of the physical growth of twins in childhood and to present growth charts of Japanese twins. METHODS:The subjects consisted of 2029 pairs of normally developed Japanese twins. Growth data were obtained by mailed or hand-distributed questionnaires....

    journal_title:Journal of epidemiology

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    authors: Ooki S,Yokoyama Y

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  • Trends in Small-Cell Lung Cancer Survival in 1993-2006 Based on Population-Based Cancer Registry Data in Japan.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lung cancers are classified into small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small-cell lung cancer due to their different treatment and prognosis. Although many studies have reported the specific survival of SCLC patients treated at cancer hospitals, survival from population-based data has rarely been reported. ...

    journal_title:Journal of epidemiology

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  • Relationship between coffee and green tea consumption and all-cause mortality in a cohort of a rural Japanese population.

    abstract::We conducted a cohort study to investigate the effects of coffee and green tea consumption on all-cause mortality in a rural Japanese population. Data were obtained from 2,855 men and women aged 40-79 years in 1989, and during the subsequent 9.9 years of follow-up. Using the Cox regression model to adjust for potentia...

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  • Differing influence on delays in the case-finding process for tuberculosis between general physicians and specialists in Mongolia.

    abstract::The objective of this study is to compare the influence on delays in the tuberculosis case-finding process according to the types of medical facilities initially visited. The subjects include 107 patients 16 years and older who were diagnosed with bacteriologically confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis at nine tuberculosis...

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  • Health related research in Bangladesh: MEDLINE based analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Health research is not a priority sector in Bangladesh. By and large, physicians and academicians are neither interested nor are they properly trained to conduct quality research. The objective of this study is to quantify the volume of researches related to health in Bangladesh with a view to propose remedi...

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  • Impact of Caregiver Type for 3-Year-Old Children on Subsequent Between-Meal Eating Habits and Being Overweight From Childhood to Adulthood: A 20-Year Follow-up of the Ibaraki Children's Cohort (IBACHIL) Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Because of the increasing number of mothers who continue to work after childbirth, participation in childcare has diversified. However, the impact of the main caregiver on children's habits has not been determined. We sought to examine the effect of caregiver differences on childhood habituation of between-m...

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  • Association of inflammatory gene polymorphisms and conventional risk factors with arterial stiffness by age.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Inflammatory gene polymorphisms are potentially associated with atherosclerosis risk, but their age-related effects are unclear. To investigate the age-related effects of inflammatory gene polymorphisms on arterial stiffness, we conducted cross-sectional and 5-year follow-up studies using the cardio-ankle va...

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    authors: Kheradmand M,Niimura H,Kuwabara K,Nakahata N,Nakamura A,Ogawa S,Mantjoro EM,Shimatani K,Nerome Y,Owaki T,Kusano K,Takezaki T

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  • Effect of psychosocial factors on cancer risk and survival.

    abstract::Psychosocial factors such as personality traits and depression may alter immune and endocrine function, with possible effects on cancer incidence and survival. Although these factors have been extensively studied as risk and prognostic factors for cancer, the associations remain unclear. The author used data from pros...

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  • Thigh circumference and diabetes: obesity as a potential effect modifier.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Thigh circumference is associated with diabetes risk; however, the role of obesity as a potential effect modifier has not been well studied. METHODS:We examined the association between thigh circumference and diabetes in a cross-sectional study of 384 612 Koreans aged 30 to 79 years. The association between...

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    authors: Jung KJ,Kimm H,Yun JE,Jee SH

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  • Proteinuria and Reduced Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate are Independently Associated With Lower Cognitive Abilities in Apparently Healthy Community-Dwelling Elderly Men in Japan: A Cross-sectional Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The association of proteinuria and reduced estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) with cognition needs more clarification. We cross-sectionally examined whether proteinuria and reduced eGFR, even in moderate stages, were independently associated with lower cognition in a community-based sample of elderl...

    journal_title:Journal of epidemiology

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    authors: Fujiyoshi A,Miura K,Ohkubo T,Miyagawa N,Saito Y,Miyazawa I,Shiino A,Kadota A,Kadowaki S,Hisamatsu T,Torii S,Takashima N,Tooyama I,Ueshima H

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  • Sleep duration and incidence of cardiovascular events in a Japanese population: the Jichi Medical School cohort study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although sleep is one of the most important health-related factors, the relationship between sleep duration and the incidence of cardiovascular events has not been fully described. METHODS:The present study comprised the 11,367 study subjects (4413 men and 6954 women) of the Jichi Medical School Cohort Stud...

    journal_title:Journal of epidemiology

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    authors: Amagai Y,Ishikawa S,Gotoh T,Kayaba K,Nakamura Y,Kajii E

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  • Research activities of cancer epidemiology in Japan.

    abstract::Cancer epidemiology in Japan has been led by the large-scale population based cohort studies. Permanent registration system has made follow-up easier and more efficient. Low cancer incidence and mortality rates led the researchers to investigate possible preventive factors in diet and life style, in addition to the st...

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    authors: Watanabe S,Sobue T,Kinjyo Y

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  • Food and nutrient intakes assessed with dietary records for the validation study of a self-administered food frequency questionnaire in JPHC Study Cohort I.

    abstract::We present here the survey methods and basic results of dietary records which were used as reference values in the present validation study of a self-administered food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) for the 5-year follow-up survey of the JPHC study. A semi-weighed dietary record was kept for four seven consecutive days...

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    authors: Sasaki S,Takahashi T,Iitoi Y,Iwase Y,Kobayashi M,Ishihara J,Akabane M,Tsugane S,JPHC.

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