IA-FEMesh: an open-source, interactive, multiblock approach to anatomic finite element model development.


:Finite element (FE) analysis is a valuable tool in musculoskeletal research. The demands associated with mesh development, however, often prove daunting. In an effort to facilitate anatomic FE model development we have developed an open-source software toolkit (IA-FEMesh). IA-FEMesh employs a multiblock meshing scheme aimed at hexahedral mesh generation. An emphasis has been placed on making the tools interactive, in an effort to create a user friendly environment. The goal is to provide an efficient and reliable method for model development, visualization, and mesh quality evaluation. While these tools have been developed, initially, in the context of skeletal structures they can be applied to countless applications.


Grosland NM,Shivanna KH,Magnotta VA,Kallemeyn NA,DeVries NA,Tadepalli SC,Lisle C




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  • Development of a computer algorithm for feedback controlled electrical nerve fiber stimulation.

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  • A program for the user-independent computation of the correlation dimension and the largest Lyapunov exponent of heart rate dynamics from small data sets.

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  • Development and applications of a software for Functional Image Registration (FIRE).

    abstract::Image registration with anatomical modalities, such as CT and MRI, facilitates the anatomical identification and localization in the interpretation of nuclear medicine images that lack anatomical information. The implementation of Functional Image Registration (FIRE), an operating system (OS) and platform independent ...

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  • Prognostic value of tumor volume for patients with advanced lung cancer treated with chemotherapy.

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  • Fast unsupervised nuclear segmentation and classification scheme for automatic allred cancer scoring in immunohistochemical breast tissue images.

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  • An optimal code for patient identifiers.

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  • MSurvPow: a FORTRAN program to calculate the sample size and power for cluster-randomized clinical trials with survival outcomes.

    abstract::Manatunga and Chen [A.K. Manatunga, S. Chen, Sample size estimation for survival outcomes in cluster-randomized studies with small cluster sizes, Biometrics 56 (2000) 616-621] proposed a method to estimate sample size and power for cluster-randomized studies where the primary outcome variable was survival time. The sa...

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  • Dynamic composition of medical support services in the ICU: Platform and algorithm design details.

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  • An advanced method in fetal phonocardiography.

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  • Detecting negation and scope in Chinese clinical notes using character and word embedding.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:Researchers have developed effective methods to index free-text clinical notes into structured database, in which negation detection is a critical but challenging step. In Chinese clinical records, negation detection is particularly challenging because it may depend on upstream Chinese informa...

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  • Voice controlled wheelchairs: fine control by humming.

    abstract::People without disabilities seamlessly control devices with their hands. Interestingly, their hands can perform coarse and fine control. Implementing smooth control for computerized systems is not straightforward and most of the time it is not intuitive either. Here we offer a solution to that problem: smooth control ...

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  • Construction of patient-specific surface models from MR images: application to bioelectromagnetism.

    abstract::Patient-specific geometric models are needed in many engineering problems. This work reports a novel software tool developed to construct individualized triangulated surface models from MR images. The program consists of three main parts: segmentation, triangulation and registration. The software tool was developed un...

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  • Optimal dynamic empirical therapy in a health care facility: A Monte-Carlo look-ahead method.

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  • A novel biomedical image indexing and retrieval system via deep preference learning.

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  • Mathematical model of electrotonic interactions during excitation and repolarisation of myocardial tissue.

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  • Inter-lead correlation analysis for automated detection of cable reversals in 12/16-lead ECG.

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  • Mixed convection peristaltic motion of copper-water nanomaterial with velocity slip effects in a curved channel.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE:The primary objective of present analysis is to model the peristalsis of copper-water based nanoliquid in the presence of first order velocity and thermal slip conditions in a curved channel. Mixed convection, viscous dissipation and heat generation/absorption are also accounted. METHOD:Mathem...

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  • Automated septum thickness measurement--a Kalman filter approach.

    abstract::Interventricular septum thickness in end-diastole (IVSd) is one of the key parameters in cardiology. This paper presents a fast algorithm, suitable for pocket-sized ultrasound devices, for measurement of IVSd using 2D B-mode parasternal long axis images. The algorithm is based on a deformable model of the septum and t...

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  • Feedback controlled electrical nerve stimulation: a computer simulation.

    abstract::The role of repetitive firing in neurophysiologic or neuropsychiatric disorders, such as Parkinson, epilepsy and bipolar type disorders, has always been a topic of medical research as therapies target either the cease of firing or a decrease in its frequency. In electrotherapy, one of the mechanisms to achieve the pur...

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  • Vision-based motion detection, analysis and recognition of epileptic seizures--a systematic review.

    abstract::The analysis of human motion from video has been the object of interest for many application areas, these including surveillance, control, biomedical analysis, video annotation etc. This paper addresses the advances within this topic in relation to epilepsy, a domain where human motion is with no doubt one of the most...

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