Carbon analogs of antifungal dioxane-triazole derivatives: synthesis and in vitro activities.


:A new series of triazole compounds possessing a carbon atom in place of a sulfur atom were efficiently synthesized and their in vitro antifungal activities were investigated. The carbon analogs showed excellent in vitro activity against Candida, Cryptococcus, and Aspergillus species. The MICs of compound 1c against C. albicans ATCC24433, C. neoformans TIMM1855, and A. fumigatus ATCC26430 were 0.016, 0.016, and 0.125 microg/mL, respectively (MICs of fluconazole: 0.5, >4, and >4 microg/mL; MICs of itraconazole: 0.125, 0.25, and 0.25 microg/mL).


Bioorg Med Chem Lett


Uchida T,Somada A,Kagoshima Y,Konosu T,Oida S




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2008-12-15 00:00:00














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  • Electrochemical and peroxidase oxidation study of N'-hydroxyguanidine derivatives as NO donors.

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  • 7-Oxopyrrolopyridine-derived DPP4 inhibitors-mitigation of CYP and hERG liabilities via introduction of polar functionalities in the active site.

    abstract::Design, synthesis, and SAR of 7-oxopyrrolopyridine-derived DPP4 inhibitors are described. The preferred stereochemistry of these atropisomeric biaryl analogs has been identified as Sa. Compound (+)-3t, with a K(i) against DPP4, DPP8, and DPP9 of 0.37 nM, 2.2, and 5.7 μM, respectively, showed a significant improvement ...

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  • Bicyclo[3.2.1]octanes: synthesis and inhibition of binding at the dopamine and serotonin transporters.

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  • Benzo[7]annulene-based GluN2B selective NMDA receptor antagonists: Surprising effect of a nitro group in 2-position.

    abstract::Benzo[7]annulen-7-amines 7 without further polar substituents have been reported as conformationally restricted Ro 25-6981 analogs and show unexpectedly high GluN2B affinity. Herein the corresponding 2-NO2 derivatives 8 were synthesized and pharmacologically evaluated. NO2 derivatives 8 show 5- to 10-fold higher GluN2...

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  • Spirocyclic NK(1) antagonists I: [4.5] and [5.5]-spiroketals.

    abstract::A series of novel spiroketal-based NK(1) antagonists is described. The effect of modifications to the spiroether ring and aromatic substituents are discussed, leading to the identification of compounds with high affinity and excellent CNS penetration. ...

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  • Novel halogenated nitrobenzylthioinosine analogs as es nucleoside transporter inhibitors.

    abstract::Nucleoside transporter inhibitors have potential therapeutic applications as anticancer, antiviral, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective agents. We have synthesized and flow cytometrically evaluated the binding affinity of a series of novel halogenated nitrobenzylthioinosine analogs at the human es nucleoside transpo...

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    authors: Gupte A,Buolamwini JK

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  • Molecular modeling studies on the active binding site of the blood-brain barrier choline transporter.

    abstract::The blood-brain barrier choline transporter may have utility as a drug delivery vector to the central nervous system. Surprisingly, this transporter has as yet not been cloned and expressed. We therefore initiated a 3D-QSAR study to develop predictive models for compound binding and identify structural features import...

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  • Design of benzoic acid inhibitors of influenza neuraminidase containing a cyclic substitution for the N-acetyl grouping.

    abstract::A 2-pyrrolidinone ring containing a single hydroxymethyl side chain effectively replaces the N-acetylamino group of 4-(N-acetylamino)-3-guanidinobenzoic acid, a low micromolar inhibitor of influenza neuraminidase. This novel structural template affords new opportunities to evolve more potent benzoic acid inhibitors. ...

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  • Synthesis of 8-Oxa analogues of norcocaine endowed with interesting cocaine-like activity.

    abstract::In order to further explore the importance of cocaine's bridge nitrogen atom in binding to the dopamine transporter (DAT), we have synthesized the previously known racemic 8-oxa-norcocaines 3-6 in which the nitrogen atom has been replaced by oxygen. Additionally, to avoid incorrect interpretations of biological data t...

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  • Triamino pyrimidines and pyridines as histamine H(4) receptor modulators.

    abstract::Two series of triamino pyrimidines and a series of triamino pyridines have been synthesized and their structure-activity relationships evaluated for activity at the H(4) receptor in competitive binding and functional assays. Small structural changes in these three hetereoaromatic cores influenced the functional activi...

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