Hydatid disease of the right ventricle and role of tomographic scanning in its diagnosis.


:A case of hydatid cyst affecting the right ventricle is described and role of tomographic scanning highlighted as it demonstrated a typical multilocular cyst arising from the right ventricle in the patient discussed here.


Int J Cardiol


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  • Valsalva sinus pseudoaneurysm causes acute myocardial infarction and stroke simultaneously.

    abstract::Spontaneous Valsalva sinus pseudoaneurysm is a rare and highly lethal condition. Below we present a clinical case of a young woman with spontaneous Valsalva sinus pseudoaneurysm diagnosed presenting with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and ischemic stroke. ...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Núñez J,Fácila L,Sanchis J,Bodi V,Llacer A,Martinez A,Bertomeu V,Chorro J

    更新日期:2004-11-01 00:00:00

  • Impact of infarct location and size on clinical outcome after ST-elevation myocardial infarction treated by primary percutaneous coronary intervention.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:For patients suffering from acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), it is controversial whether infarct location predicts worse clinical outcome independently of infarct size. We therefore aimed to investigate the prognostic relevance of infarct location in relation to infarct size in STEMI patient...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Reindl M,Holzknecht M,Tiller C,Lechner I,Schiestl M,Simma F,Pamminger M,Henninger B,Mayr A,Klug G,Bauer A,Metzler B,Reinstadler SJ

    更新日期:2020-02-15 00:00:00

  • Early effects of kidney transplantation on the heart - A cardiac magnetic resonance multi-parametric study.

    abstract::Increased native myocardial T1 times in chronic kidney disease (CKD) may be due to diffuse interstitial myocardial fibrosis (DIF) or due to interstitial edema/inflammation. Concerns relating to nephrogenic systemic fibrosis with gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCA) limit their use in end-stage kidney disease (ESKD)...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Hayer MK,Radhakrishnan A,Price AM,Baig S,Liu B,Ferro CJ,Captur G,Townend JN,Moon JC,Edwards NC,Steeds RP

    更新日期:2019-10-15 00:00:00

  • Intrathoracic gossypiboma: magnetic resonance features.

    abstract::Gossypiboma, a term used to describe a mass within the body composed of a cotton matrix which usually refers to a retained surgical sponge, is a rare complication of cardiac surgery. We report one case revealed by the recurrence of the anginal symptoms after successful myocardial revascularisation surgery. The preoper...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Vayre F,Richard P,Ollivier JP

    更新日期:1999-07-31 00:00:00

  • Spontaneous resolution of neoaneurysm following implantation of a paclitaxel-eluting coronary stent.

    abstract::We report a case of spontaneous resolution of neoaneurysm of the coronary artery complicating paclitaxel-eluting TAXUS stent implantation in the proximal left anterior descending artery in a 56-year-old female. ...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 信件


    authors: Kim JW,Seo HS,Suh SY,Rha SW,Park CG,Oh DJ

    更新日期:2006-09-20 00:00:00

  • Cardiac troponin I elevation and overall survival among cancer patients receiving investigational compounds during phase I trials.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify factors associated with troponin elevation and to measure the effect of elevated troponin on survival in cancer patients participating in phase I trials. METHODS:Clinical characteristics, cardiovascular risk factors, and biological data from consecutive patients treated in phase I trials (January...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Hollebecque A,Lanoy E,Troallen F,Soulat-Dufour L,Massard C,Bahleda R,Varga A,Gazzah A,Postel-Vinay S,Ribrag V,Deutsch E,Angevin E,Boccara F,Cohen A,Soria JC,Ederhy S

    更新日期:2016-07-01 00:00:00

  • Acquired noncompaction in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

    abstract::Acquired left ventricular hypertrabeculation/noncompaction (LVHT) is rare and has been described in patients with mitochondriopathy, Barth syndrome, and Becker muscular dystrophy. Here we report acquired LVHT in a 28-year-old man with Duchenne muscular dystrophy who required non-invasive, positive-pressure ventilation...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 信件


    authors: Finsterer J,Stöllberger C,Gaismayer K,Janssen B

    更新日期:2006-01-26 00:00:00

  • Current antithrombotic agents for acute coronary syndromes: focus on bleeding risk.

    abstract::The formation of an intravascular thrombus underlies the clinical symptoms associated with acute coronary syndromes (ACS). Plaque rupture signals the recruitment and activation of platelets, initiation of the coagulation cascade, and generation of thrombin, resulting in the formation of a platelet-rich thrombus. Use o...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Bassand JP

    更新日期:2013-02-10 00:00:00

  • Impact of point-of-care pre-procedure creatinine and eGFR testing in patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary PCI: The pilot STATCREAT study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) is a recognised complication during primary PCI that affects short and long term prognosis. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of point-of-care (POC) pre-PPCI creatinine and eGFR testing in STEMI patients. METHODS:160 STEMI patients (STATCREAT group)...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Karamasis GV,Hampton-Till J,Al-Janabi F,Mohdnazri S,Parker M,Ioannou A,Jagathesan R,Kabir A,Sayer JW,Robinson NM,Aggarwal RK,Clesham GJ,Gamma RA,Kelly PA,Tang KH,Davies JR,Keeble T

    更新日期:2017-08-01 00:00:00

  • Hypertensive subjects with type-2 diabetes, the sympathetic nervous system, and treatment implications.

    abstract::Central obesity is closely linked to hypertension and type-2 diabetes (DM2) in young/middle-age. In the elderly, systolic hypertension is a reflection of aging/stiff arteries. Diastolic (± systolic) hypertension in young/middle-age is accompanied by increased sympathetic nerve activity, particularly in the presence of...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Coats AJ,Cruickshank JM

    更新日期:2014-07-01 00:00:00

  • Left main coronary artery aneurysm.

    abstract::Left main coronary artery aneurysm is rare finding at coronary angiography. We report a case of a large left main coronary artery aneurysm in a 59-year-old male who had cardiac catheterization for effort angina and inducible myocardial ischemia. ...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 信件


    authors: Gowda RM,Dogan OM,Tejani FH,Khan IA

    更新日期:2005-10-20 00:00:00

  • A predictive model for early mortality after surgical treatment of heart valve or prosthesis infective endocarditis. The EndoSCORE.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of this large retrospective study was to provide a logistic risk model along an additive score to predict early mortality after surgical treatment of patients with heart valve or prosthesis infective endocarditis (IE). METHODS:From 2000 to 2015, 2715 patients with native valve endocarditis (NVE) or ...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,多中心研究


    authors: Di Mauro M,Dato GMA,Barili F,Gelsomino S,Santè P,Corte AD,Carrozza A,Ratta ED,Cugola D,Galletti L,Devotini R,Casabona R,Santini F,Salsano A,Scrofani R,Antona C,Botta L,Russo C,Mancuso S,Rinaldi M,De Vincentiis C,

    更新日期:2017-08-15 00:00:00

  • High-resolution two-dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis of atrial tissue proteome reveals down-regulation of fibulin-1 in atrial fibrillation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia found in clinical practice. We combined high-resolution two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) and mass spectrometry (MS) to compare the atrial proteome of subjects with AF versus controls with sinus rhythm (SR). Our aim was to identify novel...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: García A,Eiras S,Parguiña AF,Alonso J,Rosa I,Salgado-Somoza A,Rico TY,Teijeira-Fernández E,González-Juanatey JR

    更新日期:2011-08-04 00:00:00

  • Depression in coronary artery disease: novel pathophysiologic mechanisms and therapeutic implications.

    abstract::Depression is a common comorbid condition in patients with coronary artery disease and a well-documented risk factor for recurrent cardiac events and mortality. The exact mechanisms underlying the interplay between depression and ischemic heart disease remain poorly understood and the same is true for the most effecti...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Parissis JT,Fountoulaki K,Filippatos G,Adamopoulos S,Paraskevaidis I,Kremastinos D

    更新日期:2007-03-20 00:00:00

  • Effects of bepridil on the resting electrocardiogram.

    abstract::We evaluated the effects of bepridil hydrochloride, a long-acting calcium antagonist, on the electrocardiogram of 13 men with exertional angina. The drug decreased sinus rate (P = 0.01), increased the QT (P less than 0.001) and QTc interval (P less than 0.001), and produced T-wave changes in each patient. ...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Hill JA,Pepine CJ

    更新日期:1984-09-01 00:00:00

  • CT vs conventional angiography in unselected patients with suspected coronary heart disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:To provide confirmatory evidence that the accuracy of MSCT coronary angiography is comparable to that of conventional coronary angiography. METHOD:19 patients who had both MSCT and conventional coronary angiography were included in our study. The mean age of our patients was 62.3 (SD 7.7) and 42% of our pat...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 信件


    authors: Tan KT,Reed D,Howe J,Challenor V,Gibson M,McGann G

    更新日期:2007-09-14 00:00:00

  • Prognostic role of inducible ventricular tachycardia in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy and asymptomatic nonsustained ventricular tachycardia.

    abstract::We studied the prognostic relevance of inducible ventricular tachycardia in 32 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy and spontaneous nonsustained asymptomatic ventricular tachycardia. Programmed ventricular stimulation included basic drive cycle lengths of 600, 500, 430, 370, 330 and 300 msec at single, double, and tri...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Gössinger HD,Jung M,Wagner L,Stain C,Siostrzonek P,Schwarzinger I,Mösslacher H

    更新日期:1990-11-01 00:00:00

  • Amlodipine improves endothelial function and metabolic parameters in patients with hypertension.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Reciprocal relationships between endothelial dysfunction and insulin resistance imply that improvement in endothelial dysfunction will have beneficial metabolic consequences. We hypothesized that amlodipine therapy in hypertensive subjects will improve endothelial dysfunction and metabolic parameters. METHO...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Koh KK,Han SH,Ahn JY,Chung WJ,Lee Y,Shin EK

    更新日期:2009-03-20 00:00:00

  • The effectiveness of metoprolol versus atenolol on prevention of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in a large Chinese population: a cohort study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Existing trials almost exclusively used atenolol to represent the entire β-blocker class, and it is unknown whether there are intra-class differences. We compared the incidence of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality, blood pressure (BP) control and adherence levels between patients newly prescribed atenol...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Wong MC,Tam WW,Lao XQ,Wang HH,Kwan MW,Cheung CS,Tong EL,Cheung NT,Yan BP,Yu CM,Griffiths SM

    更新日期:2014-08-20 00:00:00

  • Left ventricular native T1 time and the risk of atrial fibrillation recurrence after pulmonary vein isolation in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Native T1 mapping has emerged as a noninvasive non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method to assess for diffuse myocardial fibrosis. However, LV native T1 time in AF patients and its clinical relevance are unclear. METHODS:Fifty paroxysmal AF patients referred for PVI (60 ± 8 years, 37 male) and 1...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Kato S,Foppa M,Roujol S,Basha T,Berg S,Kissinger KV,Goddu B,Manning WJ,Nezafat R

    更新日期:2016-01-15 00:00:00

  • ST2 and left ventricular remodeling after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: A cardiac magnetic resonance study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The association of soluble interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 (ST2) with left ventricular (LV) remodeling is unclear in patients with a first ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). The objective of this work was to assess the relationship between ST2, a marker of inflammation, and cardiac magnetic re...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Miñana G,Núñez J,Bayés-Genís A,Revuelta-López E,Ríos-Navarro C,Núñez E,Chorro FJ,López-Lereu MP,Monmeneu JV,Lupón J,Bodí V

    更新日期:2018-11-01 00:00:00

  • Impairment factors for evaluating the patency of drug-eluting stents and bare metal stents in coronary arteries by 64-slice computed tomography versus conventional coronary angiography.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To identify, using logistic regression models, factors impairing evaluation of patency of drug-eluting stents (DES) and bare metal stents (BMS) in coronary arteries by 64-slice MSCT versus conventional coronary angiography (CAG). MATERIALS AND METHODS:We evaluated 75 stents (16 DES and 59 BMS; 57 in males) imp...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Nakamura K,Funabashi N,Uehara M,Suzuki K,Terao M,Okubo K,Mita Y,Maeda F,Komuro I

    更新日期:2008-11-28 00:00:00

  • The association of Mediterranean diet with lower risk of acute coronary syndromes in hypertensive subjects.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The elevation of blood pressure levels has been recognised as a determinant of the risk for several common cardiovascular diseases. In this work we examined the effect of Mediterranean type of diet on coronary risk in subjects with hypertension. METHODS:CARDIO2000 consisted of 848 randomly selected hospital...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,多中心研究


    authors: Panagiotakos DB,Chrysohoou C,Pitsavos C,Tzioumis K,Papaioannou I,Stefanadis C,Toutouzas P

    更新日期:2002-02-01 00:00:00

  • The influence of early intervention in acute myocardial infarction on long-term mortality and morbidity as assessed in the Göteborg metoprolol trial.

    abstract::The mortality and morbidity were assessed during a 2-year follow-up in an acute intervention trial in suspected acute myocardial infarction with metoprolol (a selective beta 1-blocker). On admission to the trial, the 1395 participating patients were randomly allocated to metoprolol or placebo for 3 months. Thereafter,...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Herlitz J,Hjalmarson A,Swedberg K,Vedin A,Waagstein F,Waldenström A,Wilhelmsson C

    更新日期:1986-03-01 00:00:00

  • Doppler echocardiographic evaluation of normal and thrombosed Björk-Shiley mitral prosthetic valves.

    abstract::Doppler echocardiographic characteristics of 75 normally functioning Björk-Shiley mitral prostheses were studied in patients whose valvar function was considered normal by clinical and fluoroscopic evaluation. The mean Doppler peak and end-diastolic gradients were 9.01 +/- 3.23 mm Hg, and 2.36 +/- 1.0 mm Hg, respectiv...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Radhakrishnan S,Behl VK,Bajaj R,Bhatia ML,Shrivastava S

    更新日期:1988-09-01 00:00:00

  • The specificity of exercise electrocardiography in women grouped by estrogen status.

    abstract::We compared the specificity of exercise electrocardiography in 1880 men and 1818 women with women grouped by menopausal and estrogen replacement status. Specificity for > or = 1 mm horizontal or downsloping ST-segment depression was determined using angiography in 781 patients and using two other nonangiography-based ...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Morise AP,Beto R

    更新日期:1997-06-27 00:00:00

  • Cardiac troponin elevation predicts all-cause mortality in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cardiovascular disease, especially ischemic heart disease, is a major comorbidity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. Several studies suggested that after acute exacerbation of COPD (AECOPD), there is a significant increase of mortality (cardiac and all-cause) and of myocardial infarcti...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,meta分析,评审


    authors: Pavasini R,d'Ascenzo F,Campo G,Biscaglia S,Ferri A,Contoli M,Papi A,Ceconi C,Ferrari R

    更新日期:2015-07-15 00:00:00

  • Impact of coronary bypass or stenting on mortality and myocardial infarction in stable coronary artery disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:To assess whether coronary bypass (CABG) or stenting reduce the risk of mortality and myocardial infarction (MI) compared with optimal medical therapy (OMT) in stable coronary artery disease (CAD). METHODS:We performed a systematic review and network meta-analysis of contemporary randomized controlled trial...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Taglieri N,Bruno AG,Bacchi Reggiani ML,D'Angelo EC,Ghetti G,Bruno M,Palmerini T,Rapezzi C,Galiè N,Saia F

    更新日期:2020-06-15 00:00:00

  • Comparison of prognostic variables in children and adults with Fontan circulation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Non-cardiac complications, such as hepato-renal and metabolic problems, are emerging late after the Fontan operation due to its unique hemodynamics. Consequently, associations between clinical variables and postoperative outcome may change during the prolonged postoperative course. METHODS AND RESULTS:To de...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Ohuchi H,Yasuda K,Miyazaki A,Iwasa T,Sakaguchi H,Shin O,Mizuno M,Negishi J,Noritake K,Yamada O

    更新日期:2014-05-01 00:00:00

  • Effect of aging on left ventricular filling in untreated hypertensive patients.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of age and other clinical and echocardiographic parameters on left ventricular filling in a group of 174 untreated patients with mild to moderate hypertension (aged 20-82 years; mean 51.2 years) and in 189 age-matched normotensive subjects. All subjects underwent an ...

    journal_title:International journal of cardiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Manca C,Aschieri D,Piazza A,Conti M,Barilli AL,Tiberti G,Bolognesi R,Cavatorta A,Borghetti A

    更新日期:1995-02-01 00:00:00