Cyclic performance of carbon-coated TiO2 for photocatalytic activity of methylene blue decomposition.


:Carbon-coated TiO2 powders were prepared from the mixtures of anatase (ST-01) and carbon precursor poly(vinyl alcohol) in different ratios by carbonization at 900 degrees C in a flow of either Ar or N2. Carbon-coated TiQ2 thus prepared was either fixed on an adhesive tape or formed into a film by using the organic binder poly(tetrafluoroethylene) and used for photodecomposition of methylene blue in water repeatedly. On the samples fixed on adhesive tapes, the rate constant was reproduced with about 10-20% scattering during repeated uses in a fresh methylene blue solution up to 7 times. On the samples formed into films by using the organic binder, the rate constant was reproduced after the 3rd or 4th cycle. The mutual relations in rate constant were almost the same among three different conditions for the determination, suspending the sample particles, fixed on an adhesive tape and formed into a film. The rate constant for the photodecomposition was found to give a maximum on the sample containing about 9 mass% carbon.


Environ Technol


Environmental technology


Inagaki M,Nonaka M,Kojin F,Tsumura T,Toyoda M




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2006-05-01 00:00:00












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  • Evaluation of hybrid neutralization/biosorption process for zinc ions removal from automotive battery effluent by dolomite and fish scales.

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  • Olive oil mill wastewaters pollution abatement by physical treatments and biodegradation with Phanerochaetae chrysosporium.

    abstract::This paper discusses decolorization and chemical oxygen demand (COD) abatement in olive mill wastewaters (OMW) by Phanerochaetae chrysosporium grown in static, suspended and immobilised cultures. When P chrysosporium is used in cultures, no decolorization of crude OMW is observed. Decolorization occurs only after remo...

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  • Paradox of "ideal correlations": improved model for air half-life of persistent organic pollutants.

    abstract::The persistence of organic pollutants is an important environmental property due to the extended possibility to have an impact of corresponding substances. In many cases, the experimental values of the thousands of contaminants are missing. The object of the study is novel computational modeling for air pollutions. Qu...

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  • Pilot-scale study for phosphorus recovery by sludge acidification and dewatering.

    abstract::Phosphorus recovery from wastewater is a focus area in Denmark; the aim is to recover at least 80% of the phosphorus. In order to extract phosphorus, surplus sludge from wastewater treatment plants was acidified (pH 2-4) to increase the dissolved phosphorus concentration, which then can be precipitated and recovered. ...

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