Exploring attitudes: the case for Q methodology.


:Attitudes are often referred to, researched and considered in the discipline of health education and health promotion. This paper highlights Q methodology as an appropriate and relevant means of exploring and studying attitudes within this field. It begins by discussing the difficulties in defining attitude and the problems inherent in attitude measurement. A brief history of Q methodology is given, followed by an explanation of what Q methodology is and the processes involved. This paper argues the case for the use of Q methodology when studying attitudes and justifies why Q methodology should particularly be selected in the study of attitudes within the health field. There are many reasons for this assertion which are explored throughout the paper. The principle one is that Q methodology is a more robust technique, than alternative methods, for the measurement of attitudes and subjective opinion. This paper concludes by proposing that Q methodology is taken up by researchers within health education and health promotion who are concerned with exploring attitudes and subjective opinion.


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  • A randomised controlled trial using mobile advertising to promote safer sex and sun safety to young people.

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  • Perceived stress factors and coping mechanisms among mothers of children with sickle cell disease in western Nigeria.

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  • Process evaluation of Healthy Bodies, Healthy Souls: a church-based health intervention program in Baltimore City.

    abstract::Soaring obesity rates in the United States demand comprehensive health intervention strategies that simultaneously address dietary patterns, physical activity, psychosocial factors and the food environment. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Souls (HBHS) is a church-based, community-participatory, cluster-randomized health inter...

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  • The influence of the secondary school setting on the food practices of young teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds in Scotland.

    abstract::In this paper, we explore the secondary school environment as an important context for understanding young teenagers' eating habits and food practices. We draw on data collected during semi-structured interviews with 36 young teenagers (aged 13/14 years) living in disadvantaged circumstances in Scotland. We found that...

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  • Fine forecasts: encouraging the media to include ultraviolet radiation information in summertime weather forecasts.

    abstract::Melanoma and skin cancer are largely attributable to over-exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR). Reports of UVR levels within media weather forecasts appear to be well received by the public and have good potential to communicate the need for appropriate sun protection to a broad audience. This study describes...

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  • Use of an interrupted time-series design to evaluate a cancer screening program.

    abstract::An alternative approach to intervention-control designs to evaluate community health education studies is to use a quasi-experimental design in which the outcomes of interest are examined over time in the intervention unit. The Forsyth County Cancer Screening Project (FoCaS) was a comprehensive clinic- and community-b...

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  • 'Fatalism', accident causation and prevention: issues for health promotion from an exploratory study in a Yoruba town, Nigeria.

    abstract::As countries experience the 'epidemiological transition' with a relative decline in infectious diseases, accident rates tend to increase, particularly road traffic accidents. The health promotion interventions intended to prevent or minimize the consequences of accidents have been developed in predominantly Western, i...

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  • Factors influencing implementation of a preschool-based physical activity intervention.

    abstract::Examining factors that influence implementation of key program components that underlie an intervention’s success provides important information to inform the development of effective dissemination strategies. We examined direct and indirect effects of preschool capacity, quality of prevention support system and teach...

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  • Predicting changes in physical activity among adolescents: the role of self-efficacy, intention, action planning and coping planning.

    abstract::This paper aims to test the direct predictors of the theory of planned behaviour (TPB), action planning and coping planning as predictors of changes in physical activity (PA) in 157 adolescents (mean age: 12). TPB measures, the Action Planning and Coping Planning Scales (APCPS) and the International Physical Activity ...

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  • Risk-taking behaviors and AIDS knowledge: experiences and beliefs of minority adolescent mothers.

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  • The characteristics of the outdoor school environment associated with physical activity.

    abstract::The school is an important setting for physical activity. The purpose of the present study was to examine the association between physical environmental characteristics and participation in daily physical activity during school breaks. Data from 130 schools and 16 471 students (Grades 4-10) in Norway were obtained in ...

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  • Physical activity in persons with diabetes: its relationship with media use for health information, socioeconomic status and age.

    abstract::Although low socio-economic status (SES) persons with diabetes show low levels of physical activity (PA), there is limited knowledge regarding which media is effective in improving their PA. This study aimed to determine the appropriate media for providing PA-related information to persons with diabetes in low SES com...

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    authors: Ko D,Myung E,Moon TJ,Shah DV

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  • 'They will tell me if there is a problem': limited discussion between health professionals, older adults and their caregivers on falls prevention during and after hospitalization.

    abstract::The objectives of this study were to describe the sources of falls prevention information provided to older adults during and after hospitalization, identify and explore reasons why discussion about falls prevention may not take place. Six participant groups were interviewed using semi-structured interviews or focus g...

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  • '10 000 Steps Flanders': evaluation of the state-wide dissemination of a physical activity intervention in Flanders.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of the state-wide dissemination of a physical activity (PA) intervention in Flanders. In 2011, a random sample was taken of the entire adult (25-75 years) population of Flanders. Data of the Flemish sample were compared with baseline data of the intervention and control ...

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  • Body image and obesity among Australian adolescents from indigenous and Anglo-European backgrounds: implications for health promotion and obesity prevention among Aboriginal youth.

    abstract::This study examines the relationship between body image and obesity, among 4367 indigenous and Anglo-European adolescents in Australia in 2006. It shows that indigenous adolescents, male and female, were more likely than their non-indigenous counterparts to desire and pursue weight gain. Indigenous males showed the gr...

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  • Process evaluation of a community-based mental health promotion intervention for refugee children.

    abstract::Public health interventions are complex in nature and composed of multiple components. Evaluation of process and impact is necessary to build evidence of effectiveness. Process evaluation involves monitoring extent of implementation and comparison against the program plan. This article describes the process evaluation...

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  • Widening the aim of health promotion to include the most disadvantaged: vulnerable adolescents and the social determinants of health.

    abstract::Growing numbers of adolescents are marginalized by social factors beyond their control, leading to poor health outcomes for their families and future generations. Although the role of the social determinants of health has been recognized for many years, there is a gap in our knowledge about the strategies needed to ad...

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  • Young people's response to death threat appeals: do they really feel immortal?

    abstract::Threat appeals are used frequently in health promotion, with threats of (premature) death common in some areas, e.g. 'quit smoking or you'll die'. There is a common notion that young people feel they are immortal. Accordingly, we investigated whether young people would respond less to threats of death than to non-deat...

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    authors: Henley N,Donovan RJ

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  • Making healthy eating and physical activity policy practice: process evaluation of a group randomized controlled intervention in afterschool programs.

    abstract::This study describes the link between level of implementation and outcomes from an intervention to increase afterschool programs' (ASPs) achievement of healthy eating and physical activity (HE-PA) Standards. Ten intervention ASPs implemented the Strategies-To-Enhance-Practice (STEPs), a multi-component, adaptive inter...

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    authors: Weaver RG,Beets MW,Hutto B,Saunders RP,Moore JB,Turner-McGrievy G,Huberty JL,Ward DS,Pate RR,Beighle A,Freedman D

    更新日期:2015-12-01 00:00:00

  • Process evaluation of an innovative healthy eating website promoting the Mediterranean diet.

    abstract::The Internet offers a promising medium for delivering nutrition education. This study aimed to evaluate user perceptions and usage patterns of an innovative healthy eating website promoting the Mediterranean diet. The website was evaluated over a 6-month period by female employees of University of Glasgow, aged 25-55 ...

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