Synthesis and evaluation of potent pyrrolidine H(3) antagonists.


:The synthesis and biological evaluation of novel antagonists of the rat H(3) receptor are described. These compounds differ from prototypical H(3) antagonists in that they do not contain an imidazole moiety, but rather a substituted aminopyrrolidine moiety. A systematic modification of the substituents on the aminopyrrolidine ring was performed using pre-formatted precursor sets, where applicable, to afford several compounds with high affinity and selectivity for the H(3) receptor.


Bioorg Med Chem Lett


Vasudevan A,Conner SE,Gentles RG,Faghih R,Liu H,Dwight W,Ireland L,Kang CH,Esbenshade TA,Bennani YL,Hancock AA




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2002-11-04 00:00:00














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  • Design and synthesis of bridged piperidine and piperazine isosteres.

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  • Quantitative analysis of the kinetics of phospholipase A2 using fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry.

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  • Identification of a new biaryl scaffold generating potent renin inhibitors.

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    abstract::Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) is considered to be an important regulator of diverse biological processes acting as a natural ligand to EDG receptors. As a preliminary study to develop potent and selective agonist and antagonist for EDG receptors, we report synthesis of S1P stereoisomers and analogues and their binding...

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of the [d-MeAla(11)]-epimer of coibamide A.

    abstract::Coibamide A is a highly potent antiproliferative cyclic depsipeptide, which was originally isolated from a Panamanian marine cyanobacterium. In this study, the synthesis of coibamide A has been investigated using Fmoc-based solid-phase peptide synthesis followed by the cleavage of the resulting linear peptide from the...

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  • Dihydroquinolines as novel n-NOS inhibitors.

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  • Modulation of binding properties of amphiphilic DNA containing multiple dodecyl phosphotriester linkages to lipid bilayer membrane.

    abstract::DNA is a promising functional molecule to modify and design lipid membrane functions. In order to use DNA in a hydrophilic-hydrophobic interface including lipid membrane, we have developed an amphiphilic DNA having dodecyl phosphotriester linkages (dod-DNA). Herein, we report the binding of a series of amphiphilic dod...

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  • Secoiridoid glucosides and related compounds from Syringa reticulata and their antioxidant activities.

    abstract::A 70% EtOH extract from the bark of Syringareticulata has shown significant antioxidant activity. Chemical study on the extract resulted in the isolation of seventeen compounds (1-17), including a novel oleoside-type secoiridoid glucoside, reticuloside (1), and the structures were elucidated on the basis of extensive ...

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  • trans-3,4-Disubstituted pyrrolidines as inhibitors of the human aspartyl protease renin. Part II: prime site exploration using an oxygen linker.

    abstract::Inhibition of the aspartyl protease renin is considered as an efficient approach for treating hypertension. Lately, we described the discovery of a novel class of direct renin inhibitors which comprised a pyrrolidine scaffold (e.g., 2). Based on the X-ray structure of the lead compound 2 bound to renin we predicted th...

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    authors: Sellner H,Cottens S,Cumin F,Ehrhardt C,Kosaka T,Lorthiois E,Ostermann N,Webb RL,Rigel DF,Wagner T,Maibaum J

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  • C1 and N5 derivatives of cerpegin: synthesis of a new series based on structure-activity relationships to optimize their inhibitory effect on 20S proteasome.

    abstract::Thirty-two new derivatives of cerpegin (1,1,5-trimethylfuro[3,4-c]pyridine-3,4-dione) were designed and synthesized in high yield by a new method, combining several C(1) and N(5) substituents. All compounds were tested for their inhibitory effect on the CT-L, T-L and PA proteolytic activities of a purified mammalian 2...

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  • Discovery and optimization of 2-aminopyridine derivatives as novel and selective JAK2 inhibitors.

    abstract::Janus kinases (JAKs) including JAK1, JAK2, JAK3, and TYK2 are members of a family of intracellular nonreceptor tyrosine kinases, which have been demonstrated to be critical in the cell signaling pathway and involved in inflammatory diseases and cancer. V617F mutation in JAK2 has been implicated in polycythaemia vera (...

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  • Anti-HIV properties of cationic fullerene derivatives.

    abstract::A series of regioisomeric bis-fulleropyrrolidines bearing two ammonium groups have been synthesized and their activities against HIV-1 and HIV-2 have been evaluated. Two trans isomers have been endowed with interesting antiviral properties, confirming the importance of the relative positions of the substituent on the ...

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