Effect of spinal construct stiffness on short segment fusion mass incorporation.


STUDY DESIGN:Three segment (L3-L5) pedicle screw constructs were implanted in caprine spines, and the resulting ankylosis evaluated mechanically and compared 12 weeks after surgery. OBJECTIVES:To determine if a construct of maximal stiffness could impair the biologic process of spinal arthrodesis by "stress-shielding." SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA:Fusion mass stiffness is believed to be enhanced by increasing construct stiffness, although previous studies have used semirigid, nonconstrained constructs, which lose stiffness through cyclical loading. Device-related osteoporosis, reported to occur with stiff, constrained implants, may be more related to the presence of fusion induced by the implants rather than the implants themselves. METHODS:In 15 goats, L3-L5 segments were instrumented with pedicle screws, and four different diameters of rods (3.2 cm, 4.8 cm, 6.4 mm, and no rods) were implanted as longitudinal connections to vary the stiffness of the constructs. After 12 weeks, animals were killed and the segments were tested to determine their stiffness. RESULTS:In lateral bending, spines "fused" with rods (any size) were significantly stiffer (P = 0.03) than nonrodded spines. There was a trend toward stiffer segments with larger rods (4.8 cm or 6.4 mm) compared with 3.2 mm or no rods. There was a highly significant (P < 0.0001) increase in stiffness of all operated (rodded or nonrodded) segments compared with unoperated controls. CONCLUSIONS:The enhancement of segmental stiffness by stiffer constructs was confirmed, suggesting a beneficial effect on spinal arthrodesis by increasing stiffness. Stress shielding could not be shown.


Spine (Phila Pa 1976)




Johnston CE 2nd,Welch RD,Baker KJ,Ashman RB




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    abstract:STUDY DESIGN:Experimental study with human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and intervertebral disc (IVD) tissue samples. OBJECTIVE:This study aimed to characterize the effect of MSC homing on the Tie2-positive IVD progenitor cell population, IVD cell survival, and proliferation. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA:Homing of hum...


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  • Spine update. Impaired cognitive functioning after whiplash injury of the cervical spine.

    abstract::To enhance the awareness of physicians treating whiplash patients, findings from previous research regarding cognitive functioning of these patients are discussed and recommendations for assessment provided. Cognitive disturbances (i.e., deficient attentional functioning and impairment of memory) are frequent complain...


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  • Measurement techniques for lower cervical spine injuries: consensus statement of the Spine Trauma Study Group.

    abstract:STUDY DESIGN:Literature review. OBJECTIVES:It was the purpose of the Spine Trauma Study Group to compile a collection of clinically useful imaging methods used in lower cervical spine trauma and to describe in detail how these measurements should be made. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA:Injury detection, description, and ...


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