Writing a philosophy of nursing?


:Nurses in education and management settings are often required to write a philosophy for the facility. In this paper, the use of the concept of 'philosophy' in nursing education and nursing management is explored. The nature of philosophy is then outlined, with specific reference to its relationship with a special science such as nursing. In the light of this discussion, the real nature of the document that nursing authors call a 'philosophy' is discussed. The concepts of a life and world view and a mission statement are discussed in this regard. Specific proposals are then made for nurses in approaching the task of producing this planning document.


J Adv Nurs


Uys LR,Smit JH




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  • A protocol to assess the impact of adding nursing support workers to ward staffing.

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  • Matching Registered Nurse services with changing care demands (MatchRN ): study protocol of a natural experiment multi-centre study.

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  • Rediscovering unpopular patients: the concept of social judgement.

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  • Caring: theoretical perspectives of relevance to nursing.

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  • Structure, staffing, and factors affecting infection control nurses: Hospital based exploratory survey- A study protocol.

    abstract:AIM:The overall aim of the study is to develop a module for the structure, staffing, job responsibilities, training and workflow for the hospital Infection Control Department. DESIGN:An exploratory research design in two phases. Phase 1: Hospital based exploratory survey design. Phase 2: Delphi technique with Focus Gr...

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  • An anthropological interpretation of nurses' and patients' perceptions of the use of space and touch.

    abstract::The use of touch and space by nursing staff is critical in all aspects of patient care. How patients and nurses perceive the use and possible abuse of these encounters is the subject of this research. Data were collected through participant observation and semi-structured interviews with staff and patients. Interpreta...

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  • Self-efficacy, self-care behaviours and quality of life of kidney transplant recipients.

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  • Pre-registration diploma students: a quantitative study of entry characteristics and course outcomes.

    abstract::Nurse education has been transformed over the last decade and continuing change is likely. Nurse educators are responsible for meeting the quality assurance standards of local stakeholders and student retention and progress are important aspects of this process. As part of a monitoring exercise, an enquiry was set up ...

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  • Lessons learned and advice from Vietnam war nurses: a qualitative study.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of this paper is to describe guidance for nurses today from the lessons learned by nurses who served in the Vietnam War. BACKGROUND:There is little research focusing on nurses' experiences in the Vietnam War. Lessons learned and subsequent advice from nurses who served in Vietnam may be helpful to those se...

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  • Characteristics of students entering different forms of nurse training.

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  • Clinical nurse research consultant: a clinical and academic role to advance practice and the discipline of nursing.

    abstract:AIMS:This article presents a proposal for the Clinical Nurse Research Consultant, a new nursing role. BACKGROUND:Although healthcare delivery continues to evolve, nursing has lacked highly specialized clinical and research leadership that, as a primary responsibility, drives evidence-based practice change in collabora...

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  • Population views on access to community nursing services in Finland.

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  • An analysis of nursing students' decision-making in teams during simulations of acute patient deterioration.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of this study was to examine the decision-making of nursing students during team based simulations on patient deterioration to determine the sources of information, the types of decisions made and the influences underpinning their decisions. BACKGROUND:Missed, misinterpreted or mismanaged physiological sig...

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  • Do women want women health workers? Women's views of the primary health care service.

    abstract::This paper sets out to explore key aspects of women's views of women GPs and practice nurses within primary health care settings. The extent to which women actively seek female health workers for the provision of their primary health care needs, including preventive health care, is examined. The findings presented in ...

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  • Changes in quality of life during biofeedback for people with puborectalis dyssynergia: generic and disease-specific measures.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of the study was to evaluate the changes in symptoms and quality of life in people with puborectalis dyssynergia after biofeedback by using Short Form-36 and Patient Assessment of Constipation Quality of Life Questionnaire. BACKGROUND:Biofeedback is an effective treatment in clinical symptoms for puborecta...

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  • Dual agency in critical care nursing: Balancing responsibilities towards colleagues and patients.

    abstract:AIM:To explore critical care nurses' decisions to seek help from doctors. BACKGROUND:Despite their well-documented role in improving critically ill patients' outcomes, research indicates that nurses rarely take decisions about patients' treatment modalities on their own and constantly need to seek advice or authorizat...

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  • Evaluating handwashing technique.

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  • Supporting parents who have a child referred for genetic investigation: the contribution of health visitors.

    abstract:AIM:This paper reports a study of the views of health visitors in relation to their role in supporting parents of children referred for genetic investigations. BACKGROUND:An increasing number of children are likely to be referred for genetic investigations as our understanding of genetic inheritance develops and a wid...

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  • Coping strategies of people with kidney transplants.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There has been little research into coping process following renal transplantation, but it has been shown that health-related stress is not eliminated and that fear of rejection and economic factors are the most stressful issues. Coping strategies used have included prayer, looking at problems objectively, a...

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  • The emergence of the 'waiting game': a critical examination of the psychosocial issues in diagnosing breast cancer.

    abstract::Undergoing diagnostic investigations for symptoms of breast disease constitutes an intensely stressful experience for any woman. The widespread use of contemporary fine-needle techniques throughout specialist breast clinics, whilst removing the necessity of hospitalization and general anaesthesia for many women, has i...

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  • Specific determinants of intrinsic work motivation, burnout and turnover intentions: a study among nurses.

    abstract::This study of 156 Dutch general hospital nurses tested a theoretically derived model of specific relationships between work stressors and stress reactions. The model proposes four central domains of the work situation, namely work content, working conditions, social and labour relations, and conditions of employment. ...

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