Diagnostic Reference Levels for computed tomography in Austria: A 2018 nationwide survey on adult patients.


PURPOSE:To define National Diagnostic Reference Levels (NDRLs) for computed tomography (CT) for Austria on adult patients. METHOD:In the course of a nationwide survey on common CT-examinations between June 2018 and November 2018, datasets were requested from all Austrian hospitals and radiology centers with CT-scanners. All facilities were asked to report a minimum sample of 10 representative dose length product (DLP) values per examination type and CT-scanner, including information about scan sequences, iterative reconstruction (IR) algorithms and, if available, patient data. Examination types included into the survey were the most common CT-indications for the anatomic regions head, facial bones, thorax, abdomen and pelvis. 3rd quartiles of CT-scanner median DLPs were calculated and compared to Austrian and international NDRLs. RESULTS:For 76 % of all operating CT-scanners, DLP data was submitted varying from 13 to 172 scanners per examination type. Mean year of manufacture of the CT-scanners was 2011, ranging from 2003 to 2018. In 66 % of the examinations, IR was used. 3rd quartile is on average 21 % lower for scanners using IR algorithms as opposed to scanners or protocols not using IR. In the case of gender differences, the DLP for females is on average 17 % lower than for males. CONCLUSIONS:The new recommendations for CT NDRLs for Austria based on a nationwide survey are on average 13 % lower than the current Austrian NDRLs and correspond well to recent German and Swiss NDRLs. 3rd quartiles for DLP are dependent on gender, the use of IR and year of manufacture of the CT-scanners.


Eur J Radiol


Wachabauer D,Röthlin F,Moshammer HM,Homolka P




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