Effect of preoperative teres minor hypertrophy on reverse total shoulder arthroplasty.


BACKGROUND:The preoperative status of the teres minor (Tm) can affect the outcome of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty (RTSA). The effect of preoperative Tm hypertrophy on the outcome of RTSA is unclear. METHODS:A total of 86 shoulders that underwent RTSA were retrospectively enrolled. Of these, 48 cases with a Tm occupation ratio (OR) of >0.288 in the preoperative magnetic resonance image were assigned to the hypertrophic group, and 38 cases to the control group. The two groups were compared with respect to preoperative rotator cuff tear involvement, fatty infiltration, pre- and postoperative rotator cuff ORs, pain scores, functional scores, range of motion, and muscle strength. Postoperative Tm ORs in 1-year follow-up multidetector computed tomography were compared with preoperative Tm ORs. RESULTS:Preoperatively, integrities of infraspinatus (ISP) and supraspinatus were significantly different between the 2 groups (P = .001, 0.009, each). Preoperative ISP ORs were significantly related to preoperative Tm ORs (r = -0.534, P < .001). The mean pre- to postoperative change of Tm ORs in the hypertrophic group decreased (-0.029 ± 0.068), whereas that of the control group increased (+0.047 ± 0.092). Postoperative pain scores, functional scores, range of motion, and muscle strength were not different between groups. CONCLUSIONS:In cases of advanced rotator cuff tear requiring RTSA, Tm hypertrophy is found to be related to tear and atrophy of the ISP, suggesting that Tm hypertrophy is a compensatory change for ISP dysfunction. However, Tm hypertrophy was observed to diminish after RTSA. Preoperative Tm hypertrophy appears to have no beneficial effect on the outcomes of RTSA.


J Shoulder Elbow Surg


Jang YH,Kim DO,Kim SH




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