Intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted MRI in patients with breast cancer: Correlation with tumor stroma characteristics.


PURPOSE:To determine whether imaging parameters derived from intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) vary according to tumor-stroma ratio(TSR) or dominant stroma type of breast cancer. METHODS:We prospectively enrolled 77 patients with breast cancer who underwent IVIM DWI on a 3.0 T MR scanner. The values of IVIM parameters (D, D* and f) were measured. After surgery, TSR or dominant stroma type was evaluated. The relationship between imaging parameters and tumor stroma characteristics was analyzed. RESULTS:The mean D and f values were lower in stroma-poor tumor than in stroma-rich tumor (P = 0.012, 0.015). The mean D value was lower in the collagen-dominant type than in fibroblast-dominant or lymphocyte-dominant type (P = 0.032, 0.043). According to multivariate linear regression analyses, tumor size (P = 0.007), TSR (P = 0.008), dominant stroma type (collagen dominant, P = 0.012), and histological grade (P = 0.031) were independently correlated with D value; and tumor size (P = 0.011), TSR (P = 0.021) and histological grade (P = 0.037) were independently correlated with f value. CONCLUSION:In breast cancer, D and f values show significant differences according to TSR, and D value is lower in collagen dominant type than in fibroblast dominant or lymphocyte dominant types.


Eur J Radiol


Li Y,Wang Z,Chen F,Qin X,Li C,Zhao Y,Yan C,Wu Y,Hao P,Xu Y




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  • Tumor perfusion assessed by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI correlates to the grading of renal cell carcinoma: initial results.

    abstract::In this study, we investigated whether assessment of the tumor perfusion by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE MRI) enables to estimate the morphologic grading of renal cell carcinomas. A total of 21 patients with suspected renal cell cancer were examined using a Gadobutrol-enhanced, dynamic sat...

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  • Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of prostatic tumours, a comparison with X-ray CT and transrectal sonography (TRS).

    abstract::A total of 7 healthy volunteers and 31 patients have been examined clinically, by MRI, TRS, and biopsy. In those patients with established carcinoma, a CT examination was also performed. For the MRI study, a superconducting MR 2000 imager (Picker International) operated at 0.15 T was used with multiplanar SE and IR se...

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  • Imaging measurement and analysis of normal tilt angle of atrium septum.

    abstract:AIM:The atrium septum is tilted in heart. There is an angle between atrium septum and the cross section of body, which is called tilt angles of atrium septum (TAAS) in this study, however this angle has not been specifically mentioned in literatures. In this article TAAS was measured and analysed on axial images of con...

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  • Reproducibility--an important factor determining the quality of computer-aided detection (CAD) systems.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To test the reproducibility of markings on mammography films set by a commercial computer aided detection (CAD) system. PATIENTS AND METHODS:One hundred unilateral mammography examinations (each in CC and MLO) of 100 patients with mammographically detected suspicious foci, which were histopathologically proven...

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  • Postoperative acute cholecystitis: sonographic diagnosis.

    abstract::This paper discusses ten patients who developed acute cholecystitis during the postoperative period following surgery which did not involve the gall bladder. All were examined with ultrasound during the first two weeks after surgery and were diagnosed as acute cholecystitis. Six (60%) had complications such as empyema...

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  • Focal nodular hyperplasia: spoke-wheel arterial pattern and other signs on dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasonography.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the prevalence of spoke-wheel pattern and typical symptoms of focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) by means of dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) in relation to lesion size. METHODS:Twenty-eight patients were included in the trial, in whom, based on the CEUS, we raised suspicion of hyper...

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  • Angiographic frequency of blunt cerebrovascular injury in patients with carotid canal or vertebral foramen fractures on multidetector CT.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Blunt carotid injuries (BCI's) and blunt vertebral artery injuries (BVI's), known jointly as BCVI's, are common in "high risk" patients. The purpose is to evaluate the rate of occurrence of BCI/BVI in patients screened purely by the radiologic criteria of fracture through the carotid canal or vertebral transver...

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  • Contrast enhanced renal MR angiography at 7 Tesla: How much gadolinium do we need?

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To investigate whether a dose reduction of Gadobutrol for renal magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) at 7 Tesla (T) is feasible while preserving diagnostic image quality. METHODS:Ten healthy volunteers were enrolled for a renal MRA on a 7T scanner. Fast low angle shot (FLASH) MRA data sets were obtained uti...

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