Developmental trajectories of externalizing behavior from ages 4 to 12: Prenatal cocaine exposure and adolescent correlates.


BACKGROUND:Although prenatal cocaine exposure (PCE) has been linked with greater externalizing behavior, no studies have investigated heterogeneity of developmental trajectories in children with PCE to date. The present study aimed to: (1) identify developmental trajectories of externalizing problems in childhood by using a person-oriented analytic approach; (2) examine whether trajectories differ by PCE and other environmental and biological correlates; and (3) investigate how trajectories were associated with adolescent substance use and sexual behavior. METHODS:Adolescents (N = 386; 197 PCE, 187 non-cocaine exposed (NCE)), primarily African-American and of low socioeconomic status, were prospectively enrolled in a longitudinal study at birth. Externalizing problems were assessed with the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) at ages 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Substance (tobacco, alcohol, marijuana) use, via self-report and biologic assays, and early (before age 15) sexual intercourse were assessed at age 15. RESULTS:Latent class growth modeling indicated four distinctive developmental trajectories of externalizing behavior from ages 4 to 12: low-decreasing group (32%); moderate-decreasing group (32%); accelerated risk group (14%); and elevated-chronic group (22%). PCE and maternal psychological distress interactively differentiated developmental trajectories of externalizing behavior, which were related to subsequent adolescent substance use and early sexual behavior differently across gender. CONCLUSIONS:The two high-risk trajectories (accelerated risk and elevated-chronic groups), comprising 36% of the sample, identified in the present study may reflect multi-causality of early substance use and perhaps greater risk for transition to substance use disorders later in development.


Drug Alcohol Depend


Min MO,Minnes S,Park H,Ridenour T,Kim JY,Yoon M,Singer LT




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  • Decreasing sensitivity of clinical alcohol screening with the AUDIT-C after repeated negative screens in VA clinics.

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  • Evaluation of the rewarding effects of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in an intracranial self-stimulation procedure in male and female rats.

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  • Frequent marijuana use is associated with greater nicotine addiction in adolescent smokers.

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  • A tripartite of HIV-risk for African American women: the intersection of drug use, violence, and depression.

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  • Cytotoxic effect of alcohol-withdrawal on primary cultures of cortical neurones.

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  • Mechanisms for the reduction of caffeine consumption: What, how and why.

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  • Co-morbidity of substance use disorder and psychopathology in women who use methamphetamine during pregnancy in the US and New Zealand.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Methamphetamine (MA) abuse is a worldwide problem. Little is known about the co-morbidity of substance use disorders (SUD) and other psychiatric disorders of mothers who use MA prenatally. The Infant Development, Environment and Lifestyle (IDEAL) Study is a prospective, investigation of prenatal MA use and c...

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  • Comparison of beliefs about e-cigarettes' harms and benefits among never users and ever users of e-cigarettes.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:E-cigarette use is rapidly increasing, especially among youth and young adults. We need to learn what factors are associated with uptake in e-cigarettes. One important set of predictors is beliefs about e-cigarettes' potential harms and benefits. METHODS:Online survey data were collected in July, 2014 fro...

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  • The effects of sponsorship in 12-step treatment of injection drug users.

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  • Epidemiologic trends and geographic patterns of fatal opioid intoxications in Connecticut, USA: 1997-2007.

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  • Influences on adolescent substance dependence: conduct disorder, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and gender.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:In adolescents, conduct disorder (CD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and depression are frequently comorbid with substance dependence (SD). We hypothesized that the prevalence and severity of CD, major depressive disorder (MDD), and ADHD would differ by gender, and that these conditions wou...

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  • Lower syringe sharing and re-use after syringe legalization in Rhode Island.

    abstract::Increased access to sterile syringes reduces the transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases, without increasing injection drug use. In Rhode Island, in 2000, syringes were legalized to reduce spread of disease but remained outlawed in Massachusetts until 2006. Drug users undergoing inpatient de...

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  • Exploring recovery capital among adolescents in an alternative peer group.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Recovery support models (RSMs) integrate peer supports and continuing care to promote sustained recovery for adolescents with substance use disorder. RSMs aim to build recovery capital (RC), the personal, social, and environmental resources required to sustain recovery. The Alternative Peer Group (APG) is an...

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  • Punishing pregnant drug users: enhancing the flight from care.

    abstract::One hundred forty-two low income women were interviewed postpartum to determine their attitudes regarding the potential effects of a punitive law on the behavior of substance-using pregnant women. The convenience sample was primarily black (85.2%) and single (81%) and 14.8% admitted use of illicit drugs during pregnan...

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  • Momentary patterns of impulsivity and alcohol use: A cause or consequence?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Impulsivity is a robust risk factor for alcohol use, but significant gaps remain in our understanding of the way that impulsivity relates to alcohol harms. Most prior research has been limited to between-level differences; thus, within-person variability in impulsivity at the momentary level and its bidirect...

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  • Cognitive remediation improves executive functions, self-regulation and quality of life in residents of a substance use disorder therapeutic community.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Executive dysfunction is common in substance use disorder (SUD) populations and hinders treatment. We previously found that 50% of residents in SUD therapeutic communities had been hospitalized for head injuries; this was a significant determinant of cognitive impairment. The current study aimed to establish...

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  • Cotinine replacement levels for a 21 mg/day transdermal nicotine patch in an outpatient treatment setting.

    abstract::This study examined plasma cotinine replacement levels of 56 outpatient smokers administered a 21 mg/day transdermal nicotine patch (Nicoderm CQ ). The percentage of cotinine replacement ranged from 35 to 232% (mean 107%; median 90.5%). Four subject variables were found to be significantly correlated with percentage o...

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  • Locus of control in couples with different patterns of alcohol consumption.

    abstract::A sample of 175 individuals were interviewed and divided in three subgroups of couples: (1) the husband was in an Anonymous Alcoholics program, (2) the husband had been diagnosed as alcoholic and (3) the husband had a regular pattern of high alcohol consumption. In personal interviews by specialized personnel the foll...

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  • Systematic review and meta-analysis of socio-cognitive and socio-affective processes association with adolescent substance use.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Social impairments are important features of a substance use disorder diagnosis; and recent models suggest early impairments in socio-cognitive and -affective processes may predict future use. However, no systematic reviews are available on this topic. METHODS:We conducted a systematic review and meta-analy...

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  • Patterns of cocaine self-administration in rats produced by various access conditions under a discrete trials procedure.

    abstract::Frequency of drug access greatly affects the pattern and stability of cocaine self-administration. Previous research has shown that restricted drug availability produces remarkably consistent levels of daily cocaine intake, whereas increased or unlimited access produces more variable patterns of self-administration th...

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  • Exercise training - A beneficial intervention in the treatment of alcohol use disorders?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A growing body of evidence suggests that exercise training may have multiple beneficial effects in individuals with mental health or substance use disorders. Yet, relatively little knowledge exists regarding the benefits of exercise training to augment treatment for alcohol use disorders (AUDs). PURPOSE:The...

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  • Flunitrazepam and triazolam: a comparison of behavioral effects and abuse liability.

    abstract::The performance, observer-rated, and participant-rated effects of orally administered placebo, and two benzodiazepines, flunitrazepam (2, 4 and 8 mg/70 kg) and triazolam (0.25, 0.5 and 1 mg/70 kg), were compared in 14 sedative drug abusers using a double-blind crossover design. Both flunitrazepam and triazolam produce...

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  • Buprenorphine in primary care: risk factors for treatment injection and implications for clinical management.

    abstract:AIMS:Though the introduction of office-based buprenorphine has greatly contributed to stem the HIV epidemic since 1995, concerns have been raised about the intravenous use of buprenorphine even in patients on substitution treatment. The aim of this study was to identify which factors are predictive of buprenorphine inj...

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  • The effect of Naftidrofuryl on ethanol-induced liver damage in chronic alcoholic patients.

    abstract::A prospective double-blind placebo-controlled trial of intramuscular Naftidrofuryl was carried out on 32 randomly selected hospitalized male alcoholic patients with clinical, biochemical and histological evidence of hepatic damage. Seventeen patients received the drug (40 mg in 5 ml i.m. three times daily for 6 days) ...

    journal_title:Drug and alcohol dependence

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  • An attempt to improve the identification of alcohol-dependent patients in a teaching general hospital.

    abstract::The information on drinking habits contained in medical records with that obtained through the CAGE alcoholism screening test was compared for 124 inpatients of a teaching general hospital. This survey was followed by testing the possibility of introducing the CAGE test into the routine clinical interview. A second an...

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  • Understanding the trends in HIV and hepatitis C prevalence amongst injecting drug users in different settings--implications for intervention impact.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A recent systematic review observed that HIV prevalence amongst injectors is negligible (<1%) below a threshold HCV prevalence of 30%, but thereafter increases with HCV prevalence. We explore whether a model can reproduce these trends, what determines different epidemiological profiles and how this affects i...

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  • On the predictive validity of automatically activated approach/avoidance tendencies in abstaining alcohol-dependent patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Prominent addiction models posit that automatically activated approach/avoidance tendencies play a critical role in addiction. Nevertheless, only a limited number of studies have actually documented the relationship between relapse and automatically activated approach/avoidance tendencies. We compared automa...

    journal_title:Drug and alcohol dependence

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  • Male and female differences in severity of problems with alcohol at the workplace.

    abstract::A study was undertaken in order to estimate the frequency of occurrence of alcohol problems among female and male employees in selected large work settings with ongoing occupational alcoholism/employee assistance programs. Randomly selected employees provided information through a survey about their alcohol related be...

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