Formation of struvite from agricultural wastewaters and its reuse on farmlands: Status and hindrances to closing the nutrient loop.


:To meet the needs of a fast growing global population, agriculture and livestock production have been intensified, resulting in environmental pollution, climate change, and soil health declining. Closing the nutrient circular loop is one of the most important sustainability factors that affect these issues. Apart from being a serious environmental issue, the discharge of N and P via agricultural wastewater is also a major factor that disturbs nutrient cycling in agriculture. In this study, the performance, in terms of recovery, of N and P (individually, as well as simultaneously) from agricultural wastewaters via struvite has been comparatively summarized. Details on the hindrances to nutrient recovery through struvite formation from agricultural effluents, along with strategies to overcome these hindrances, are provided. In addition, various strategies for recovery performance intensification and operational cost reduction are comprehensively discussed. This work will provide scientists and engineers with a better idea on how to solve the bottlenecks of this technique and integrate it successfully into their treatment systems, which will ultimately help close the nutrient loop in agriculture.


J Environ Manage


Muhmood A,Lu J,Dong R,Wu S




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2019-01-15 00:00:00












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