A Genetically Encoded Protein Polymer for Uranyl Binding and Extraction Based on the SpyTag-SpyCatcher Chemistry.


:A defining goal of synthetic biology is to develop biomaterials with superior performance and versatility. Here we introduce a purely genetically encoded and self-assembling biopolymer based on the SpyTag-SpyCatcher chemistry. We show the application of this polymer for highly efficient uranyl binding and extraction from aqueous solutions, by embedding two functional modules-the superuranyl binding protein and the monomeric streptavidin-to the polymer via genetic fusion. We further provide a modeling strategy for predicting the polymer's physical properties, and experimentally demonstrate the autosecretion of component monomers from bacterial cells. The potential of multifunctionalization, in conjunction with the genetic design and production pipeline, underscores the advantage of the SpyTag-SpyCatcher biopolymers for applications beyond trace metal enrichment and environmental remediation.


ACS Synth Biol


ACS synthetic biology


Yang X,Wei J,Wang Y,Yang C,Zhao S,Li C,Dong Y,Bai K,Li Y,Teng H,Wang D,Lyu N,Li J,Chang X,Ning X,Ouyang Q,Zhang Y,Qian L




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