PureCLIP: capturing target-specific protein-RNA interaction footprints from single-nucleotide CLIP-seq data.


:The iCLIP and eCLIP techniques facilitate the detection of protein-RNA interaction sites at high resolution, based on diagnostic events at crosslink sites. However, previous methods do not explicitly model the specifics of iCLIP and eCLIP truncation patterns and possible biases. We developed PureCLIP ( https://github.com/skrakau/PureCLIP ), a hidden Markov model based approach, which simultaneously performs peak-calling and individual crosslink site detection. It explicitly incorporates a non-specific background signal and, for the first time, non-specific sequence biases. On both simulated and real data, PureCLIP is more accurate in calling crosslink sites than other state-of-the-art methods and has a higher agreement across replicates.


Genome Biol


Genome biology


Krakau S,Richard H,Marsico A




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  • Using orthologous and paralogous proteins to identify specificity determining residues.

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  • Preferential binding of HIF-1 to transcriptionally active loci determines cell-type specific response to hypoxia.

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  • Using the canary genome to decipher the evolution of hormone-sensitive gene regulation in seasonal singing birds.

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  • An improved method for detecting and delineating genomic regions with altered gene expression in cancer.

    abstract::Genomic regions with altered gene expression are a characteristic feature of cancer cells. We present a novel method for identifying such regions in gene expression maps. This method is based on total variation minimization, a classical signal restoration technique. In systematic evaluations, we show that our method c...

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  • The sequence of human chromosome 21 and implications for research into Down syndrome.

    abstract::The recent completion of the DNA sequence of human chromosome 21 has provided the first look at the 225 genes that are candidates for involvement in Down syndrome (trisomy 21). A broad functional classification of these genes, their expression data and evolutionary conservation, and comparison with the gene content of...

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  • Global orchestration of gene expression by the biological clock of cyanobacteria.

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  • Current status and applications of genome-scale metabolic models.

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  • A genomic and evolutionary approach reveals non-genetic drug resistance in malaria.

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  • Mechanisms of aging in senescence-accelerated mice.

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  • Repression of chimeric transcripts emanating from endogenous retrotransposons by a sequence-specific transcription factor.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Retroviral elements are pervasively transcribed and dynamically regulated during development. While multiple histone- and DNA-modifying enzymes have broadly been associated with their global silencing, little is known about how the many diverse retroviral families are each selectively recognized. RESULTS:He...

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  • A basis for a visual language for describing, archiving and analyzing functional models of complex biological systems.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We propose that a computerized, internet-based graphical description language for systems biology will be essential for describing, archiving and analyzing complex problems of biological function in health and disease. RESULTS:We outline here a conceptual basis for designing such a language and describe Bio...

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