Spoken language and everyday functioning in 5-year-old children using hearing aids or cochlear implants.


OBJECTIVE:This study investigated the factors influencing 5-year language, speech and everyday functioning of children with congenital hearing loss. DESIGN:Standardised tests including PLS-4, PPVT-4 and DEAP were directly administered to children. Parent reports on language (CDI) and everyday functioning (PEACH) were collected. Regression analyses were conducted to examine the influence of a range of demographic variables on outcomes. STUDY SAMPLE:Participants were 339 children enrolled in the Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Hearing Impairment (LOCHI) study. RESULTS:Children's average receptive and expressive language scores were approximately 1 SD below the mean of typically developing children, and scores on speech production and everyday functioning were more than 1 SD below. Regression models accounted for 70-23% of variance in scores across different tests. Earlier CI switch-on and higher non-verbal ability were associated with better outcomes in most domains. Earlier HA fitting and use of oral communication were associated with better outcomes on directly administered language assessments. Severity of hearing loss and maternal education influenced outcomes of children with HAs. The presence of additional disabilities affected outcomes of children with CIs. CONCLUSIONS:The findings provide strong evidence for the benefits of early HA fitting and early CI for improving children's outcomes.


Int J Audiol


Cupples L,Ching TY,Button L,Seeto M,Zhang V,Whitfield J,Gunnourie M,Martin L,Marnane V




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  • Stacked tone-burst-evoked auditory brainstem response (ABR): preliminary findings.

    abstract::In 1997, Don and his co-workers described a new method for evaluating the auditory brainstem response (ABR)--yielding the stacked-wave-V ABR--which may permit the reliable detection of even small vestibular schwannomas (VSs). However, this method requires a masking technique that may not be readily available to the cl...

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  • Effect of inverting electrode on mismatch negativity presence for perceptible/imperceptible tonal frequency contrasts.

    abstract::The effect of inverting electrode location and stimulus perceptibility on the presence of the mismatch negativity (MMN) evoked response was investigated in 20 normal-hearing adult females. Perceptible and imperceptible frequency contrasts were employed in an oddball paradigm. The perceptible contrast consisted of an 1...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To design a test battery and conduct a proof-of-concept experiment of a test method that can be used to measure the detection performance afforded by military advanced hearing protection devices (HPDs) and tactical communication and protective systems (TCAPS). DESIGN:The detection test was conducted with eac...

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  • Uni- and bilateral spectral loudness summation and binaural loudness summation with loudness matching and categorical loudness scaling.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Current hearing aid prescription rules assume that spectral loudness summation decreases with hearing impairment and that binaural loudness summation is independent of hearing loss and signal bandwidth. Previous studies have shown that these assumptions might be incorrect. Spectral loudness summation was meas...

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  • Prevalence, diagnoses and rehabilitation services related to severe dual sensory loss (DSL) in older persons: a cross-sectional study based on medical records.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To estimate the prevalence of severe dual sensory loss (DSL) among older persons (aged ≥65 years) in the Swedish population, to identify the diagnoses that cause severe DSL, and to identify rehabilitation services in which the participants have been involved. DESIGN:A cross-sectional design was applied. Medi...

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  • Long-term administration of salicylate enhances prestin expression in rat cochlea.

    abstract::Salicylate, a common drug frequently used long term in the clinic, is well known for causing reversible hearing loss and tinnitus. Our previous study, however, demonstrated that chronic administration of salicylate progressively raised the amplitude of distortion product of otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs), which are ma...

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