Identification and comprehensive analyses of the CBL and CIPK gene families in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).


BACKGROUND:Calcineurin B-like (CBL) proteins belong to a unique group of calcium sensors in plant that decode the Ca(2+) signature by interacting with CBL-interacting protein kinases (CIPKs). Although CBL-CIPK complexes have been shown to play important roles in the responses to various stresses in plants, little is known about their functions in wheat. RESULTS:A total of seven TaCBL and 20 TaCIPK genes were amplified from bread wheat, Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring. Reverse-transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and in silico expression analyses showed that TaCBL and TaCIPK genes were expressed at different levels in different tissues, or maintained at nearly constant expression levels during the whole life cycle of the wheat plant. Some TaCBL and TaCIPK genes showed up- or down-regulated expressions during seed germination. Preferential interactions between TaCBLs and TaCIPKs were observed in yeast two-hybrid and bimolecular fluorescence complementation experiments. Analyses of a deletion series of TaCIPK proteins with amino acid variations at the C-terminus provided new insights into the specificity of the interactions between TaCIPKs and TaCBLs, and indicated that the TaCBL-TaCIPK signaling pathway is very complex in wheat because of its hexaploid genome. The expressions of many TaCBLs and TaCIPKs were responsive to abiotic stresses (salt, cold, and simulated drought) and abscisic acid treatment. Transgenic Arabidopsis plants overexpressing TaCIPK24 exhibited improved salt tolerance through increased Na(+) efflux and an enhanced reactive oxygen species scavenging capacity. CONCLUSIONS:These results contribute to our understanding of the functions of CBL-CIPK complexes and provide the basis for selecting appropriate genes for in-depth functional studies of CBL-CIPK in wheat.


BMC Plant Biol


BMC plant biology


Sun T,Wang Y,Wang M,Li T,Zhou Y,Wang X,Wei S,He G,Yang G




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  • AtRabD2b and AtRabD2c have overlapping functions in pollen development and pollen tube growth.

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  • Identification of plant leaf phosphorus content at different growth stages based on hyperspectral reflectance.

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  • Nutritional value of Sesamum indicum L. was improved by Azospirillum and Azotobacter under low input of NP fertilizers.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sesame (Sesame indicum L.) is well-known as a versatile industrial crop having various usages and contains 50-55% oil, 20% protein, 14-20% carbohydrate and 2-3% fiber. Several environmental factors are known to adversely affect yield and productivity of sesame. Our overall aim was to improve the growth, yiel...

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  • Transcriptomic and proteomic approach to identify differentially expressed genes and proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana mutants lacking chloroplastic 1 and cytosolic FBPases reveals several levels of metabolic regulation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:During the photosynthesis, two isoforms of the fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase (FBPase), the chloroplastidial (cFBP1) and the cytosolic (cyFBP), catalyse the first irreversible step during the conversion of triose phosphates (TP) to starch or sucrose, respectively. Deficiency in cyFBP and cFBP1 isoforms provokes...

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  • Differential transcriptome analysis of glandular and filamentous trichomes in Artemisia annua.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The medicinal plant Artemisia annua is covered with filamentous trichomes and glandular, artemisinin producing trichomes. A high artemisinin supply is needed at a reduced cost for treating malaria. Artemisinin production in bioreactors can be facilitated if a better insight is obtained in the biosynthesis of...

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  • Oligo-painting and GISH reveal meiotic chromosome biases and increased meiotic stability in synthetic allotetraploid Cucumis ×hytivus with dysploid parental karyotypes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Meiosis of newly formed allopolyploids frequently encounter perturbations induced by the merging of divergent and hybridizable genomes. However, to date, the meiotic properties of allopolyploids with dysploid parental karyotypes have not been studied in detail. The allotetraploid Cucumis ×hytivus (HHCC, 2n =...

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