Patterns of Multi-Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia Coli from Streams with No History of Antimicrobial Inputs.


:A growing body of evidence suggests that contaminated environments may harbor a greater proportion of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms than unpolluted reference sites. Here, we report the screening of 427 Escherichia coli strains isolated from 11 locations on nine streams draining the US Department of Energy's Savannah River Site against a panel of five antibiotics. Streams were chosen to capture a wide range of watersheds from minimally disturbed to highly impacted. Overall, higher levels of resistance were found in waterborne E. coli that also generally exhibited low spatial variability. However, 3 of 11 locations also demonstrated elevated resistance levels in sediments. Two of these occurred in highly disturbed tributaries with no obvious sources of antimicrobials. To further investigate these patterns, we screened a subset of isolates obtained from three streams against 23 antibiotics or antibiotic combinations. A large proportion of these isolates (>40 %) demonstrated resistance to 10 or more antimicrobials, suggesting that environmental multi-antibiotic resistance may be prevalent in this bacterial commensal. Only 4 of 87 viable isolates were tested susceptible to all 23 antibiotics and combinations. Among these multi-antibiotic-resistant isolates, several demonstrated resistance to all structural classes of antimicrobial agents tested, including frontline antibiotics such as gatifloxacin and ciprofloxacin.


Microb Ecol


Microbial ecology


McArthur JV,Fletcher DE,Tuckfield RC,Baker-Austin C




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  • Microbial diversity inside pumpkins: microhabitat-specific communities display a high antagonistic potential against phytopathogens.

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  • Penicillium mycobiota in arctic subglacial ice.

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  • N2 Fixation (C2H 2 reduction) by epiphylls on coffee,Coffea arabica.

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    abstract::The River Warnow is the drinking water source for the city of Rostock. Its eutrophic status is accompanied by high amounts of bacteria, which may reach up to 24 x 10(6) cells mL(-1) as recorded during a seasonal study in 2002. Because the river is eutrophic and also heavily loaded with organic matter, this burden is a...

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  • Analysis of spatial and temporal variation in the community structure of yeasts associated with decayingOpuntia cactus.

    abstract::The microbial structure within, between, and over time in decaying cladodes of the common prickly pearOpuntia stricta was studied at each of two separate localities. In general, the effective number of yeast species and yeast species diversity increased as the rot aged to the observed maximum time of 4 weeks. Yeast he...

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  • Association of rumen ciliate populations with plant particles in vitro.

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  • Fungi from Admiralty Bay (King George Island, Antarctica) Soils and Marine Sediments.

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  • Cysteine-Accelerated Methanogenic Propionate Degradation in Paddy Soil Enrichment.

    abstract::Propionate degradation is a critical step during the conversion of complex organic matter under methanogenic conditions, and it requires a syntrophic cooperation between propionate-oxidizing bacteria and methanogenic archaea. Increasing evidences suggest that interspecies electron transfer for syntrophic metabolism is...

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  • Phosphorus Input Alters the Assembly of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Root-Associated Communities.

    abstract::Rice root-associated microbial community play an important role in plant nutrient acquisition, biomass production, and stress tolerance. Herein, root-associated community assembly was investigated under different phosphate input levels in phosphorus (P)-deficient paddy soil. Rice was grown in a long-term P-depleted pa...

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  • New insights into the ecological interaction between grape berry microorganisms and Drosophila flies during the development of sour rot.

    abstract::In this work, we studied the ecological interactions between grape berry microorganisms and Drosophila sp. flies involved in sour rot disease during grape ripening. After veráison the total microbial counts of grape berries affected by sour rot increased from about 2 log CFU/g of berries to more than 7 log CFU/g. Berr...

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  • Spatial and Seasonal Variation in a Reservoir Sedimentary Microbial Community as Determined by Phospholipid Analysis.

    abstract::Sediment samples were collected monthly from Acton Lake, a eutrophic reservoir located in an agricultural region of southwestern Ohio, from three stations (River, Middle, and Dam) during the period May 1995 through January 1997. Sedimentary microbial biomass and community structures from these stations were studied us...

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  • A model for the density ofAeromonas hydrophila in Albemarle Sound, North Carolina.

    abstract::The abundance ofAeromonas hydrophila was measured monthly at 29 sites in Albemarle Sound, North Carolina and its tributaries from April 1977 through July 1979. Simultaneous measurements included heterotrophic plate count bacteria, fecal coliform bacteria, and 18 physical and chemical parameters. Using only 6 water qua...

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