Automated design of hammerhead ribozymes and validation by targeting the PABPN1 gene transcript.


:We present a new publicly accessible web-service, RiboSoft, which implements a comprehensive hammerhead ribozyme design procedure. It accepts as input a target sequence (and some design parameters) then generates a set of ranked hammerhead ribozymes, which target the input sequence. This paper describes the implemented procedure, which takes into consideration multiple objectives leading to a multi-objective ranking of the computer-generated ribozymes. Many ribozymes were assayed and validated, including four ribozymes targeting the transcript of a disease-causing gene (a mutant version of PABPN1). These four ribozymes were successfully tested in vitro and in vivo, for their ability to cleave the targeted transcript. The wet-lab positive results of the test are presented here demonstrating the real-world potential of both hammerhead ribozymes and RiboSoft. RiboSoft is freely available at the website


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Kharma N,Varin L,Abu-Baker A,Ouellet J,Najeh S,Ehdaeivand MR,Belmonte G,Ambri A,Rouleau G,Perreault J




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  • Nuclear magnetic resonance studies on yeast tRNAPhe I. Assignment of the iminoproton resonances of the acceptor and D stem by means of Nuclear Overhauser Effect experiments at 500 MHz.

    abstract::Resonances of the water exchangeable iminoprotons of the acceptor and D stem of yeast tRNAPhe have been assigned by means of Nuclear Overhauser Effects (NOE's). Assignments were made for spectra recorded from tRNA dialysed against a buffer with 110 mM sodium and 5 mM magnesium ions and against a buffer with 430 mM sod...

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  • Different types of interaction between PCNA and PIP boxes contribute to distinct cellular functions of Y-family DNA polymerases.

    abstract::Translesion DNA synthesis (TLS) by the Y-family DNA polymerases Polη, Polι and Polκ, mediated via interaction with proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), is a crucial pathway that protects human cells against DNA damage. We report that Polη has three PCNA-interacting protein (PIP) boxes (PIP1, 2, 3) that contribut...

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  • B lymphocyte-specific, Cre-mediated mutagenesis in mice.

    abstract::Adaptation of the P1 phage-derived Cre /loxP site- specific recombination system to the gene targeting technique allows for the conditional deletion of genes in mice. To selectively modify genes in B lymphocytes, we have generated mice (designated CD19-Cre) which express cre under the transcriptional control of the B ...

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