A modified method for preparing meiotic chromosomes based on digesting pollen mother cells in suspension.


BACKGROUND:Meiotic chromosome preparation is a key step in plant meiotic research. Pollen mother cell (PMC) wall elimination is beneficial to cytogenetic experimental procedures. Without wall interference, these procedures are easier and more successful. In existing methods it is difficult to eliminate PMC walls completely and uniformly. In this paper, we present an improved method for digesting PMC walls, and one for providing massive chromosomal spreads on a slide for other cytogenetic experimental procedures. RESULTS:Three plants were selected to exhibit the modified meiotic chromosome preparation method. PMCs were dispersed as single cells and incubated in a mixed enzyme solution (3 % cellulose + 0.3 % pectinase + 1 % snailase) for 1.5-2.5 h. In total, 28.28 % cells were lost during this process. There were 800-1900 spreads on every slide and no PMC wall interference was found on any of the slides. The spreads were also evenly distributed on the slides. More spreads were obtained when PMC and protoplast densities in the suspension were increased. All three plants' spreads were successfully used to locate a 5 s rDNA conserved sequence. The Nicotiana hybrid's spreads were successfully used to identify the hybrid's parental genome. CONCLUSION:This is an alternative method for meiotic chromosome preparation. Through this method, PMC walls can be completely and uniformly eliminated, and hundreds of spreads on every slide can be obtained. These spreads can be successfully used for DNA in situ hybridization.


Mol Cytogenet


Molecular cytogenetics


Dang J,Zhao Q,Yang X,Chen Z,Xiang S,Liang G




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2015-10-24 00:00:00










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  • Complex balanced chromosomal translocation t(2;5;13) (p21;p15;q22) in a woman with four reproductive failures.

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  • A feasible diagnostic approach for the translocation carrier from the indication of products of conception.

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  • 3D-FISH analysis reveals chromatid cohesion defect during interphase in Roberts syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Roberts syndrome (RBS) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder mainly characterized by growth retardation, limb defects and craniofacial anomalies. Characteristic cytogenetic findings are "railroad track" appearance of chromatids and premature centromere separation in metaphase spreads. Mutations in the ESCO2...

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  • De novo duplication of chromosome 16p in a female infant with signs of neonatal hemochromatosis.

    abstract::Reported cases of "pure" duplication of the entire short arm of chromosome 16 (16p) are rare, with only 7 patients described in the literature. We report on a female infant with de novo 16p duplication localized to the short arm of chromosome 6, detected by chromosomal analysis and characterized by array CGH and fluor...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Copy number variations (CNVs) having no (obvious) clinical effects were rediscovered as major part of human genome in 2004. However, for every cytogeneticist microscopically visible harmless CNVs (CG-CNVs) are well known since decades. Harmless CG-CNVs can be present as heterochromatic or even as euchromatic...

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  • GSTM1 copy number variation in the context of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the human GSTM cluster.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:GSTM1 gene deletion is one of the most known copy number polymorphisms in human genome. It is most likely caused by homologous recombination between the repeats flanking the gene. However, taking into account that the deletion has no crucial effects on human well-being, and the ability of other GSTMs to comp...

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  • A familial chromosomal complex rearrangement confirms RUNX1T1 as a causative gene for intellectual disability and suggests that 1p22.1p21.3 duplication is likely benign.

    abstract:Background:Complex chromosomal rearrangements are constitutive structural aberrations involving three or more breaks. They can be balanced or unbalanced and result in different outcomes, depending on deletion/duplication of genomic material, gene disruption, or position effects. Case presentation:We report on a patien...

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    authors: Restaldi F,Alesi V,Aquilani A,Genovese S,Russo S,Coletti V,Pompili D,Falasca R,Dallapiccola B,Capolino R,Luciani M,Novelli A

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  • On the significance of germline cytogenetic rearrangements at MYCN locus in neuroblastoma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:MYCN oncogene amplification is the most important prognostic factor in neuroblastoma. 25% neuroblastoma tumors have somatic amplifications at this locus but little is known about its constitutional aberrations and their potential role in carcinogenesis. Here, we have performed an array-CGH and qPCR character...

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  • Microdeletions in 9q33.3-q34.11 in five patients with intellectual disability, microcephaly, and seizures of incomplete penetrance: is STXBP1 not the only causative gene?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Most microdeletions involving chromosome sub-bands 9q33.3-9q34.11 to this point have been detected by analyses focused on STXBP1, a gene known to cause early infantile epileptic encephalopathy 4 and other seizure phenotypes. Loss-of-function mutations of STXBP1 have also been identified in some patients with...

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  • Chromosomal copy number analysis on chorionic villus samples from early spontaneous miscarriages by high throughput genetic technology.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:About 10 -15 % of all clinically recognized pregnancies result in spontaneous miscarriages, and chromosomal abnormalities are the most common reason. The conventional karyotyping on chorionic villus samples (CVSs) is limited by cell culture and its resolution. This study aimed at evaluating the efficiency of...

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  • A rare case of acute promyelocytic leukemia with ider(17)(q10)t(15;17)(q22;q21) and favorable outcome.

    abstract:Background:Chromosomal rearrangements in addition to t(15;17) have been reported in 25-40% of APL patients, with a large predominance of trisomy 8. Other abnormalities are far less frequent, particularly as ider(17), and the prognostic significance is still unclear. Case presentation:We present the case of a patient w...

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