EAU Guidelines on Diagnosis and Conservative Management of Urolithiasis.


CONTEXT:Low-dose computed tomography (CT) has become the first choice for detection of ureteral calculi. Conservative observational management of renal stones is possible, although the availability of minimally invasive treatment often leads to active treatment. Acute renal colic due to ureteral stone obstruction is an emergency that requires immediate pain management. Medical expulsive therapy (MET) for ureteral stones can support spontaneous passage in the absence of complicating factors. These guidelines summarise current recommendations for imaging, pain management, conservative treatment, and MET for renal and ureteral stones. Oral chemolysis is an option for uric acid stones. OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the optimal measures for diagnosis and conservative and medical treatment of urolithiasis. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION:Several databases were searched for studies on imaging, pain management, observation, and MET for urolithiasis, with particular attention to the level of evidence. EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS:Most patients with urolithiasis present with typical colic symptoms, but stones in the renal calices remain asymptomatic. Routine evaluation includes ultrasound imaging as the first-line modality. In acute disease, low-dose CT is the method of choice. Ureteral stones <6mm can pass spontaneously in well-controlled patients. Sufficient pain management is mandatory in acute renal colic. MET, usually with α-receptor antagonists, facilitates stone passage and reduces the need for analgesia. Contrast imaging is advised for accurate determination of the renal anatomy. Asymptomatic calyceal stones may be observed via active surveillance. CONCLUSIONS:Diagnosis, observational management, and medical treatment of urinary calculi are routine measures. Diagnosis is rapid using low-dose CT. However, radiation exposure is a limitation. Active treatment might not be necessary, especially for stones in the lower pole. MET is recommended to support spontaneous stone expulsion. PATIENT SUMMARY:For stones in the lower pole of the kidney, treatment may be postponed if there are no complaints. Pharmacological treatment may promote spontaneous stone passage.


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  • The lithotrity of stones in the ureter under visual control.

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  • Spread of onabotulinumtoxinA after bladder injection. Experimental study using the distribution of cleaved SNAP-25 as the marker of the toxin action.

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  • Calcified bacteria in renal stones: electron-microscopic aspects.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Radical perineal prostatectomy (RPP) has been revived with the advent of single-port (SP) robotic surgery. However, its interest and precise role need to be evaluated and better defined. OBJECTIVE:To describe in detail the technique of SP-RPP and compare initial perioperative outcomes with those of multipor...

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  • Localization and function of cannabinoid receptors in the corpus cavernosum: basis for modulation of nitric oxide synthase nerve activity.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Anandamide, a proposed endogenous cannabinoid (CB) agonist, has been shown to enhance neurogenic responses in vitro of the rat corpus cavernosal tissue (CC). However, no information is available on the distribution of CB-receptors or effects by anandamide in CC from primates or humans. OBJECTIVE:To characte...

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  • Corticosteroids and tamsulosin in the medical expulsive therapy for symptomatic distal ureter stones: single drug or association?

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To assess the clinical role of corticosteroids in the medical expulsive therapy of symptomatic distal ureteral stones. METHODS:Between January 2004 and September 2005, 114 patients with symptomatic distal ureteral stones with a >/=5mm diameter were enrolled in this prospective study and divided into four gr...

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  • Posterior hypospadias repair: a new technical approach. Mobilization of the urethral plate and duplay urethroplasty.

    abstract::We describe our experience with a new technique of complete repair of severe posterior hypospadias in one stage. The operative technique includes some innovative points: penile straightening is realized by urethral mobilization (without detaching it from the glans) to excise the chordee, and then urethroplasty accordi...

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    abstract:CONTEXT:Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) and ureteroscopy (URS), with or without intracorporeal lithotripsy, are the most common treatments for upper ureteric stones. With advances in technology, it is unclear which treatment is most effective and/or safest. OBJECTIVE:To systematically review literature rep...

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  • Reduced activities of triple adenosine triphosphatase in seminal plasma and spermatozoa of patients with oligoasthenospermia.

    abstract::Na+- and K+-activated and Mg2+-dependent adenosine triphosphatase, Mg2+-activated adenosine triphosphatase and Ca2+- and Mg2+-activated adenosine triphosphatase activities were determined in washed spermatozoa and in two fractions (pellet and supernatant) of seminal plasma of oligoasthenospermic patients and men with ...

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  • Echotomographic study in the diagnosis of the nonfunctioning kidney.

    abstract::The results obtained from the nephrosonographic study of 61 functionally inactive kidneys of 57 patients are presented. Its usefulness as a diagnostic tool in the evaluation of hydronephrosis, renal agenesis and retroperitoneal collections is stressed. ...

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  • Changes in the sexual behavior of couples after prostatectomy. A prospective study.

    abstract::Sexual behavior after prostatectomy was observed in 90 couples, with a follow-up of 3-6 years. Retropubic prostatectomy was performed on 53 patients (58.7%), transvesical prostatectomy on 12 patients (13.7%), and transurethral prostatectomy on 25 patients (27.7%). In order to have a reliable figure of the sexual behav...

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  • Association between HLA antigens and bladder tumors.

    abstract::HLA antigen type was studied in 55 patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. The results showed high HLA-B5 and low HLA-BW35 frequencies. Histological grade, stage, and recurrence rate of tumors were also evaluated separately. The results were more significant in recurrent tumors. ...

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  • Survival and impact of clinical prognostic factors in surgically treated metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The survival impact of metastasectomy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) is still an active research field, particularly in the multimodal/targeted therapy era. OBJECTIVE:To determine the survival impact of clinical prognostic factors and their application to stratification of patients according to ...

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  • Tissue adhesives: their use in urology.

    abstract::Tissue adhesives have certain advantages and should be used only for nephropexy and urethropexy but not for orchiopexy. Because of possible incrustation it should be avoided in the urinary collecting system. ...

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  • Moving beyond the headlines: improving the technical quality of radical prostatectomy.

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