Postnatal ontogeny of limb proportions and functional indices in the subterranean rodent Ctenomys talarum (Rodentia: Ctenomyidae).


:Burrow construction in the subterranean Ctenomys talarum (Rodentia: Ctenomyidae) primarily occurs by scratch-digging. In this study, we compared the limbs of an ontogenetic series of C. talarum to identify variation in bony elements related to fossorial habits using a morphometrical and biomechanical approach. Diameters and functional lengths of long bones were measured and 10 functional indices were constructed. We found that limb proportions of C. talarum undergo significant changes throughout postnatal ontogeny, and no significant differences between sexes were observed. Five of six forelimb indices and two of four hindlimb indices showed differences between ages. According to discriminant analysis, the indices that contributed most to discrimination among age groups were robustness of the humerus and ulna, relative epicondylar width, crural and brachial indices, and index of fossorial ability (IFA). Particularly, pups could be differentiated from juveniles and adults by more robust humeri and ulnae, wider epicondyles, longer middle limb elements, and a proportionally shorter olecranon. Greater robustness indicated a possible compensation for lower bone stiffness while wider epicondyles may be associated to improved effective forces in those muscles that originate onto them, compensating the lower muscular development. The gradual increase in the IFA suggested a gradual enhancement in the scratch-digging performance due to an improvement in the mechanical advantage of forearm extensors. Middle limb indices were higher in pups than in juveniles-adults, reflecting relatively more gracile limbs in their middle segments, which is in accordance with their incipient fossorial ability. In sum, our results show that in C. talarum some scratch-digging adaptations are already present during early postnatal ontogeny, which suggests that they are prenatally shaped, and other traits develop progressively. The role of early digging behavior as a factor influencing on morphology development is discussed.


J Morphol


Journal of morphology


Echeverría AI,Becerra F,Vassallo AI




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  • Mitochondrial changes in flight muscles of normal and flightless Drosophila melanogaster with age.

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  • Ultrastructural and quantitative dynamics of the granulosa of ovarian follicles of the lizard Gerrhonotus coeruleus (family Anguidae).

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  • The reproductive cycle of the male sleep snake Sibynomorphus mikanii (Schlegel, 1837) from southeastern Brazil.

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  • Innervation patterns of mystacial vibrissae support active touch behaviors in California sea lions (Zalophus californianus).

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  • Inhibition and axial deviation of limb regeneration in the newt by means of a digit implanted into the amputated limb.

    abstract::This research was designed to follow up the observation of Thornton and Kraemer ('51) that regressed, denervated limbs of Ambystoma larvae will not regenerate upon reinnervation if all digits on the limbs were not completely resorbed. The object of this experiment was to determine whether the presence of an apical str...

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  • Observations and comments on the reliability of muscle reconstruction in fossil vertebrates.

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  • Morphology, structure of dimorphic sperm, and reproduction in the hermaphroditic commensal bivalve Pseudopythina tsurumaru (Galeommatoidea: Kellidae).

    abstract::In Japan Pseudopythina tsurumaru is an up to 10.8 mm-long commensal of the burrowing sea cucumber Protankyra bidentata, whereas in Hong Kong the same species is smaller and associated with the crab Hexapus anfractus, itself a commensal of P. bidentata. Japanese P. tsurumaru is a hermaphrodite tending towards protogyny...

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  • Functional morphology of the feeding apparatus, feeding constraints, and suction performance in the nurse shark Ginglymostoma cirratum.

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  • Modification of genital kidney nephrons for sperm transport in a plethodontid salamander, Eurycea longicauda.

    abstract::Salamanders possess kidneys with two distinct regions: a caudal pelvic portion and cranial genital portion. Nephrons of the pelvic region are responsible for urine formation and transport. Nephrons of the genital region transport sperm from testes to Wolffian ducts; however, nephrons of the genital region possess all ...

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  • Links between the discovery of primates and anatomical comparisons with humans, the chain of being, our place in nature, and racism.

    abstract::I focus on the crucial links between the discovery of nonhuman primates by Westerners, discussions on our place in nature, the chain of being, racism, and the history of primate comparative anatomy and of so-called "anatomical human racial studies." Strikingly, for more than a millennium humans knew more about the int...

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  • Abnormal development of vertebrae in paralyzed chick embryos.

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  • Histomorphology of the glans penis in Vespertilionidae and Phyllostomidae species (Chiroptera, Mammalia).

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  • Fine structure of the thymus in the adult cling fish Sicyases sanguineus (Pisces, Gobiesocidae).

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  • Perinuclear microtubules in postnatal rat heart.

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  • Internal anatomy of Haliclystus antarcticus (Cnidaria, Staurozoa) with a discussion on histological features used in Staurozoan taxonomy.

    abstract::Stauromedusae have relatively few macromorphological characters, making both their taxonomy and identification difficult. For this reason, histological characters are also employed in the taxonomy of the group. This study presents a detailed description of the histomorphology of Haliclystus antarcticus Pfeffer, 1889 (...

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  • Mastication in the tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus (reptilia: Rhynchocephalia): Structure and activity of the motor system.

    abstract::The masticatory pattern of Sphenodon punctatus, the sole remaining rhynchocephalian, now restricted to islands off the coast of New Zealand, has been analyzed by detailed anatomy, cinematography, cinefluoroscopy, and electromyography. Food reduction consists of a closing, crushing bite followed by a propalineal slidin...

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  • Naturally occurring diblastodermic eggs in the annual fish Cynolebias: Implications for developmental regulation and determination.

    abstract::Annual fish development differs from that of other teleosts because a phase of blastomere dispersion-reaggregation spatially and temporally separates epiboly from embryogenesis. The fate of dispersed blastomeres was assessed in diblastodermic eggs of the annual fishes Cynolebias whitei and C. nigripinnis. In typical t...

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  • Morphology of the ovaries of Sphaerodema (Diplonychus) rusticum (Heteroptera, Belostomatidae).

    abstract::The female reproductive system of Sphaerodema rusticum consists of a pair of ovaries, two lateral oviducts, a median common oviduct, and a median spermatheca. Accessory glands are absent. Each ovary has five free ovarioles branching from the oviduct. Each ovariole consists of a terminal filament, germarium, vitellariu...

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  • Cellular dynamics of conjugation in the ciliate euplotes aediculatus. I. Cytoskeletal elements.

    abstract::The fate and possible roles of the cytoskeleton in the process of conjugation in the hyptrich ciliate Euplotes aediculatus were investigated. Following the coalescence of the plasma membranes of the conjugant cells, a fusion zone or bridge of cytoplasm contributed by both partners is constructed. The sub-alveolar micr...

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  • External and internal sexual dimorphism in leiognathid fishes: morphological evidence for sex-specific bioluminescent signaling.

    abstract::Fourteen species of leiognathid fishes (Perciformes, Leiognathidae) from the Philippine Islands, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Palau were examined for accessory secondary sexual dimorphism. Thirteen species exhibit either external dimorphism (a clear patch of skin on the flanks of males, a large clear patch of skin ...

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  • The organization of the octavolateralis area in actinopterygian fishes: A new interpretation.

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  • On the morphology of antennular sensory and attachment organs in cypris larvae of the deep-sea vent/seep barnacles, Ashinkailepas and Neoverruca.

    abstract::Barnacle cypris larvae show high morphological variation in the organs used in search of and attaching to a substratum. This variation may represent adaptation to the habitat of the species. Here, we studied SEM level morphologies of cypris antennular sensory and attachment organs in a deep-sea vent endemic species (N...

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  • Morphology and evolution of the snake cornea.

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  • Microscopic study of the pyloric caeca of the starfish Marthasterias glacialis (Echinodermata): Finding of endocrine cells.

    abstract::The ultrastructure of five epithelial cellular types is described. (1) Absorptive-storing cells possess a striated border and accumulate lipids and glycogen. They also contain an apical multivesicular complex and numerous membrane-bound PAS-positive granules of unknown significance. (2) Zymogenic cells contain numerou...

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  • Septomaxilla of nonmammalian synapsids: soft-tissue correlates and a new functional interpretation. DELETE.

    abstract::The function of the septomaxilla of nonmammalian synapsids has long been problematic. Distinctive features of this bone, including a prominent intranarial process and a septomaxillary canal and foramen, are characteristic of pelycosaurs and nonmammalian therapsids, but are lost in their mammalian descendants. Numerous...

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  • Characteristics of the flagellar axoneme in Neuroptera, Coleoptera, and Strepsiptera.

    abstract::Spermatozoa from representatives of the five insect orders in superorder Neuropteroidea were examined by electron microscopy following a new fixation method that includes tannic acid in the primary fixative but has uranyl acetate rather than osmium tetroxide as the secondary fixative. The sperm axoneme was found to be...

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  • The phyllolepid placoderm Cowralepis mclachlani: insights into the evolution of feeding mechanisms in jawed vertebrates.

    abstract::Remarkably preserved specimens of Cowralepis mclachlani Ritchie, 2005 (Proc Linn Soc NSW 126:215-259) (Phyllolepida, Placodermi) represent a unique ontogenetic sequence adding to our understanding of anatomy, function, and phylogeny among basal jawed vertebrates (gnathostomes). A systematic review demonstrates that th...

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  • A possible mechanism of rapid luteolysis in white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus.

    abstract::Adult female white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus, were exposed to long (LP) or short (SP) photoperiods for 6 weeks (experiment I). Another group of animals was kept for 6 weeks in SP, then injected SC with 30 micrograms prolactin twice daily for 2, 3, 4, or 6 days (experiment II). Ovaries from the mice in both expe...

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