What effect does a cancer diagnosis have on the educational engagement and school life of teenagers? A systematic review.


OBJECTIVES:A diagnosis of cancer during the teenage years arrives at an important stage of development, where issues of normality, identity and independence are crucial. Education provides opportunity for peer contact, achievement and development for teenagers. This systematic review examined the impact of a diagnosis of cancer on the educational engagement and school life of teenagers. METHOD:Five electronic databases were searched, returning a total of 3209 articles. Inclusion criteria were broad to allow for the range of literature within this area. Following screening, 22 articles (inclusive of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies) were retained and subjected to independent review and quality assessment. RESULTS:Key areas involved in the impact of a cancer diagnosis on teenagers' educational engagement include school attendance, reintegration, peer relationships and long-term effects on education and employment. CONCLUSION:School absences are a concern for teenagers, but do not necessarily lead to a reduction in educational and vocational attainment. It is important to involve health care and education professionals, as well as parents and teenagers themselves, in school reintegration if it is to be successful. Peer groups and body image are two areas that could mediate education engagement for teenagers. Further research needs to be undertaken to determine the overall impact of successfully maintaining education engagement specifically for teenagers, the role that peer groups play in this process and how education engagement contributes to the overall coping and well-being of teenage cancer patients.






Pini S,Hugh-Jones S,Gardner PH




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    abstract::In a consecutive sample of 100 breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, cancer-related distress was assessed with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and patients' interest in and acceptance of psychosocial support with the Questionnaire for Psychosocial Support and the European Consultation Liaison Workg...


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