HIV infection and high-risk behaviors in opioid dependent patients: the Indian context.


:Various risk behaviors promote the spread of HIV in drug addicts. Reflecting the substantial regional and geographic differences in the impact of HIV, its prevalence rates vary from country to country. In view of increasing reports of injection drug-uses (IDUs) from different parts of India, the study was aimed to examine and investigate the difference in prevalence rates of seropositivity between IDUs and non-IDUs in patients of drug dependence and to compare the pattern of risk behaviors due to sexual and drug use practice in IDUs and non-IDUs. A high HIV seroprevalence of 8.3% between IDUs and 1.8% in non-IDUs was found. The study findings suggest a trend towards drug-related risks being higher than sex-related risks in IDUs.


Addict Behav


Addictive behaviors


Vaswani M,Desai NG





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  • On the regularity of smoking.

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  • Gene-environment interplay and the importance of self-control in predicting polydrug use and substance-related problems.

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  • Cross-cultural invalidity of alcohol dependence measurement across Hispanics and Caucasians in 2001 and 2002.

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  • Minimal interventions for weight control: a cost-effective alternative.

    abstract::Two studies were conducted to evaluate simpler, less intensive interventions for weight control which presumably would be more cost-effective and efficient than a "full-length" behavioral treatment program. In Study 1, participants in a minimal intervention (MI1) program who attended no regularly scheduled meetings an...

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  • Improving treatment outcomes for pregnant drug-dependent women using low-magnitude voucher incentives.

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  • Marijuana and tobacco exposure predict affect-regulation expectancies in dual users.

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  • Cocaine use associated with increased suicidal behavior in depressed alcoholics.

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  • The epidemiology of prescription fentanyl misuse in the United States.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:US opioid overdose deaths continue to climb, with a 12.0% increase from 2016 to 2017. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, has been a major contributor to opioid-related overdose deaths. While fentanyl-related overdose is driven by illicit fentanyl, little is known about individuals who misuse prescription fentanyl...

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  • The association between alcohol use and long-term care placement among older Canadians: a 14-year population-based study.

    abstract::Studies have shown that moderate alcohol use confers protection against some of the dominant predictors of long-term care placement, including diminished cognitive functioning, physical disability, and injury. But little is known about the association between alcohol use and the likelihood of placement in long-term ca...

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  • A comparison of four self-report smoking cessation outcome measures.

    abstract::Interventions for smoking cessation have been developed by researchers in a number of distinct disciplines. As a result, a variety of different outcome measures have been developed and employed. This paper will report an analysis that compares four smoking cessation outcome measures on data gathered from three populat...

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  • Exposure to tobacco websites: Associations with cigarette and e-cigarette use and susceptibility among adolescents.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Exposure to tobacco advertising is a risk factor for tobacco use and susceptibility among adolescents. Although tobacco company websites are ostensibly targeted to adults, some youth access these websites and are exposed to tobacco-related content. METHODS:This study analyzed data from the Population Asse...

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  • The use of token economy to reduce illicit drug use among methadone maintenance clients.

    abstract::The effects of a token economy in modifying the illicit polydrug use of 97 methadone maintenance clients was investigated over a period of two and a half years. Subjects' drug-free urinalysis reports were reinforced with points which could be redeemed to obtain methadone. Each subject's daily dose level varied with th...

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  • Smoking cessation efforts among substance abusers with and without psychiatric comorbidity.

    abstract::Little is known about the natural course of smoking behaviors following substance use treatment, particularly among individuals with comorbid substance use and psychiatric disorders. This study examined smoking cessation efforts among 120 substance abusers with and without psychiatric comorbidity. Participants complet...

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  • Interpersonal conflict tactics and substance use among high-risk adolescents.

    abstract::Adolescents who use aggressive tactics to handle interpersonal conflicts may be at high risk for substance use, while adolescents who possess coping strategies to avoid or manage interpersonal conflict may be at lower risk for substance use. This study examined the association between interpersonal conflict tactics an...

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  • Patterns of use, sequence of onsets and correlates of tobacco and cannabis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:While most individuals initiate their use of tobacco prior to onset of cannabis use, recent reports have identified a smaller subset of youth who report onset of cannabis use prior to tobacco use. In this study, we characterize patterns of cannabis and tobacco use (tobacco but not cannabis, cannabis but not ...

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  • The influence of personality, cognition, and behavior on perceptions and metaperceptions following alcoholic beverage selection in a dating situation.

    abstract::This study was designed to investigate perceptions and metaperceptions of individuals in a mixed sex dating situation in which they were offered alcohol. Male and female participants who were unfamiliar with one another were brought together in individual sessions and asked to imagine that they were on a blind date. A...

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  • Is self-compassion negatively associated with alcohol and marijuana-related problems via coping motives?

    abstract::Alcohol and marijuana misuse is prevalent on many university campuses, with high rates of undergraduate students reporting experiencing alcohol and/or marijuana-related problems, which have been consistently associated with coping-motivated use. While previous studies have found dispositional mindfulness to be negativ...

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  • Potential mediators, moderators, or independent effects in the relationship between parents' former and current cigarette use and their children's cigarette use.

    abstract::Research consistently has shown that cigarette use by adolescents is related to their parents' use and to particular characteristics of the family environment, but few studies have examined the linkages between parents' smoking behavior and other family characteristics to explain adolescents' smoking. In this study, w...

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  • Prevalence of recent illicit substance use and reporting bias among MSM and other urban males.

    abstract::This paper explores whether elevated rates of self-reported substance use among MSM compared to other males may be an artifact of reporting bias. Past month prevalence rates of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, and Ketamine use were compared between a sample of men who have sex with men (MSM), and ...

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  • Predictors of relapse among smokers: transtheoretical effort variables, demographics, and smoking severity.

    abstract::The present longitudinal study investigates baseline assessments of static and dynamic variables, including demographic characteristics, smoking severity, and Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM) effort variables (Decisional Balance (i.e. Pros and Cons), Situational Temptations, and Processes of Change) of ...

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  • Fluctuations in progesterone moderate the relationship between daily mood and alcohol use in young adult women.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Research has demonstrated associations between hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle and women's alcohol use. This association has been explained by mood changes that, for some women, accompany decreasing levels of progesterone during the menstrual cycle, particularly during the late luteal/premen...

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  • Anxiety sensitivity: relationship to negative affect smoking and smoking cessation in smokers with past major depressive disorder.

    abstract::The present study evaluated whether anxiety sensitivity (AS) was related to negative reinforcement smoking motives and increased risk of relapse during the early stages of a quit attempt. Specifically, the role of AS was evaluated in 60 smokers with past major depressive disorder (MDD) during smoking cessation. Consis...

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  • Redefining success in eating disorders.

    abstract::Currently our definitions of treatment success for obesity and eating disorders are too simplistic and narrow in scope. More varied treatment outcome targets include body-related measures, medical health variables, exercise and eating habits, psychological health factors, body image, and quality of life measures. A ne...

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  • Computer-based programmes for the prevention and management of illicit recreational drug use: a systematic review.

    abstract::The last few decades have seen increasing use of computer-based programmes to address illicit recreational drug use but knowledge about their effectiveness is limited. We conducted a systematic review to examine evidence on these programmes. Eight electronic databases were searched to identify primary research studies...

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  • Maternal risk taking on the balloon analogue risk task as a prospective predictor of youth alcohol use escalation.

    abstract::The transition from late childhood through middle adolescence represents a critical developmental period during which there is a rapid increase in the initiation and escalation of alcohol use. Alcohol use is part of a constellation of risk taking behaviors that increase during this developmental transition, which can ...

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  • Impact of messages about scientific uncertainty on risk perceptions and intentions to use electronic vaping products.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The science surrounding e-cigarettes and other electronic vaping products (EVPs) is rapidly evolving, and the health effects of vaping are unclear. Little research has explored how individuals respond to information acknowledging scientific uncertainty. The aim of the present study was to understand the impa...

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  • Using the bioecological model to predict risk perception of marijuana use and reported marijuana use in adolescence.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of the study was to investigate the ability of the Bioecological Model (BEM) to predict adolescents' risk perception (RP) of marijuana use and reported marijuana use. The secondary aim of the study was to investigate the extent to which the BEM influenced adolescents' decision-making regarding marij...

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  • Childhood sexual abuse and two stages of cigarette smoking in African-American and European-American young women.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of the current study was to determine whether the higher rates of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) but lower rates of cigarette smoking in African-American vs. European-American women can be explained in part by a lower magnitude of association between CSA and smoking in African-American women. METHODS:D...

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