Head and neck extension-fixation with a head frame for exposure of the distal internal carotid artery in carotid endarterectomy--technical note.


:Adequate exposure of the distal internal carotid artery (ICA) for carotid endarterectomy may be difficult to achieve because of the position of the mandible and associated soft tissues. A simple yet effective use of a head frame is described to gain several centimeters of exposure of the distal ICA. The patient's head and neck are fixed in an extension position using a radiolucent head frame. Nasotracheal intubation and secure taping of the chin are also employed to keep the mouth closed and to prevent the mandible from spontaneously hanging down. The head frame tightly fixes the patient's neck, so the mandible does not disturb the surgical field throughout the operation. This simple method maximizes exposure of the distal ICA. The radiolucent head frame also enables intraoperative angiography to confirm the patency of the ICA and the absence of flap formation. This simple technique is useful for exposing the distal ICA.


Takigawa T,Yanaka K,Yasuda M,Asakawa H,Matsumaru Y,Nose T





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2003-05-01 00:00:00


271-3; discussion 273












  • Recurrent brain abscess associated with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (Rendu-Osler-Weber disease)--case report.

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  • Time course of expression of three nitric oxide synthase isoforms after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats.

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  • Accumulation of exogenous 45Ca after middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats.

    abstract::The distribution of exogenous 45Ca in the focal ischemia rat model (middle cerebral artery occlusion) was studied using 45Ca autoradiography. High 45Ca accumulations were observed in the frontal cortex and caudate-putamen corresponding with morphological damage shown by HE staining. Regional 45Ca concentrations were c...

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  • Cilostazol reduces periprocedural hemodynamic depression in carotid artery stenting.

    abstract::The clinical effects of two different types of antiplatelet drugs, cilostazol and thienopyridine drugs, were compared in patients treated by carotid artery stenting (CAS). Two hundred patients scheduled for CAS were randomized to either cilostazol or a thienopyridine drug (ticlopidine or clopidogrel). The study was co...

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  • Predictors of intracranial hematoma enlargement in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

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  • Expression of the B-chain of platelet-derived growth factor and proliferative activity of human brain tumors.

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  • Bone defect associated with middle meningeal arteriovenous fistula treated by embolization--case report.

    abstract::A 57-year-old male presented with a frontal bone defect associated with a middle meningeal arteriovenous fistula (AVF) manifesting as headache. The patient had a history of head injury 19 years previously. Skull radiography and computed tomography demonstrated a left frontal bone defect. Left external carotid angiogra...

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  • Results and current trends of multimodality treatment for infectious intracranial aneurysms.

    abstract::The authors retrospectively reviewed their cases of infectious intracranial aneurysms and discuss results and trends of current treatment modalities including medical, neurosurgical, and endovascular. Twenty patients (10 males and 10 females; mean age 46 years) with 23 infectious aneurysms were treated by various trea...

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  • Asymptomatic syringomyelia associated with cerebellopontine angle meningioma--case report.

    abstract::A 66-year-old female with a 3-year history of left trigeminal neuralgia presented with an unusual left cerebellopontine angle meningioma associated with asymptomatic syringomyelia at the C2 to C4 levels diagnosed by magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Two months after total tumor removal, the syringomyelia had diminished...

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    abstract::A 29-year-old right-handed male with a 12-year education presented with a 2-month history of generalized epileptic activity. Neuroradiological imaging demonstrated a large lesion in the left frontal lobe involving the insulooperculum and in the temporal tip. Neurological and neuropsychological examination revealed no ...

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  • Expression of WT1 protein and correlation with cellular proliferation in glial tumors.

    abstract::The expression of Wilms' tumor gene WT1 protein was investigated immunohistochemically in 73 glial tumors, including 60 astrocytic tumors, eight oligodendroglial tumors, and five ependymal tumors. WT1 protein was detected in 70 of the 73 glial tumors (95.9%) examined. Almost all glioblastomas, anaplastic astrocytomas,...

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  • [Single burr hole irrigation without drainage in chronic subdural hematoma].

    abstract::The surgical treatment of chronic subdural hematoma has evolved from membranectomy through craniotomy to burr hole irrigation. The latter approach is based on utilization of the natural absorptive process that is thought to be part of the life cycle of the hematoma. To test this theory, the authors treated fifty-nine ...

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  • Facial nerve palsy after intracisternal papaverine application during aneurysm surgery--case report.

    abstract::A 61-year-old woman suffered transient mydriasis and prolonged facial nerve palsy after intracisternal papaverine application subsequent to elective clipping of an unruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysm. The mydriasis resolved within 90 minutes, but the facial nerve dysfunction persisted for 2 months before comple...

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  • Aspergillus mycotic aneurysm--case report.

    abstract::A 61-year-old female developed subarachnoid hemorrhage after trans-sphenoidal surgery for Rathke's cleft cyst. Neuroradiological examination revealed a large aneurysm at the C1 portion of the right internal carotid artery. Autopsy revealed marked proliferation of aspergillus hyphae in the wall of the aneurysm. A revie...

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  • Technique to detect coil migration using mask images of rotational angiography during stent-assisted coil embolization for ultra-wide necked aneurysms: technical note.

    abstract::A novel technique was developed to detect coil migration to the stent interior using mask images of rotational angiography. Stent-assisted coil embolization under x-ray fluoroscopy control was simulated with a hand-made vessel model. The stent interior was observed with a rigid endoscope during coil embolization. Afte...

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    abstract::Two patients presented with rare isolated recurrence of granulocytic sarcoma. A 29-year-old male presented with an extra- and intracranial mass 10 years after bone marrow transplantation for chronic myeloid leukemia. A 34-year-old female presented with an intracranial mass 3 years after complete remission of acute mye...

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  • Petrous bone meningioma originating from the jugular foramen--case report.

    abstract::A 49-year-old female presented with a rare meningioma in the petrous bone. High resolution computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated that the tumor had developed in the jugular foramen and extended into the infralabyrinthine area of the petrous bone and intracranially into the cerebellopontine an...

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  • Primary germinoma in the medulla oblongata - case report - .

    abstract::A 27-year-old woman presented with a case of primary medulla oblongata germinoma manifesting as sleep apnea, aspiration pneumonia, and left hemiparesis. Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging revealed a dorsal mass in the medulla oblongata with heterogeneous enhancement by gadolinium (Gd). Emergent biopsy and foramen magnum ...

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  • Association of paranasal sinus osteoma and intracranial mucocele--two case reports.

    abstract::Two young adult males presented with paranasal sinus osteoma associated with mucocele. A 20-year-old man presented with headache and seizure, and another 20-year-old man presented with headache, frontal deformity, and visual disturbances. Both patients underwent surgery and satisfactory results were obtained. Isolated...

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    authors: Akay KM,Ongürü O,Sirin S,Celasun B,Gönül E,Timurkaynak E

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  • Endovascular interventions for patients with serious symptoms caused by embolic carotid T occlusion.

    abstract::The efficacy of endovascular interventions based on magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for acute ischemic stroke caused by embolic carotid T occlusion was assessed. Endovascular intervention was performed in 10 of 751 consecutive acute ischemic stroke patients admitted to our institution between April 2001 and July 2003....

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    authors: Watanabe M,Mori T,Imai K,Izumoto H

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  • Microsurgically critical anomaly of the anterior communicating artery complex during the pterional approach to a ruptured aneurysm: double fenestration of the proximal A2 segments.

    abstract::A 50-year-old man presented with a ruptured aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery (ACoA) complex anomaly with the neck of the aneurysm located in the upper ACoA. The right pterional approach was performed 2 days after admission. Retraction of the frontal lobe exposed the lower half of the ACoA complex consisti...

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  • Effects of cervical spinal cord stimulation on glucose consumption in patients with posttraumatic prolonged unconsciousness.

    abstract::The effects of cervical spinal cord stimulation (CSCS) on glucose consumption were examined in two patients with prolonged disturbance of consciousness due to head injuries. Several clinical parameters, including glucose consumption using positron emission tomography (PET) with [18F]2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG), w...

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