Maintaining volunteer commitment to local watershed initiatives.


:Australia's Landcare program is advanced as a successful international example of local watershed groups and governments working together to improve natural resource management. One of the aspects considered critical in the success of watershed groups is engaging widespread participation. This paper draws on two regional surveys that explored burnout, or loss of engagement, among Landcare participants in the state of Victoria using the Maslach Burnout Inventory. Survey findings indicated that a large proportion of respondents were experiencing high burnout in terms of low personal accomplishment and suggested that there was potential for burnout to increase. The authors suggest that the expectations of watershed groups must be based around a realistic assessment of the capacity for volunteer groups to deliver improved environmental and social outcomes.


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  • Sustainability assessment of future scenarios: methodology and application to mountain areas of Europe.

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  • Losing function through wetland mitigation in central Pennsylvania, USA.

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    abstract::The Ozegahara peatland, in the Nikko-Oze National Park in Japan, is ecologically significant because of its oligotrophic environment; it is one of the most strictly preserved areas in the country. The isotope ratio of nitrogen (15N/14N) and carbon (13C/12C) and C/N ratio of peat moss (Sphagnum spp.) and sundew (Droser...

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    abstract::/ The Itapiranga Sustainable Logging Plan provides an example of how Brazil's licensing system functions for logging companies in the state of Amazonas. Two questions need to be dealt with: "How sustainable can logging in the Amazon be?" and "What and how effective are existing legal mechanisms to deal with logging pr...

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