Systematic structure-function analysis of the small GTPase Arf1 in yeast.


:Members of the ADP-ribosylation factor (Arf) family of small GTPases are implicated in vesicle traffic in the secretory pathway, although their precise function remains unclear. We generated a series of 23 clustered charge-to-alanine mutations in the Arf1 protein of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to determine the portions of this protein important for its function in cells. These mutants display a number of phenotypes, including conditional lethality at high or low temperature, defects in glycosylation of invertase, dominant lethality, fluoride sensitivity, and synthetic lethality with the arf2 null mutation. All mutations were mapped onto the available crystal structures for Arf1p: Arf1p bound to GDP, to GTP, and complexed with the regulatory proteins ArfGEF and ArfGAP. From this systematic structure-function analysis we demonstrate that all essential mutations studied map to one hemisphere of the protein and provide strong evidence in support of the proposed ArfGEF contact site on Arf1p but minimal evidence in support of the proposed ArfGAP-binding site. In addition, we describe the isolation of a spatially distant intragenic suppressor of a dominant lethal mutation in the guanine nucleotide-binding region of Arf1p.


Mol Biol Cell


Click ES,Stearns T,Botstein D





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  • Association of ARVCF with zonula occludens (ZO)-1 and ZO-2: binding to PDZ-domain proteins and cell-cell adhesion regulate plasma membrane and nuclear localization of ARVCF.

    abstract::ARVCF, an armadillo-repeat protein of the p120(ctn) family, associates with classical cadherins and is present in adherens junctions, but its function is poorly understood. Here, we show that ARVCF interacts via a C-terminal PDZ-binding motif with zonula occludens (ZO)-1 and ZO-2. ARVCF and ZO-1 partially colocalize i...

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  • A prefoldin-associated WD-repeat protein (WDR92) is required for the correct architectural assembly of motile cilia.

    abstract::WDR92 is a highly conserved WD-repeat protein that has been proposed to be involved in apoptosis and also to be part of a prefoldin-like cochaperone complex. We found that WDR92 has a phylogenetic signature that is generally compatible with it playing a role in the assembly or function of specifically motile cilia. To...

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  • How the transition frequencies of microtubule dynamic instability (nucleation, catastrophe, and rescue) regulate microtubule dynamics in interphase and mitosis: analysis using a Monte Carlo computer simulation.

    abstract::Microtubules (MTs) in newt mitotic spindles grow faster than MTs in the interphase cytoplasmic microtubule complex (CMTC), yet spindle MTs do not have the long lengths or lifetimes of the CMTC microtubules. Because MTs undergo dynamic instability, it is likely that changes in the durations of growth or shortening are ...

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  • Roles of Mso1 and the SM protein Sec1 in efficient vesicle fusion during fission yeast cytokinesis.

    abstract::Membrane trafficking during cytokinesis is essential for the delivery of membrane lipids and cargoes to the division site. However, the molecular mechanisms are still incompletely understood. In this study, we demonstrate the importance of uncharacterized fission yeast proteins Mso1 and Sec1 in membrane trafficking du...

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