Zebrafish as an Emerging Model for Osteoporosis: A Primary Testing Platform for Screening New Osteo-Active Compounds.


:Osteoporosis is metabolic bone disease caused by an altered balance between bone anabolism and catabolism. This dysregulated balance is responsible for fragile bones that fracture easily after minor falls. With an aging population, the incidence is rising and as yet pharmaceutical options to restore this imbalance is limited, especially stimulating osteoblast bone-building activity. Excitingly, output from large genetic studies on people with high bone mass (HBM) cases and genome wide association studies (GWAS) on the population, yielded new insights into pathways containing osteo-anabolic players that have potential for drug target development. However, a bottleneck in development of new treatments targeting these putative osteo-anabolic genes is the lack of animal models for rapid and affordable testing to generate functional data and that simultaneously can be used as a compound testing platform. Zebrafish, a small teleost fish, are increasingly used in functional genomics and drug screening assays which resulted in new treatments in the clinic for other diseases. In this review we outline the zebrafish as a powerful model for osteoporosis research to validate potential therapeutic candidates, describe the tools and assays that can be used to study bone homeostasis, and affordable (semi-)high-throughput compound testing.


Bergen DJM,Kague E,Hammond CL




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  • In Vivo and In Vitro Analysis in Coronary Artery Disease Related to Type 2 Diabetes.

    abstract:AIM:The leading cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) is coronary artery disease (CAD), a condition often asymptomatic but severe in these patients. Although glucose metabolism impairment and oxidative stress are known actors in the endothelial dysfunction/remodeling that occur...

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  • The Effects of Soy Protein and Cocoa With or Without Isoflavones on Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes. A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study.

    abstract::Objective: Soy and cocoa have been suggested to be beneficial for diabetes. The aim of this study was to identify the effects of soy protein, isoflavones, and cocoa on glycemic control parameters. Research design and methods: The study was a parallel, double-blind, placebo-controlled study where patients with diet or ...

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  • What Is the Best Regimen for Ovarian Stimulation of Poor Responders in ART/IVF?

    abstract::The infertile patients with aging ovaries-also sometimes referred to as impending premature ovarian insufficiency (POI), impending premature ovarian failure (POF), or poor ovarian responders (POR), constitute a significant and increasing bulk of the patients appealing to IVF/ART. Different causes have been cited in th...

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  • Continuous Exposure of Breast Cancer Cells to Tamoxifen Upregulates GPER-1 and Increases Cell Proliferation.

    abstract::GPER-1 is a novel membrane sited G protein-coupled estrogen receptor. Clinical studies have shown that patients suffering an estrogen receptor α (ERα)/GPER-1 positive, breast cancer have a lower survival rate than those who have developed ERα-positive/GPER-1 negative tumors. Moreover, absence of GPER-1 improves the pr...

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  • AMP-Activated Protein Kinase and O-GlcNAcylation, Two Partners Tightly Connected to Regulate Key Cellular Processes.

    abstract::The AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is an important cellular energy sensor. Its activation under energetic stress is known to activate energy-producing pathways and to inactivate energy-consuming pathways, promoting ATP preservation and cell survival. AMPK has been shown to play protective role in many pathophysio...

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  • Does Maternal Normal Range Thyroid Function Play a Role in Offspring Birth Weight? Evidence From a Mendelian Randomization Analysis.

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