Does acetabular dysplasia affect outcome in arthroscopic treatment of cam femoroacetabular impingement? Case-control study with and without acetabular dysplasia.


BACKGROUND:Arthroscopic management of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is classically contraindicated when acetabular dysplasia is associated, although this is controversial in case of moderate dysplasia or isolated cam effect. A case-control study was therefore conducted comparing borderline (center-edgeangle (CEA), 20-24°), moderate (15-19°) and severe dysplasia (<15°) (group D) versus a control group with normal acetabular cover (CEA, 25-30°). The aims were 1) to determine functional results and satisfaction, and 2) to correlate functional results with severity of dysplasia and of cam effect. HYPOTHESIS:Improvement in functional scores and satisfaction is lower in group D than in controls, due to non-correction of dysplasia. MATERIAL AND METHOD:A single-center, single-surgeon retrospective comparative case-control study included all patients with isolated cam-effect FAI and dysplasia but without osteoarthritis (group D) or with isolated cam-effect FAI without dysplasia (controls) operated on during the study period. Cases of mixed impingement were excluded. Preoperative and last-follow-up functional variables included McCarthy's modified Harris Hip Score (mHHS) and Christensen's Non-Arthritic Hip Score (NAHS). RESULTS:Between 2011 and 2014, details of 407 patients operated on by arthroscopy were entered in a data-base. Twenty patients (22 hips) were included in group D, with CEA<25° (mean, 19±3.1; range, 10-23°). The control group comprised 23 patients (25 hips) with CEA>25° (mean, 29±2.1°; range, 25-30°) matched for gender, age and body-mass index. Mean follow-up was 29.6±14.1 months (range, 14-58 months) in group D and 31.4±10.6 months (range, 15-57 months) in the control group (p=0.66). For functional scores, the two groups showed respectively 9.9 (-34 to +47) (p=0.038) and 10.4 (-20 to +48) (p=0.0038) gain in mHHS (non-significant: p=0.943). Mean gain in NAHS was 16.6 (-19 to +33) (p=0.0001) and 13.7 (-11 to +47) (p=0.0002), respectively (non-significant: p=0.56) CONCLUSION: Short-term functional results for cam FAI treatment were equivalent with<25° acetabular cover (mean, 19°; range, 13-24°) or normal cover. Longer-term assessment is indispensable to determine the impact of dysplasia and its severity. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE:III, case-control study.


Mercier M,Dangin A,Ollier E,Bonin N




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