Continuance compliance of privacy policy of electronic medical records: the roles of both motivation and habit.


BACKGROUND:Hospitals have increasingly realized that wholesale adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) may introduce differential tangible/intangible benefits to them, including improved quality-of-care, reduced medical errors, reduced costs, and allowable instant access to relevant patient information by healthcare professionals without the limitations of time/space. However, an increased reliance on EMR has also led to a corresponding increase in the negative impact exerted via EMR breaches possibly leading to unexpected damage for both hospitals and patients. This study investigated the possible antecedents that will influence hospital employees' continuance compliance with privacy policy of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This is done from both motivational and habitual perspectives; specifically, we investigated the mediating role of habit between motivation and continuance compliance intention with EMR privacy policy. METHODS:Data was collected from a large Taiwanese medical center by means of survey methodology. A total of 312 responses comprised of various groups of healthcare professionals was collected and analyzed via structural equation modeling. RESULTS:The results demonstrated that self-efficacy, perceived usefulness, and facilitating conditions may significantly predict hospital employees' compliance habit formation, whereas habit may significantly predict hospital employees' intention to continuance adherence to EMR privacy policy. Further, habit partially mediates the relationships between self-efficacy, perceived usefulness, facilitating conditions and continuance adherence intention. CONCLUSIONS:Based on our findings, the study suggests that healthcare facilities should take measures to promote their employees' habitualization with continuous efforts to protect EMR privacy parameters. Plausible strategies include improving employees' levels of self-efficacy, publicizing the effectiveness of on-going privacy policy, and creating a positive habit-conducive environment leading to continued compliance behaviors.


Kuo KM,Chen YC,Talley PC,Huang CH




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