Evaluation of four methods of flexor tendon repair for postoperative active mobilization.


:Active mobilization of repaired flexor tendons requires sufficient suture strength. This study was designed to investigate the suitability of four newly developed and comparatively strong tendon sutures for flexor tendon repair with active digital mobilization. Fifty fresh flexor digitorum profundus tendons were randomly assigned to five groups and repaired using the Tang, cruciate, Robertson, Silfverskiold, and modified Kessler suture methods. The repaired tendons were subjected to mechanical testing in an Instron tensile machine to determine the 2-mm gap formation force, ultimate strength, elastic modulus, and energy to failure of the sutures. The 2-mm gap formation forces of the sutures were 43.0 N for the Tang, 37.4 N for the cruciate, 25.0 N for the Robertson, 32.3 N for the Silfverskiold, and 21.2 N for the modified Kessler methods. The ultimate strength of the sutures was 53.6 N for the Tang, 46.3 N for the cruciate, 41.6 N for the Robertson, 41.0 N for the Silfverskiold, and 24.7 N for the modified Kessler methods. Statistically, the gap formation force and ultimate strength were the highest in the Tang, higher in the cruciate, and the lowest for the Robertson and the modified Kessler methods. The elastic modulus of the repaired tendons, as represented by the linear slope of the force-displacement curve, was also statistically the largest in the Tang, larger in the cruciate, and lowest for the Robertson and modified Kessler methods. Energy to failure was statistically the largest in the Tang, higher in the cruciate, lower in the Silfverskiold and the Robertson, and the lowest for the modified Kessler methods. It was concluded that significant differences exist in mechanical properties of the newly developed tendon suture methods. Among the methods for tendon repair that were tested, the Tang and the cruciate sutures were the best candidates for flexor tendon repair in the hand with postoperative active mobilization because of their superior tensile strength, elastic properties, energy to failure, and reasonable operation time.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Tang JB,Gu YT,Rice K,Chen F,Pan CZ




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2001-03-01 00:00:00












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