Satisfaction with breast reconstruction in women with bilateral prophylactic mastectomy: a descriptive study.


:Prophylactic bilateral mastectomy is an option for women who are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Prophylactic mastectomy is often performed with immediate reconstruction (i.e., at the same time and under the same anesthetic as the mastectomy). Satisfaction with reconstruction has been described previously for women with mastectomy for breast cancer. However, the authors know of no previous research that has reported on satisfaction with reconstruction in patients who have electively sought mastectomy for the prevention of breast cancer. Women in the province of Ontario who had undergone prophylactic bilateral mastectomy plus breast reconstruction between 1991 and 2000 were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the cosmetic results of their mastectomy and reconstruction and their overall satisfaction with their decision to have prophylactic mastectomy. Women were also asked whether they experienced complications associated with their surgery and what types of complications they experienced. Thirty-seven women completed questionnaires for this study, and all of them had immediate breast reconstruction after prophylactic mastectomy. The majority of women (70.3 percent) reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with the cosmetic results of their breast reconstruction. Women with self-reported postsurgical complications (16.2 percent) were significantly less satisfied with reconstruction than those who did not report complications (p = 0.009). Personal subjective risk of breast cancer before prophylactic mastectomy was negatively correlated with satisfaction with reconstruction (r = -0.38, p = 0.024) and with subjective risk estimation after prophylactic surgery (r = -0.54, p = 0.001). Women who did not worry about developing breast cancer after prophylactic mastectomy had significantly higher levels of satisfaction with breast reconstruction than those who continued to worry (p < 0.001). Women who reported an improved body image after reconstruction were significantly more likely to report higher levels of satisfaction than those who reported a diminished body image (p = 0.007). The majority of women were satisfied with the cosmetic results of breast reconstruction after prophylactic mastectomy. Women who overestimated their breast cancer risk had lower satisfaction levels. Correcting overestimation of breast cancer risk in women who have prophylactic mastectomy may improve satisfaction with reconstruction following prophylactic mastectomy.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Metcalfe KA,Semple JL,Narod SA




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2004-08-01 00:00:00














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