Preoperative sizing in breast augmentation.


BACKGROUND:Implant size selection in breast augmentation patients is one of many variables to be determined before surgery. Few methods exist today that allow the patient to participate in this process and accurately determine optimal size. The authors describe a simple method of preoperative sizing using silicone implant samples. METHODS:A total of 567 patients underwent breast augmentation: 297 had surgery before implementation of preoperative sizing and 270 patients were sized preoperatively. Sizing consisted of fitting the patients with various size silicone implants in a larger bra at least twice before surgery to determine desired size. Surveys were sent to both groups to inquire about overall satisfaction, how many preferred a different size postoperatively, and how many ultimately underwent size change surgery. RESULTS:One hundred two responses (34.3 percent) were obtained from the control group and 142 (52.6 percent) were obtained from the sized group. Sized patients received smaller implants (average, 276.6 cc nonsized versus 246.4 cc sized; p < 0.001). Four patients (1.4 percent) in the control group underwent a size change procedure compared with none in the sized group. In the sized cohort, 69 percent believe they are the size that the process predicted, 21 percent are smaller, 9 percent are larger, and 1 percent did not answer the question. CONCLUSIONS:Sized patients were more satisfied than controls and fewer were interested in having a different size implant postoperatively. Sized patients indicated that preoperative sizing was both helpful and reasonably accurate in predicting final breast size.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Hidalgo DA,Spector JA




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  • Vascular delay improves latissimus dorsi muscle perfusion and muscle function for use in cardiomyoplasty.

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  • Polydioxanone Threads for Facial Rejuvenation: Analysis of Quality Variation in the Market.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Beside botulinum-toxin injections and hyaluronic acid fillers, thread lifts have established themselves as the third column of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. Most commonly, barbed threads for this approach are made out of polydioxanone, a material known for decades from application in resorbable sut...

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  • Mechanisms of murine cranial suture patency mediated by a dominant negative transforming growth factor-beta receptor adenovirus.

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  • Functional return of tendon graft protected entirely by pseudosheath--experimental study.

    abstract::Sixty-three white Leghorn chickens were used in a two-stage tendon grafting into the deep flexor of the third toe. In the first stage, a 4- or 8-week-old pseudosheath was created around the Silastic rod. In the second stage, the grafting was carried out: in 33 birds the new sheath covered the entire tendon graft and i...

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  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine to Enhance Nerve Regeneration in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common. Although surgery is effective in mild and moderate cases, recovery is often incomplete in severe cases. Therefore, adjuvant therapy to improve nerve regeneration in those patients is much needed. Acetyl-L-carnitine has been shown to be effective in other neuropathies. T...

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  • Critical Evaluation of Risk Factors and Early Complications in 564 Consecutive Two-Stage Implant-Based Breast Reconstructions Using Acellular Dermal Matrix at a Single Center.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Acellular dermal matrix for implant-based breast reconstruction appears to cause higher early complication rates, but long-term outcomes are perceived to be superior. This dichotomy is the subject of considerable debate. The authors hypothesized that patient characteristics and operative variables would have...

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  • Animal-based hyaluronic acid fillers: scientific and technical considerations.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Successful clinical application of dermal filler products requires an understanding of their physical characteristics and in vivo behavior. This study reviewed the data for hyaluronic acid dermal filler products derived from an animal source--the rooster comb. METHODS:A review of the hyaluronic acid literat...

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  • Intrinsics and dynamics of fat grafts: an in vitro study.

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  • Away Rotations and Matching in Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency: Applicant and Program Director Perspectives.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although nearly all medical students pursuing integrated plastic surgery residency participate in elective rotations away from their home medical school, the value and costs of these "away" rotations have not been well studied. METHODS:The authors surveyed all integrated plastic surgery program directors an...

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  • Use of the latissimus dorsi muscle to restore elbow flexion in arthrogryposis.

    abstract::The successful use of ipsilateral pedicle latissimus dorsi muscle to restore elbow flexion in a child with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita is described. In appropriately selected patients, use of the latissimus dorsi muscle for elbow flexor reconstruction is a strong, reliable flexorplasty without significant donor...

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  • Posterior tibial artery flap for reconstruction of the esophagus.

    abstract::Three patients presented who needed reconstruction of the entire esophagus. Because the stomach and colon were not available in these patients, a posterior tibial artery flap was employed for reconstruction. In the first stage, the long and wide skin flap was elaborated into a skin tube to create the major portion of ...

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  • Anatomical basis and clinical application of the infragluteal perforator flap.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:When selecting flaps for coverage of pressure ulcers of the sacrum and perineal region in paraplegic patients, long-term high recurrence rates should be considered. Therefore, the authors developed an infragluteal perforator flap to avoid "burning bridges" for future reconstruction. METHODS:Infragluteal per...

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  • Unexpected vascular response to epinephrine in port wine stains.

    abstract::Success of argon laser therapy as a therapeutic modality for port wine stains has been correlated with the degree of vascular congestion within the lesions. Epinephrine causes vasoconstriction and erythrocyte stasis within normally innervated vessels. We tested the hypothesis that subcutaneous injection of epinephrine...

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  • The anatomic data sheet in plastic surgery: graphic and accurate documentation for standardized evaluation of results.

    abstract::A graphic and written anatomic data sheet (ADS) for facial aesthetic surgery and body contour surgery is presented as a tool for: (1) analyzing surgical maneuvers and their effect on final outcome; (2) recording individual anatomic variations; (3) communicating data between office personnel and colleagues; (4) aiding ...

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  • Establishing a composite auricle allotransplantation model in rats: introduction to transplantation of facial subunits.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Allografts from cadaveric sources may be an alternative for replacing the missing auricle. In this report, the technical aspects of orthotopic composite auricle allotransplantation and an effective short-term immunosuppression protocol in a rat model are described. METHODS:A total of seven transplantations ...

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  • Systems-based practice: education in plastic surgery.

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  • Shave excision of superficial solar skin lesions.

    abstract::Shave excision is a useful technique for the treatment of superficial solar lesions. The most common of these is the solar keratosis, which can be a red or gray scaling lesion. This can at times be difficult to differentiate from the superficial basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma or their more infiltratin...

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  • Breast reduction with short L scar.

    abstract::I didactically compared the breast as a glandular cone with an envelope of skin and subcutaneous tissue. The aesthetic alterations of the breast are classified in four groups related to form, to volume, to grams, and to ptosis in centimeters. An imaginary plane that passes by the mammary sulcus (plane A) will determin...

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    authors: Bozola AR

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  • Diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot infections.

    abstract::EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 1. Foot infections in patients with diabetes cause substantial morbidity and frequent visits to health care professionals and may lead to amputation of a lower extremity. 2. Diabetic foot infections require attention to local (foot) and systemic (metabolic) issues and coordinated management, prefera...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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  • Von Willebrand's disease--a potential bleeding problem in plastic surgery.

    abstract::Von Willebrand's disease, a common hereditary bleeding disorder, may be responsible for undue or unanticipated intraoperative or postoperative hemorrhage. The diagnosis may be difficult to establish, although it may be suspected clinically and can usually be confirmed by adequate laboratory investigation. Patients wit...

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  • Histologic, histochemical, and ultrastructural analysis of soft tissues from cleft and normal lips.

    abstract::The cause of cleft lip remains speculative. The nature and extent of pathophysiologic changes in cleft lip muscle are controversial. This study was undertaken to better understand the developmental processes at work. There were two groups of patients. In group 1, 40 fresh tissue specimens were taken from 22 patients w...

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  • Evaluating rejuvenation of the forehead and brow: an algorithm for selecting the appropriate technique.

    abstract::The traditional reason for performing aesthetic surgery in the forehead and brow area has been to correct brow ptosis. However, there are several other conditions that may be improved by surgery in this area, including frown muscle imbalance, transverse forehead rhytids, and lateral brow laxity. Recently, a better und...

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  • Advanced Technologies to Improve Wound Healing: Electrical Stimulation, Vibration Therapy, and Ultrasound-What Is the Evidence?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cellular energy is required for the healing cascade to occur. A combination of cells, cytokines, chemokines, tissue perfusion, an extracellular matrix, and local forces are also required to allow for human tissue repair to proceed. Although there are many examples of treatment options, energy-based therapies...

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  • Evaluation of the weight loss patient presenting for plastic surgery consultation.

    abstract::Patients presenting for plastic surgery consultation after massive weight loss require a thorough preoperative evaluation that takes into account the complex medical and psychosocial issues associated with obesity. A number of factors must be considered, including type of weight loss procedure, nutritional deficiencie...

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  • Vascularized fibular graft after excision of giant-cell tumor of the distal radius: wrist arthroplasty versus partial wrist arthrodesis.

    abstract::Several reconstructive procedures have been described for the complete defect of the distal radius that is created after a wide excision of a giant-cell tumor of bone, including hemiarthroplasty using the vascularized fibular head and partial wrist arthrodesis between a vascularized fibula and the scapholunate portion...

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  • Experience with reduction mammaplasty combined with breast conservation therapy in the treatment of breast cancer.

    abstract::As the inclusion criteria for breast conservation therapy have continued to evolve to include lower quadrant tumors, very large breasts, and central tumors, the potential for significant disfigurement after breast conservation therapy has also increased. This has led some centers to develop coordinated oncology-plasti...

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  • Single-stage repair of asymmetrical bilateral cleft lip with contralateral lesser form defects.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Complete or incomplete cleft lip may include a contralateral lesser form of incomplete cleft lip to give rise to an asymmetrical bilateral cleft lip deformity. The principle of simultaneous bilateral cleft repair remains an area of contention with regard to asymmetrical cases, including a lesser form deformi...

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    authors: Bezuhly M,Fisher DM

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  • Relationship of the zygomatic facial nerve to the retaining ligaments of the face: the Sub-SMAS danger zone.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The transition zone between cheek superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) and malar SMAS is difficult to raise because of proximity of zygomatic nerve branches. The authors attempted to clarify the three-dimensional anatomy of the retaining ligaments in relation to nerve branches in this area. METHODS:...

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    authors: Alghoul M,Bitik O,McBride J,Zins JE

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  • Bilateral cauliflower ear deformity: an unusual presentation of cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease.

    abstract::This case illustrates the variety of clinical presentations of Rosai-Dorfman disease. In this case, the disease presented as bilateral cauliflower ear deformity and was diagnosed on the basis of typical pathological findings. Although the cause of this disease is not fully understood, it is hoped that, with increased ...

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