Computational methods-guided design of modulators targeting protein-protein interactions (PPIs).


:Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) play a pivotal role in extensive biological processes and are thus crucial to human health and the development of disease states. Due to their critical implications, PPIs have been spotlighted as promising drug targets of broad-spectrum therapeutic interests. However, owing to the general properties of PPIs, such as flat surfaces, featureless conformations, difficult topologies, and shallow pockets, previous attempts were faced with serious obstacles when targeting PPIs and almost portrayed them as "intractable" for decades. To date, rapid progress in computational chemistry and structural biology methods has promoted the exploitation of PPIs in drug discovery. These techniques boost their cost-effective and high-throughput traits, and enable the study of dynamic PPI interfaces. Thus, computational methods represent an alternative strategy to target "undruggable" PPI interfaces and have attracted intense pharmaceutical interest in recent years, as exemplified by the accumulating number of successful cases. In this review, we first introduce a diverse set of computational methods used to design PPI modulators. Herein, we focus on the recent progress in computational strategies and provide a comprehensive overview covering various methodologies. Importantly, a list of recently-reported successful examples is highlighted to verify the feasibility of these computational approaches. Finally, we conclude the general role of computational methods in targeting PPIs, and also discuss future perspectives on the development of such aids.


Eur J Med Chem


Qiu Y,Li X,He X,Pu J,Zhang J,Lu S




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  • In vitro and in vivo biological evaluation of new 4,5-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles as cis-constrained analogs of combretastatin A4.

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  • One-pot microwave assisted synthesis of new 2-alkoxycarbonylmethylene-4-oxo-1,5-benzo-, naphtho-, and pyridodiazepines and assessment of their cytogenetic activity.

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  • Design, synthesis and antitubercular evaluation of novel series of N-[4-(piperazin-1-yl)phenyl]cinnamamide derivatives.

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  • N-Aryl-N'-(chroman-4-yl)ureas and thioureas display in vitro anticancer activity and selectivity on apoptosis-resistant glioblastoma cells: screening, synthesis of simplified derivatives, and structure-activity relationship analysis.

    abstract::A series of chroman derivatives previously reported as potassium channel openers, as well as some newly synthesized simplified structures, were examined for their in vitro effects on the growth of three human high-grade glioma cell lines: U373, T98G, and Hs683. Significant in vitro growth inhibitory activity was obser...

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  • Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of novel selenoester derivatives.

    abstract::A series of 31 new selenoesters were synthesized and their cytotoxic activity was evaluated against a prostate cancer cell line (PC-3). The most active compounds were also tested against three tumoural cell lines (MCF-7, A-549 and HT-29) and one non-tumour prostate cell line (RWPE-1). Thirteen compounds showed signifi...

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  • Polycyclic propargylamine and acetylene derivatives as multifunctional neuroprotective agents.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to design drug-like molecules with multiple neuroprotective mechanisms which would ultimately inhibit N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, block L-type voltage gated calcium channels (VGCC) and inhibit apoptotic processes as well as the monoamine oxidase-B (MAO-B) enzyme in the central nerv...

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  • A phosphonamidate containing aromatic N-terminal amino group as inhibitor of leucine aminopeptidase-design, synthesis and stability.

    abstract::Fully deprotected phosphonamidate dipeptides, predicted as effective inhibitors of cytosolic leucine aminopeptidase, showed unexpected instability in water solution at pH below 12. Their hydrolysis rate was strictly correlated with basicity of the N-terminal amino group. To improve this feature a phosphonamidate analo...

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  • Synthesis of substituted 3-amino-N-phenyl-1H-indazole-1-carboxamides endowed with antiproliferative activity.

    abstract::Several new N-phenyl-1H-indazole-1-carboxamides 1c-h and 4l,m were prepared by reacting phenyl isocyanate derivatives 3a,b with 3-amino-1H-indazole derivatives 2c,e,g or 1H-indazole 2l respectively. Chemical transformations of compounds 1a,b and 1g,h gave 3-acetamido-N-phenyl-1H-indazole-1-carboxamide derivatives 5a,b...

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  • 2,2'-bipyridyl based copper complexes down regulate expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and suppress MAPKs in mitogen induced Peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

    abstract::2,2'-bipyridyl based copper complex I: [CuC24H22N6O10] at 10 nM and complex Ia: [Cu2C32H43N8O3](PF6)4 at 7 nM exhibited 50% inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation and less than 20% cytotoxicity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). Further, pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha and IL-1beta and pro-inf...

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  • The chemical diversity and structure-based evolution of non-peptide CXCR4 antagonists with diverse therapeutic potential.

    abstract::The CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) is a highly reserved G-protein coupled 7-transmembrane (TM) chemokine receptor which consists of 352 amino acids. CXCR4 has only one endogenous chemokine ligand of CXCL12, besides several other natural nonchemokine ligands such as extracellular ubiquitin and noncognate ligand of MI...

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  • Fluoroquinolone derivatives and their anti-tubercular activities.

    abstract::Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the most widespread and leading deadliest diseases, around one-third of the world's population harbor a latent infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), and 5-10% eventually develop an active TB. The emergency of MTB new virulent forms as well as the co-infection between MTB and H...

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-(4'-Indolyl and 6'-Quinolinyl) indoles as a new class of potent anticancer agents.

    abstract::A novel series of the biheterocycles-based compounds with core structure distinguished from combretastatin A-4 (1) and colchicine (5) have been synthesized and evaluated as potent anti-mitotic agents. Compound 1-(4'-Indolyl and 6'-quinolinyl)-4,5,6-trimethoxyindoles 13 and 19 showed substantial anti-proliferative acti...

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  • Design, synthesis and antifungal activities of novel pyrrole alkaloid analogs.

    abstract::A series of novel analogs of pyrrole alkaloid were designed and synthesized by a facile method and their structures were characterized by 1H NMR, 13C NMR and high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). The structure of compound 2a was identified by 2D NMR including heteronuclear multiple-quantum coherence (HMQC), hetero...

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of a new series of 2-amino-3-aroyl thiophene derivatives as agonist allosteric modulators of the A1 adenosine receptor. A position-dependent effect study.

    abstract::The 2-amino-3-(p-chlorobenzoyl)thiophene scaffold has been widely employed as a pharmacophore for the identification of small molecules acting as allosteric modulators at the adenosine A1 receptor. A new series of 2-amino-3-(p-chlorobenzoyl)-4-benzyl-5-arylthiophene derivatives, characterized by the absence as well as...

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  • Synthesis and biological screening of some novel amidocarbamate derivatives of ketoprofen.

    abstract::A series of novel ketoprofen derivatives 4a-j bearing both amide and carbamate functionalities were prepared using benzotriazole. Selective reduction of ketoprofen produced hydroxy derivative 2, which reacts with one or 2 mol of 1-benzotriazole carboxylic acid chloride (1) gave benzotriazole derivatives 3a and 3b resp...

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  • Identification of novel aminothiazole and aminothiadiazole conjugated cyanopyridines as selective CHK1 inhibitors.

    abstract::Inhibitors of checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) are of current interest as potential anti-tumor agents. Novel series of cyanopyridyl-aminothiadiazoles (synthesized from reaction of 1-(3-cyano-4,6-diphenylpyridin-2-yl)-3-phenylthiourea (14) with hydrazonoyl halides) and cyanopyridyl-aminothiazolyl-thiadiazoles (synthesized fr...

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  • Synthesis, biological characterization and molecular modeling insights of spirochromanes as potent HDAC inhibitors.

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  • Combined inhibition of the EGFR/AKT pathways by a novel conjugate of quinazoline with isothiocyanate.

    abstract::Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors (EGFR-TKIs) represent a class of compounds widely used in anticancer therapy. An increasing number of studies reports on combination therapies in which the block of the EGFR-TK activity is associated with inhibition of its downstream pathways, as PI3K-Akt. Sulforaphane targe...

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  • Development of novel 4-aminopyridine derivatives as potential treatments for neurological injury and disease.

    abstract::The amine position of the K+ channel blocker 4-aminopyridine was functionalized to form amide, carbamate and urea derivatives in an attempt to identify novel compounds which restore conduction in injured spinal cord. Eight derivatives were tested in vitro, using a double sucrose gap chamber, for the ability to restore...

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  • Donepezil-like multifunctional agents: Design, synthesis, molecular modeling and biological evaluation.

    abstract::Currently available drugs against Alzheimer's disease (AD) are only able to ameliorate the disease symptoms resulting in a moderate improvement in memory and cognitive function without any efficacy in preventing and inhibiting the progression of the pathology. In an effort to obtain disease-modifying anti-Alzheimer's ...

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  • Para-sulfonatocalix[n]arene-based biomaterials: Recent progress in pharmaceutical and biological applications.

    abstract::The history, properties, and characteristics of para-sulfonato-calixarenes are described. On the one hand, the inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties against microorganisms, and on the other hand non-toxicity of these supramolecules toward human organs are analyzed. The resulting biocompatibility of para-sul...

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    authors: Bahojb Noruzi E,Molaparast M,Zarei M,Shaabani B,Kariminezhad Z,Ebadi B,Shafiei-Irannejad V,Rahimi M,Pietrasik J

    更新日期:2020-03-15 00:00:00

  • Optimal linker length for small molecule PROTACs that selectively target p38α and p38β for degradation.

    abstract::We report the design of hetero-bifunctional small molecules that selectively target p38α and p38β for degradation. These proteolysis targeted chimeras (PROTACs) are based on an ATP competitive inhibitor of p38α and p38β, which is linked to thalidomide analogues to recruit the Cereblon E3 ubiquitin ligase complex. Comp...

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of phosphorylated flavonoids as potent and selective inhibitors of cholesterol esterase.

    abstract::A series of phosphorylated flavonoids were synthesized and investigated in vitro as inhibitors of pancreatic cholesterol esterase (CEase) and acetylcholinesterase (AChE). The results showed that most of the synthesized compounds exhibited nanomolar potency against CEase, much better than the parent flavonoids. Further...

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  • Asymmetric 1,5-diarylpenta-1,4-dien-3-ones: Antiproliferative activity in prostate epithelial cell models and pharmacokinetic studies.

    abstract::To further engineer dienones with optimal combinations of potency and bioavailability, thirty-four asymmetric 1,5-diarylpenta-1,4-dien-3-ones (25-58) have been designed and synthesized for the evaluation of their in vitro anti-proliferative activity in three human prostate cancer cell lines and one non-neoplastic pros...

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  • Synthesis, molecular modeling and biological evaluation of 2-(benzylthio)-5-aryloxadiazole derivatives as anti-tumor agents.

    abstract::A series of 2-(benzylthio)-5-aryloxadiazole derivatives have been designed and synthesized, and their biological activities are also evaluated for EGFR inhibitory activity. Fourteen compounds among the twenty compounds are reported for the first time. Their chemical structures are characterized by (1)H NMR, MS, and el...

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  • New glycosidic derivatives of histidine-containing dipeptides with antioxidant properties and resistant to carnosinase activity.

    abstract::Synthesis, antioxidant properties and resistance to carnosinase hydrolysis of histidine-containing dipeptides are reported in this study. Carnosine (beta-alanyl-l-histidine), homocarnosine (gamma-aminobutyryl-l-histidine) and anserine (beta-alanyl-3-methyl-l-histidine) were covalently derivatized with beta-cyclodextri...

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  • Covalent and noncovalent constraints yield a figure eight-like conformation of a peptide inhibiting the menin-MLL interaction.

    abstract::The interaction between menin and mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) was identified as an interesting target for treating some cancers including acute leukemia. On the basis of the known crystal structure of the MBM1-menin complex (MBM - menin binding motif), several cyclic peptides were designed. Elaboration of the effecti...

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