Midstance hamstring length is a better indicator for hamstring lengthening procedures than initial contact length.


BACKGROUND:Children with static encephalopathy often walk with excessive knee and hip flexion throughout the gait cycle. This crouch gait pattern can be debilitating. These children may undergo hamstring-lengthening procedures to correct this crouch gait. Some improve, while others remain in crouch gait or go into knee hyperextension postoperatively, which can ultimately be debilitating. RESEARCH QUESTION:Hamstring muscle-tendon length models are frequently used as indicators when making recommendations for or against hamstring lengthening procedures. According to the literature, most clinicians use the length of the hamstring complex at the initial contact phase of the gait cycle as the primary deciding factor. We hypothesize that the length of this muscle-tendon complex at the midstance phase of the gait cycle is a more stringent criteria for lengthening procedures. METHODS:A simplified hamstring length model was applied retrospectively to the pre and postoperative three dimensional gait analysis kinematics of 152 subjects to assess preoperative surgical indications and postoperative outcomes. RESULTS:Of the limbs with short hamstrings at initial contact preoperatively, 15% went into knee hyperextension following hamstring lengthening procedures. Cases of hyperextension were even higher (19%) if the hamstrings were also normal to long at midstance. If the hamstrings were short at midstance, only 6 % went into hyperextension. Increasing the criteria to short hamstrings at initial contact and midstance reduced the number of limbs with hyperextension to 0%. SIGNIFICANCE:It appears that the length of the hamstrings at midstance is an additional predictor of the risk of post-op knee hyperextension from hamstring lengthening procedures, than utilizing the length at initial contact alone. Even though short hamstrings at midstance may be an additional predictor of positive outcomes, it also results in a more conservative approach to surgery by excluding almost half of the patients with short hamstrings at initial contact only, but who may benefit from surgery.


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Augsburger S,White H,Iwinski H




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