Phase II clinical study on intraoperative photodynamic therapy with talaporfin sodium and semiconductor laser in patients with malignant brain tumors.


OBJECT:The objective of the present study was to perform a prospective evaluation of the potential efficacy and safety of intraoperative photodynamic therapy (PDT) using talaporfin sodium and irradiation using a 664-nm semiconductor laser in patients with primary malignant parenchymal brain tumors. METHODS:In 27 patients with suspected newly diagnosed or recurrent primary malignant parenchymal brain tumors, a single intravenous injection of talaporfin sodium (40 mg/m(2)) was administered 1 day before resection of the neoplasm. The next day after completion of the tumor removal, the residual lesion and/or resection cavity were irradiated using a 664-nm semiconductor laser with a radiation power density of 150 mW/cm(2) and a radiation energy density of 27 J/cm(2). The procedure was performed 22-27 hours after drug administration. The study cohort included 22 patients with a histopathologically confirmed diagnosis of primary malignant parenchymal brain tumor. Thirteen of these neoplasms (59.1%) were newly diagnosed glioblastomas multiforme (GBM). RESULTS:Among all 22 patients included in the study cohort, the 12-month overall survival (OS), 6-month progression-free survival (PFS), and 6-month local PFS rates after surgery and PDT were 95.5%, 91%, and 91%, respectively. Among patients with newly diagnosed GBMs, all these parameters were 100%. Side effects on the skin, which could be attributable to the administration of talaporfin sodium, were noted in 7.4% of patients and included rash (2 cases), blister (1 case), and erythema (1 case). Skin photosensitivity test results were relatively mild and fully disappeared within 15 days after administration of photosensitizer in all patients. CONCLUSIONS:Intraoperative PDT using talaporfin sodium and a semiconductor laser may be considered as a potentially effective and sufficiently safe option for adjuvant management of primary malignant parenchymal brain tumors. The inclusion of intraoperative PDT in a combined treatment strategy may have a positive impact on OS and local tumor control, particularly in patients with newly diagnosed GBMs. Clinical trial registration no.: JMA-IIA00026 (


J Neurosurg


Journal of neurosurgery


Muragaki Y,Akimoto J,Maruyama T,Iseki H,Ikuta S,Nitta M,Maebayashi K,Saito T,Okada Y,Kaneko S,Matsumura A,Kuroiwa T,Karasawa K,Nakazato Y,Kayama T




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  • Ventricular pressure monitoring during bilateral decompression with dural expansion.

    abstract:OBJECT:The management of massive brain swelling remains an unsolved problem in neurosurgery. Despite newly developed medical and pharmacological therapy, the rates of mortality and morbidity caused by massive brain swelling remain high. According to many recent reports, surgical decompression with dural expansion is su...

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  • Posterior plates in the management of cervical instability: long-term results in 44 patients.

    abstract::Although posterior plates are increasingly used to manage cervical spinal instability, long-term follow-up evaluation of patients with a critical analysis of efficacy and complications has not been reported. The authors have retrospectively analyzed the outcome in 44 consecutive patients (37 males and seven females, a...

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  • Cerebral sparganosis diagnosed and treated with stereotactic techniques. Report of two cases.

    abstract::Infestation of the central nervous system with sparganum, the larva of Spirometra mansoni, is rare. Only 27 cases have been reported in the literature; however, the true incidence might be underestimated. Two cases are reported that were definitively diagnosed by stereotactic biopsy techniques. Without a positive hist...

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