Critical test of some computational methods for prediction of NMR ¹H and ¹³C chemical shifts.


:Performance of 18 DFT functionals (B1B95, B3LYP, B3PW91, B97D, BHandHLYP, BMK, CAM-B3LYP, HSEh1PBE, M06-L, mPW1PW91, O3LYP, OLYP, OPBE, PBE1PBE, tHCTHhyb, TPSSh, wB97xD, VSXC) in combinations with six basis sets (cc-pVDZ, aug-cc-pVDZ, cc-pVTZ, aug-cc-pVTZ, IGLO-II, and IGLO-III) and three methods for calculating magnetic shieldings (GIAO, CSGT, IGAIM) was tested for predicting (1)H and (13)C chemical shifts for 25 organic compounds, for altogether 86 H and 88 C atoms. Proton shifts varied between 1.03 ppm to 12.00 ppm and carbon shifts between 7.87 ppm to 209.28 ppm. It was found that the best method for calculating (13)C shifts is PBE1PBE/aug-cc-pVDZ with CSGT or IGAIM approaches (mae = 1.66 ppm), for (1)H the best results were obtained with HSEh1PBE, mPW1PW91, PBE1PBE, CAM-B3LYP, and B3PW91 functionals with cc-pVTZ basis set and with CSGT or IGAIM approaches (mae = 0.28 ppm). We found that often larger basis sets do not give better results for chemical shifts. The best basis sets for calculating (1)H and (13)C chemical shifts were cc-pVTZ and aug-cc-pVDZ, respectively. CSGT and IGAIM NMR approaches can perform really well and are in most cases better than popular GIAO approach.


J Mol Model


Toomsalu E,Burk P




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2015-09-01 00:00:00












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  • Solvent accessible surface area approximations for rapid and accurate protein structure prediction.

    abstract::The burial of hydrophobic amino acids in the protein core is a driving force in protein folding. The extent to which an amino acid interacts with the solvent and the protein core is naturally proportional to the surface area exposed to these environments. However, an accurate calculation of the solvent-accessible surf...

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  • Molecular modeling of noncompetitive antagonists of the NMDA receptor: proposal of a pharmacophore and a description of the interaction mode.

    abstract::Since the three-dimensional structure of the NMDA receptor has not been determined experimentally, indirect computer-assisted molecular modeling techniques appear to be of great usefulness in the characterization of the common pharmacophore of all NMDA receptor noncompetitive antagonists, despite their structural diff...

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  • Effect of CO2 and H2O on the behavior of shale gas confined inside calcite [104] slit-like nanopore: a molecular dynamics simulation study.

    abstract::The effect of CO2 and H2O on the behavior of shale gas confined in calcite [104] slit-like nanopore is investigated using molecular dynamics simulation technique. The study is relevant as the advancement of enhance gas recovery (EGR) technologies requires in-depth atomistic understanding of the hydrocarbons, water, ca...

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