Lengthening the aesthetically short nose.


:An aesthetically short nose is defined as a developmental deformity in which the nose appears foreshortened. It is characterized by a decreased distance from the nasofrontal angle (NFA) to the tip-defining points (TDP) and an increased nasolabial angle with increased nostril show. A method is described and illustrated for lengthening the aesthetically short nose by rotating the nasal tip in an inferior direction. This rotation results in an actual lengthening, as well as an illusion of lengthening of the nose.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Gunter JP,Rohrich RJ




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1989-05-01 00:00:00












  • Sagittal craniosynostosis outcome assessment for two methods and timings of intervention.

    abstract::A retrospective quantitative analysis of 40 infants who underwent surgery for sagittal craniosynostosis was conducted to determine whether any difference in outcome, with respect to cranial index (cranial width/cranial length x 100), could be associated with either the age at surgery or the extent of the operation. Ch...

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  • Diffusion versus iontophoresis in the transport of gentamicin in the burned rabbit ear model.

    abstract::This experimental study demonstrates that iontophoresis can be used to transport biologically active gentamicin into auricular cartilage. Fifty female New Zealand White rabbits were divided into three groups: live controls with unburned ears, live animals with burn-injured ears (deep or partial-thickness), and euthani...

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  • Congenital bifid sternum: repair in early infancy and literature review.

    abstract::Sternal clefting is an unusual congenital anomaly that should be repaired in early infancy. Early surgery is facilitated by a highly compliant bony thorax. The surgical technique is described, including the (1) removal of a wedge at the confluence of the two lateral sternal bands to allow their apposition, (2) intraop...

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  • The "knot twist": a new method of securing wire loops--an assessment of mechanical properties.

    abstract::A model simulating intraosseous wire fixation was used to assess different methods of securing wire loops. Square knotting, twisting, and a new method, the "knot twist," were assessed. The importance of anchoring the butt ends of twisted wire is emphasized. A new, convenient technique of wire fixation is described. ...

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  • Carpal tunnel syndrome in women undergoing reduction mammaplasty.

    abstract::Women with mammary hypertrophy who present for reduction mammaplasty have several well-described musculoskeletal complaints, but a high prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome has not been reported. We identified 151 patients from a plastic surgery practice who underwent reduction mammaplasty from 1994 to 1996. To this g...

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  • Orbicularis oculi myocutaneous advancement flap for upper eyelid reconstruction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Reconstruction of large full-thickness defects of the upper eyelids is challenging because of their complex anatomy and specialized functions. The authors present and discuss a new, simple surgical technique for upper eyelid reconstruction. This is a single-stage procedure and has produced satisfactory to ex...

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  • Differing characteristics in 100 consecutive secondary rhinoplasty patients following closed versus open surgical approaches.

    abstract::Open rhinoplasty has unquestionably become more popular during the past two decades because of the putative diagnostic and technical advantages that direct transcolumellar access offers. To test the hypothesis that patients initially treated by the opened or closed approaches differed in the secondary deformities that...

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  • Newer Understanding of Specific Anatomic Targets in the Aging Face as Applied to Injectables: Aging Changes in the Craniofacial Skeleton and Facial Ligaments.

    abstract::Logical correction of aging contour changes of the face is based on understanding its structure and the processes involved in the aging appearance. Aging changes are seen at all tissue levels between the skin and bone although the relative contribution of each component to the overall change of facial appearance has y...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Wong CH,Mendelson B

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  • An Update on the Appropriate Role for Hyperbaric Oxygen: Indications and Evidence.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Among advanced therapeutic interventions for wounds, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has the unique ability to ameliorate tissue hypoxia, reduce pathologic inflammation, and mitigate ischemia reperfusion injury. Most of the conditions for which it is utilized have few successful alternative treatments, and ...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Fife CE,Eckert KA,Carter MJ

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  • Quantitative assessment of osseous, ocular, and periocular changes after hypertelorism surgery.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to develop a methodology to quantify osseous, ocular, and periocular fat changes caused by correction of orbital hypertelorism to test the hypothesis that there is a quantitatively predictable relationship between the movement of the osseous orbit and that of the ocular globe. A retrospec...

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  • Utility of screening for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in children with craniofacial disorders.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Children with craniofacial disorders are at increased risk for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Methods for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in this population remain controversial. Sleep studies are the criterion standard but are impractical for all patients. The utility of obstructive sleep apn...

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    authors: Cielo CM,Silvestre J,Paliga JT,Maguire M,Gallagher PR,Marcus CL,Taylor JA

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  • Involvement of PDGF-BB and IGF-1 in Activation of Human Schwann Cells by Platelet-Rich Plasma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Platelet-rich plasma contains high concentrations of growth factors that stimulate proliferation and migration of various cell types. Earlier experiments demonstrated that local platelet-rich plasma administration activates Schwann cells to improve axonal regeneration at a transected peripheral nerve lesion....

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    authors: Sowa Y,Kishida T,Tomita K,Adachi T,Numajiri T,Mazda O

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  • Abdominal Etching: Surgical Technique and Outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The ideal body is characterized by a muscular physique and defined anterior abdominal wall. Despite diet and exercise, many are unable to achieve this desired result. Liposuction with abdominal etching is used to achieve high-definition abdominal aesthetics. The etching technique is performed with liposuctio...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Husain TM,Salgado CJ,Mundra LS,Perez C,AlQattan HT,Bustillo E,Perez R,Garri JI

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  • Island fasciocutaneous flap based on the proximal perforators of the radial artery for resurfacing of burned cubital fossa.

    abstract::In the vast majority of burned patients, the injury is limited to the skin and superficial subcutaneous tissue, and the vasculature of the deeper fascia is spared. This fact encouraged me to design a flap in which the burned scar tissue is employed. The island fasciocutaneous flap is based only on the proximal septocu...

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    authors: el-Khatib HA

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  • The influence of systemic growth hormone administration on the healing time of skin graft donor sites in a pig model.

    abstract::A more rapid healing of skin graft donor sites has often been observed during ultimoratio therapies with growth hormone in adults who have suffered extremely severe burns. The purpose of this animal experimental study was to examine the influence of systemic growth hormone administration on the healing time of skin gr...

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  • Individual CAD/CAM fabricated glass-bioceramic implants in reconstructive surgery of the bony orbital floor.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of the study was to present a set of preliminary cases from an ongoing program of reconstructive procedures using a new technique in the treatment of severe enophthalmos and diplopia after the primary treatment of orbital floor fractures had rendered insufficient results. METHODS:Glass-bioceramic im...

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    authors: Klein M,Glatzer C

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  • Updating the epidemiology of cleft lip with or without cleft palate.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Much of the literature on the epidemiology of cleft lip with or without cleft palate is more than three decades old. The question arose as to whether there has been any recent change or trend in its rate of occurrence. METHODS:The number of live births with cleft lip or other congenital anomalies was solici...

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    authors: Tanaka SA,Mahabir RC,Jupiter DC,Menezes JM

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  • Methods and results of rhinophyma treatment.

    abstract::Rhinophyma is a disfiguring soft-tissue hypertrophy of the nose. It is an uncommon disease that primarily affects Caucasian men in the fifth to seventh decades of life. Nine cases from the authors' series and a comparison of results following various treatment modalities are presented. Eight of the patients were Cauca...

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    authors: Redett RJ,Manson PN,Goldberg N,Girotto J,Spence RJ

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  • A New Surgical Technique for Polysyndactyly of the Toes without Skin Graft.

    abstract::Reconstruction for polysyndactyly of the toes aims at cosmetic improvement. A previous method that uses a skin graft has inherent disadvantages of mismatched pigmentation between the graft and the surrounding skin and scar formation at the donor site. The authors' new improved surgical technique for the treatment of p...

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    authors: Hayashi A,Yanai A,Komuro Y,Nishida M

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  • Relevant Surgical Anatomy of Pterygomaxillary Dysjunction in Le Fort III Osteotomy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Le Fort III osteotomy represents the foundation of surgical correction for midface hypoplasia. One serious complication of Le Fort III osteotomy is severing the internal maxillary artery or its branches during osteotome advancement for pterygomaxillary dysjunction. This study sought to characterize the relev...

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    authors: Orra S,Tierney WS,Capone AC,Gharb BB,Papay FA,Doumit G

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  • Histologic investigation of vascular malformations of the face after transarterial embolization with ethibloc and other agents.

    abstract::Twenty-one vascular malformations located in the facial area, 11 high-flow arteriovenous malformations and 10 slow-flow malformations, underwent combined treatment by embolization and later surgery. Embolization was performed simultaneously with superselective angiography of the branches of the external carotid artery...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Niechajev I,Clodius L

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  • The use of slide-swing plasty in closing skin defects: a clinical study based on 1,308 cases.

    abstract::The results of the slide-swing plasty are reviewed over a period of 16 years. A total of 1,308 patients were analyzed with regard to location and etiology. The slide-swing plasty has proved successful in practice. Its great advantage consists in the possibility of closing large defects without skin grafting. Compared ...

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  • Brachioplasty outcomes: a review of a multipractice cohort.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Upper arm deformities secondary to massive weight loss or senile elastosis have led to an increased demand for aesthetic contouring procedures such as brachioplasty. METHODS:The records of all patients who underwent a brachioplasty procedure from a multipractice medical center were reviewed. Outcomes measur...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Zomerlei TA,Neaman KC,Armstrong SD,Aitken ME,Cullen WT,Ford RD,Renucci JD,VanderWoude DL

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  • Transmucosal Pterygomaxillary Separation in the Le Fort I Osteotomy.

    abstract::The Le Fort I osteotomy is a versatile operation for correction of developmental, congenital, and posttraumatic deformities of the lower midface. One of the challenges of the osteotomy is pterygomaxillary separation, with the potential for unfavorable fractures to the orbit/skull base or vascular injury. A modified te...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Susarla SM,Ettinger RE,Egbert MA

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  • Prolonged survival of musculoskeletal xenografts with combined cyclosporine and 15-deoxyspergualin.

    abstract::This study was undertaken to evaluate the feasibility of performing vascularized musculoskeletal xenografts between mice and rats using immunosuppression. Vascularized musculoskeletal grafts were harvested from the hind limb of C57BL/6J (B6) mice, transplanted heterotopically into Lewis rats, and revascularized by mic...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Tanabe YN,Randolph MA,Shimizu A,Butler PE,Lee WP

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  • Involvement of neutrophils in ischemia-reperfusion injury of inguinal island skin flaps in rats.

    abstract::Increased production of oxygen free radicals and infiltration of neutrophils into tissue subjected to ischemia-reperfusion have emphasized that neutrophils play a direct role in the development of injury. The present study was designed to elucidate the effect of FK506, a new immunosuppressive drug, on 11 hours of comp...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Cetinkale O,Bilgic L,Bolayirli M,Sengul R,Ayan F,Burcak G

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  • Transplantation of purified autologous fat: a 3-year follow-up is disappointing.

    abstract::The idea of autologous fat microtransplants has recently resurfaced because of interest by the press. Past experiments have shown that small amounts of fat may be transplanted with an expected survival rate between 10 and 50 percent without ectodermis. A great fund of knowledge exists showing that skin grafts will sur...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Ersek RA

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  • Long-Term Outcomes of Total Knee Arthroplasty following Soft-Tissue Defect Reconstruction with Muscle and Fasciocutaneous Flaps.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Insufficient soft-tissue coverage following total knee arthroplasty jeopardizes prosthesis retention and may lead to significant complications. The aim of this study was to evaluate the natural history of total knee arthroplasty following flap reconstruction of soft-tissue defects. METHODS:A retrospective r...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Kwiecien GJ,Lamaris G,Gharb BB,Murray T,Hendrickson MF,Zins JE,Isakov R

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  • A variation of the vascular pedicle of the latissimus dorsi muscle.

    abstract::A case of a rare variation of the vascular pedicle of the latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap is described. Its main vascular pedicle was the circumflex scapular vessel. ...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Satoh K,Ohkubo F,Tojima Y

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  • The dorsal thoracic fascia: anatomic significance with clinical applications in reconstructive microsurgery.

    abstract::The anatomic distribution and potential arterial flow patterns of the circumflex scapular artery were investigated by Microfil injection. These studies demonstrated that the circumflex scapular artery lies within the dorsal thoracic fascia, which plays a significant role in the circulation of the overlying skin and su...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Kim PS,Gottlieb JR,Harris GD,Nagle DJ,Lewis VL

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