Diced cartilage grafts in rhinoplasty surgery.


:The use of diced cartilage grafts in rhinoplasty surgery was recently revived by Erol with the publication of his technique for "Turkish delight" grafts (i.e., diced cartilage grafts wrapped in Surgicel). The present study details the authors' experience with 50 consecutive diced cartilage grafts used in three configurations during a prospective study of 50 primary and secondary aesthetic rhinoplasty procedures performed by the senior author (Daniel). Part I consists of 22 diced cartilage grafts wrapped in Surgicel and placed in the radix (n = 14), radix/upper dorsum (n = 4), and full-length dorsum (n = 4). All grafts were performed adhering meticulously to Erol's technique without modification. This portion of the study was halted abruptly at 4 months because of the unexpected absorption and clinical failure of all diced cartilage grafts wrapped in Surgicel. Subsequently, five patients had revision surgery, and biopsy specimens were taken at the prior grafting site and analyzed histologically. After this clinical failure, part II of the study began, consisting of 20 patients who had diced cartilage grafts wrapped in fascia. The range of applications was comparable: radix (n = 12), radix/dorsum (n = 3), and full-length dorsum (n = 5). Because of our prior practice of overcorrecting by 20 percent with diced cartilage grafts wrapped in Surgicel, we had excessive amounts of material in six of our initial diced cartilage wrapped in fascia radix grafts, but no subsequent grafts. The overcorrections were easily reduced at 6 weeks to 11 months postoperatively using a pituitary rongeur under local anesthesia, and the material was sent for histologic analysis. Minimum 1-year follow-up of all 20 cases has shown maintenance of the grafts without evidence of absorption. Part III of this study comprised eight patients who had diced cartilage grafts without a fascial covering placed throughout the nose, including on the sides of osseocartilaginous rib grafts to the dorsum. At 14 months, there was no evidence that any of these grafts had been absorbed. Histologic analysis of the biopsy specimens from the diced cartilage grafts wrapped in Surgicel showed evidence of fibrosis and lymphocytic infiltrates with small amounts of Surgicel visible on birefringent microscopy. Remnants of cartilage were present but were metabolically inactive on the basis of negative glial fibrillary acidic protein staining. Control specimens of fresh septal cartilage and banked septal cartilage were remarkably similar to each other and demonstrated normal cartilage architecture and cellular activity. The diced cartilage grafts wrapped in fascia showed coalescence of the diced cartilage into a single cartilage mass, with viable cartilage cells and normal metabolic activity on the basis of glial fibrillary acidic protein staining. All of the diced cartilage grafts wrapped in Surgicel absorbed and failed to correct the clinical problem for which they were performed. All of the diced cartilage grafts wrapped in fascia and pure diced cartilage grafts did correct the clinical deformities and appear to have survived completely. The diced cartilage grafts wrapped in fascia placed along the dorsum were distinctly palpable throughout the postoperative period, as was one prior case with a 6-year follow-up. The authors' clinical experience confirms the experimental studies of Yilmaz et al. that question the use of Surgicel for wrapping diced cartilage grafts in clinical rhinoplasty surgery.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Daniel RK,Calvert JW




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2004-06-01 00:00:00












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