Pattern of movement in and dispersal from a dutch forest of Carabus problematicus Hbst. (Coleoptera, Carabidae).


:Data in the literature that in the Netherlands Carabus problematicus is an autumn breeder with overwintering larvae and adults have been confirmed. Pitfall catches show two peaks of adult beetles. The first small peak of activity is realized in May, the significance of which is not yet understood. The second higher peak occurs from the end of August till the beginning of October: the reproduction period. In this period at least three age classes are present. Some females were shown to take part in reproduction for at least two seasons. Old females appeared to have less eggs in the ovaries than young ones. Larvae can be trapped throughout the winter. The new generation appears in July and in the beginning of August. They immediately take part in reproduction. C. problematicus shows noctural activity with a peak towards the end of the night.In field experiments the pattern of movement and the dispersal behaviour of marked individuals was investigated and related to the choice of habitat. It was shown that in the Netherlands C. problematicus prefers a forest habitat. Some individuals were found to disperse from their favoured habitat. The percentage of beetles that disperse out of the forest during the breeding season could be estimated at 4-8%. Dispersal increases in the second part of the breeding season. Females tend to disperse more frequently than males.The pattern of movement consists of two types: a "random walk" and a "directed movement". It is suggested that the pattern of movement of individuals dispersing out of the forest is the directed movement. It could be shown that individuals released outside the forest were able to walk towards a forest silhouette. The significance of both the pattern of movement and the dispersal behaviour for the survival of the species is discuussed.






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