How do energy balance-related behaviors cluster in adolescents?


OBJECTIVES:To delineate the clustering of energy balance-related behaviors in adolescents and investigate whether these behaviors are associated with the household socioeconomic status and parental education level. METHODS:Two cross-sectional studies assessed information on sedentary behavior, physical activity, sugar-sweetened beverages and fruit and vegetable consumption, and sleep duration by self-reported questionnaires in adolescents (12.5-17.5 years old) from Maringá/Brazil (BRACAH Study; n = 682) and ten European cities (HELENA Study; n = 1252) from nine different countries. Gender-specific cluster analyses were performed separately for each study, applying a combination of hierarchical and non-hierarchical methods. RESULTS:Girls showed equivalent behaviors: Sedentary; Active; Unhealthy Eating; Healthy Eating; while boys differed (Brazilian: Sedentary; Active; Healthy Eating; European: Sedentary; Healthy; Unhealthy Eating). In Brazil, we found no association between socioeconomic status and parental education. In European girls, the high socioeconomic status and both parents' university degree were associated with Healthy Eating. In European boys, the high socioeconomic status was associated with Unhealthy Eating, and the mothers' university degree was associated with the Healthy cluster. CONCLUSIONS:Adolescents show Sedentary behavior, regardless of their sex, country of origin, or socioeconomic condition.


Int J Public Health


Collese TS,De Moraes ACF,Fernández-Alvira JM,Michels N,De Henauw S,Manios Y,Androutsos O,Kafatos A,Widhalm K,Galfo M,Beghin L,Sjöström M,Pedrero-Chamizo R,Carvalho HB,Moreno LA,HELENA Study Group.




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    abstract::This paper traces the history of the HBSC study from its origins in the early 1980's to the present day describing how it was first conceptualised scientifically and how this influenced issues of study design. The challenges of managing a cross-national study are explained as are changes and adaptations over time with...

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    authors: Currie C,Nic Gabhainn S,Godeau E,International HBSC Network Coordinating Committee.

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Changes to work and the impact of these changes on worker health and safety have been significant. A core surveillance data set is needed to understand the impact of working conditions and work environments. Yet, there is little harmony amongst international surveys and a critical lack of guidance identifyin...

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  • US State-level income inequality and risks of heart attack and coronary risk behaviors: longitudinal findings.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To examine prospectively the association between US state income inequality and incidence of heart attack. METHODS:We used data from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (n = 34,445). Respondents completed interviews at baseline (2001-2002) and follow-up (2004-2005). Weighted ...

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