Patient Safety in Microvascular Plastic Surgery.


:Patient safety is defined as freedom from accidental or preventable harm produced by medical care. The identification of patient- and procedure-related risk factors enables the surgical team to carry out prophylactic measures to reduce the rate of complications and adverse events.The purpose of this review is to identify the characteristics of patients, practitioners, and microvascular surgical procedures that place patients at risk for preventable harm, and to discuss evidence-based prevention practices that can potentially help to generate a culture of patient safety.


J Reconstr Microsurg


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  • A review of local and regional flaps for distal leg reconstruction.

    abstract::Reconstruction of defects or wounds of the distal third of the leg with exposed bone, tendon, or hardware is challenging. Free tissue transfer has allowed limb salvage in many cases but requires a relatively healthy and stable patient, long operative times, and a significant expense. Small and moderate-size wounds of ...

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  • Cortical brain mapping of peripheral nerves using functional magnetic resonance imaging in a rodent model.

    abstract::The regions of the body have cortical and subcortical representation in proportion to their degree of innervation. The rat forepaw has been studied extensively in recent years using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), typically by stimulation using electrodes directly inserted into the skin of the forepaw. H...

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  • Z-plasty and microvascular anastomosis.

    abstract::An experimental study in rats was designed to determine the effects of z-plasty on the patency of microvascular anastomosis. Eighty Sprague-Dawley rats of mixed sex were divided into two groups. In all animals, the left carotid arteries were used. In the first group (n = 40), a single z-plasty was done at the anterior...

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  • Improved location technology of perforators of anterolateral thigh flap for Chinese patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap has been widely used in reconstruction of soft tissue defects. The anatomic variations of perforators increase the difficulties of flap elevation. The ABC system has been described for locating the most common three perforators in Western populations. Less evidence has been...

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  • Chemotactic arrangement of axons inside and distal to a venous graft.

    abstract::Experiments in rats, introducing the proximal and distal stumps of tibial and sural nerves into a vein graft, showed by acetylcholinesterase and toluidine blue staining that sensory and motor fibers mix inside the vein graft, but that nevertheless they are able to select their distal targets correctly. The authors' hy...

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  • Open achilles tendon defects: a 12-year study on the injury mechanisms, reconstructions, and late complications.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Open injuries of the Achilles tendon, which can be complicated by skin and bone injuries, continue to be a great challenge for surgeons. This study aims to report our experience with treatment of open Achilles tendon defects, focusing on the injury mechanisms, soft tissue coverage and late complications. ME...

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  • Microarterial anastomosis with a distal tapering technique.

    abstract::In microsurgical arterial anastomoses, there are some occasions in which the diameter of the distal artery is much larger than that of the proximal one. A fish-mouth incision technique is useful when there is considerable size discrepancy. However, this method cannot be used when the distal artery is much larger than ...

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  • Enhanced reinnervation of the paralyzed orbicularis oculi muscle after insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) delivery to a nerve graft.

    abstract::Facial paralysis (FP) remains today one of the most disturbing cranial nerve disorders. The present study utilized the rat model of FP and examined a dual approach of combining the current microsurgical treatment of cross-facial nerve graft (CFNG) with local administration of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I). The ...

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  • Reconstruction of a floating thumb with an excess big toe.

    abstract::In a three-year-11-month-old girl, an excess big toe was transferred microsurgically to replace a congenital floating thumb. The reconstructed thumb was evaluated nine years after the transfer. It showed almost normal growth, compared with the contralateral side, and the aesthetic result was excellent. However, the pa...

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  • Vessel-wall recovery after diode laser-assisted microvascular anastomosis: clinical and histologic analysis on long-term follow-up.

    abstract::The authors recently reported an experimental study on diode laser-assisted microvascular anastomosis (LAMA) in the femoral arteries and veins of rats. Good success rates and very promising histologic results obtained in this preliminary phase suggested an extension of the investigation with a larger number of rats an...

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  • Microsurgical reconstruction of the hepatic and superior mesenteric arteries using a back wall technique.

    abstract::During the last seven years, 17 patients underwent microsurgical reconstruction of 14 hepatic and four superior mesenteric arterial systems following extended pancreatectomy or hepatectomy, and in living-related liver transplantations (LRLT). All microvascular anastomoses in this series were performed using a back wal...

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  • Prolonging survival in vascularized bone allograft transplantation: developing specific immune unresponsiveness.

    abstract::Vascularized bone allografts (VBAs) could be useful adjuncts to the clinical reconstructive surgeon's arsenal. These grafts are known experimentally to be subject to host rejection. One way to control the rejection problem would be to develop specific immune unresponsiveness via host conditioning. Using a proven relia...

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  • The Boomerang Thigh Flap: Optimizing the Donor Site for an Extended Skin Island Flap.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: The anterolateral region of the thigh is one of the most used donor areas for flaps. However, there are cases in which large defects require more than the conventional skin island provided by the anterolateral thigh flap (ALT). For an extended skin island flap, we developed a new boomerang thigh flap (BTF),...

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  • The ascending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral vessels: review of the anatomy and its utilization as recipient vessel for free-flap reconstruction of the hip region.

    abstract::The ascending branch of the lateral circumflex artery may be of potential value as an alternative recipient vessel in the free-flap transfer to hip region. The anatomy of the ascending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral vessels has been reviewed with regards to size, location, and length and on the basis of prev...

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  • Microvascular anastomosis using cyanoacrylate adhesives.

    abstract::This paper describes a new technique for microvascular anastomosis, which involves the overlapping of the adventitias of the two ends of a severed blood vessel, and then painting a cyanoacrylate adhesive on the outer surface of the vessel around the anastomosed part. Sixteen anastomoses were performed in both radial a...

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  • The vastus intermedius periosteal (VIP) flap: a novel flap for osteoinduction.

    abstract::Periosteum's role in fracture healing is widely recognized, and its function in bone tissue engineering shows great potential. Here we introduce a novel periosteal free flap to be used as an abundant source of periosteum in the engineering and repair of bone. The descending branch of the lateral femoral circumflex ves...

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  • Safe ischemia time in free-flap surgery: a clinical study of contact-surface cooling.

    abstract::Although the effectiveness of cooling in extending tolerable ischemia time is well-established experimentally, most free-flap surgeons are still concerned about this problem and try to limit the ischemic period to less than 1 hr. Clinically, contact-surface cooling has been used empirically to prolong the limits of is...

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  • First successful lower-extremity transplantation: technique and functional result.

    abstract::Composite tissue transplantation has emerged as a viable alternative to prosthetics and complex reconstructive surgery. Thus far it is reserved for cases which cannot be effectively reconstructed and where it offers some benefits over prostheses. It has been used in the upper extremity with encouraging results and, mo...

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    authors: Zuker RM,Redett R,Alman B,Coles JG,Timoney N,Ein SH

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  • Sensory reconstruction in sensate radial forearm flap transfer.

    abstract::The authors treated 14 patients (13 men and one woman), using a sensate radial forearm flap. Their ages at operation ranged from 27 to 67 years (mean: 52 years). Preoperative conditions were amputations in 10 cases, degloving injury in three, and crush injury in one. Reconstructive sites involved the thumb in nine cas...

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    authors: Yamauchi T,Yajima H,Kizaki K,Kobata Y,Fukui A,Tamai S

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  • Overcoming peripheral nerve gap defects using an intact nerve bridge in a rabbit model.

    abstract::This study investigated the intact nerve bridge technique for overcoming peripheral nerve gap defects in a rabbit model. To create the intact nerve bridge, a 1-cm segment of the peroneal nerve is resected leaving a gap defect. The proximal and distal peroneal nerve stumps are sutured 1 cm apart, in an end-to-side fash...

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  • Anatomical and technical tips for use of the superficial inferior epigastric artery (SIEA) flap in breast reconstructive surgery.

    abstract::Techniques for autologous breast reconstruction have evolved to minimize donor-site morbidity and reduce flap-specific complications. When available, the superficial inferior epigastric artery (SIEA) flap represents the optimal method to achieve the former. However, many microsurgeons have been reluctant to adopt this...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Dorafshar AH,Januszyk M,Song DH

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  • Microvascular free flap based on the medial femoral main cutaneous artery.

    abstract::This article introduces a free flap based on the medial femoral main cutaneous artery. Flap transfer was carried out in two cases with complete postoperative success. An anatomical description of the midportion of the medial femoral region, based on magnification and binocular dissection microscope studies is provided...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Kuo ET,Ji ZL,Zhao YC,Lu V,Si XG,Lei XH,Huang Y

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  • Decellularized Nerves for Upper Limb Nerve Reconstruction: A Systematic Review of Functional Outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This is a systematic review for evaluating the evidence for functional outcomes after decellularized nerve use in clinical setting. Decellularized nerves are allografts whose antigenic components have been removed, leaving only a scaffold that promotes the full regeneration of axons. METHODS:Literature rese...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Deslivia MF,Lee HJ,Adikrishna A,Jeon IH

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  • Autologous denatured muscle as a nerve graft.

    abstract::This study examined the use of freeze-thawed muscle as a nerve graft material in Sprague-Dawley rats. In Group 1 (n = 4), the sciatic nerve was isolated and the incision immediately closed. In Group 2 (n = 4), a 5-mm segment of the nerve was removed and immediately replaced. In Group 3 (n = 50), a 5-mm segment of nerv...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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  • Denervation of Pacinian corpuscles: electron microscopic observations in the rat following nerve transection.

    abstract::Nerve transection using rat sciatic nerves was employed to observe morphologic changes in the periodic denervation of Pacinian corpuscles. During periods of from 1 to 20 weeks after surgery, a total of 15 corpuscles were obtained under the operating microscope and processed for morphologic analysis using light and ele...

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  • Liposuction in Lymphedema Treatment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lymphedema leads to early deposition of adipose tissue. This may explain why conservative therapies such as complex decongestive therapy (CDT) and controlled compression therapy (CCT), as well as various forms of microsurgical reconstructions, cannot completely remove the excess volume in patients with a lar...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Brorson H

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  • Effects of Systemic and Local Caffeine on Vessel Diameter, Anastomosis Patency, and Intimal Hyperplasia in the Rat.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: The use of caffeine is not recommended prior to elective microsurgery due to its demonstrated negative effects on vessel anastomosis by the presumed sympathomimetic induction of vasoconstriction. In this study, we aimed to elucidate the systemic and local effects of caffeine on vessel diameter, anastomosis ...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Sakarya AH,Uzun H,Türkkanı A,Çakar AN,Hsieh YH,Üstün GG,Şafak T

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  • A preclinical canine model for composite tissue transplantation.

    abstract::The feasibility of composite tissue allografts (CTAs) has been demonstrated by the successful transplantation of the hand, abdomen, and face. However, the survival of these transplants depends on immunosuppression. Our laboratory is interested in achieving tolerance to decrease the risks associated with the use of chr...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Mathes DW,Noland M,Graves S,Schlenker R,Miwongtum T,Storb R

    更新日期:2010-04-01 00:00:00

  • Measuring the pressure in the superficial inferior epigastric vein to monitor for venous congestion in deep inferior epigastric artery perforator breast reconstructions: a pilot study.

    abstract::During deep inferior epigastric artery perforator (DIEP) flap dissection, we noted that in many cases the superficial vein on the ipsilateral side of the flap was engorged and tense, and in others, it was empty. This led us to believe that the pressure is increased as the result of preferential outflow through the sup...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Smit JM,Audolfsson T,Whitaker IS,Werker PM,Acosta R,Liss AG

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  • An optimized method of vessel dissection in establishment of the rat aortic transplantation model.

    abstract::The high demand for microsurgical skills in those without a strong microsurgery background limits the application of the rat aortic transplant model to transplantation research. In this study, we established a rat aortic transplant model using a hydrodissection technique as a minimal-touch technique in vessel dissecti...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Luo M,Qiu F,Qiu J,Liu Y,Fan Y,Guo Y

    更新日期:2011-07-01 00:00:00