An Update on Cryopreservation of Adipose Tissue.


:Currently, fat transplantation occurs immediately after harvesting procedures. Because low rates of fat graft take are well reported in the literature, many patients require multiple surgical procedures for fat graft harvest. These subsequent procedures lead to increased cost, donor-site morbidity, and patient discomfort in the long term. The ability to preserve our patients' own adipose aspirate would allow us to counteract these shortcomings and ultimately improve the clinical outcome after fat grafting. Unfortunately, there is no optimal and practical adipose tissue cryopreservation protocol for use by the plastic surgeon at the present time. Because of this dilemma, the senior author (L.L.Q.P.) has investigated this concept in an effort to create a protocol that is both technically sound and clinically achievable to allow for the long-term preservation of adipose tissue. In this article, the authors aim to outline this effort, review current clinical applications that have been reported in the literature, and detail exciting future perspectives in the use of preserved lipoaspirates for repeated fat grafting procedures or in the form of cell-based therapy engineered for reconstructive endeavors for their patients.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Gal S,Pu LLQ




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  • Evaluation of four methods of flexor tendon repair for postoperative active mobilization.

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  • Beyond working hours: part I. Genesis and current difficulties.

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  • Surgical treatment for frontal baldness: the long temporal vertical flap.

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  • Easy orientation of the cut ends for nerve suture.

    abstract::A technique for orienting cut nerve ends for suturing is presented. A mirror is used to reflect one end, making its image identical to that of the other end--so that proper orientation is greatly facilitated. ...

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  • Extended lower trapezius island myocutaneous flap: a fasciomyocutaneous flap based on the dorsal scapular artery.

    abstract::The lower trapezius island myocutaneous flap is a useful flap in head and neck reconstruction. It is thin and pliable and can reach defects in most areas of the head and neck. Its usefulness in head and neck reconstruction has often been limited or discouraged by reports of significant failure rates. In this study, th...

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  • Congenital leukemia cutis: an unusual manifestation of a rare disease.

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  • Infiltration of epinephrine in reduction mammaplasty: a systematic review of the literature.

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  • Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy With Instillation: A Tool in the Multidisciplinary Approach to Limb Function Preservation.

    abstract:SUMMARY:The multidisciplinary approach to lower extremity function preservation is well established and is globally considered the standard of care. Every member of the team contributes their unique skills and knowledge to patient care. The effective integration of negative-pressure wound therapy with instillation (NPW...

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  • Improved healing of microvascular PTFE prostheses by induction of a clot layer: an experimental study in rats.

    abstract::This study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that the induction of a clot layer on the graft surface of microvascular polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) prostheses might improve their healing. PTFE microvascular prostheses (n = 18), mechanically roughened PTFE microvascular prostheses (n = 18), and Chitosan-impregnate...

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  • Body image concerns of breast augmentation patients.

    abstract::This study investigated the body image concerns of women who sought cosmetic breast augmentation. Thirty breast augmentation candidates completed several measures of body image before their initial surgical consultation. Thirty physically similar women who were not interested in breast augmentation were recruited from...

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  • Sweet's syndrome presenting as acute hand infection.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sweet's syndrome, originally described as an acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis, belongs to a class of skin lesions that histologically have intense epidermal and/or dermal inflammatory infiltrate of neutrophils without evidence of infection or vasculitis. Skin lesions of Sweet's syndrome most commonly pr...

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  • Long-Term Outcomes of Total Knee Arthroplasty following Soft-Tissue Defect Reconstruction with Muscle and Fasciocutaneous Flaps.

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  • Twenty-year experience with early surgery for craniosynostosis: I. Isolated craniofacial synostosis--results and unsolved problems.

    abstract::Early surgery for isolated craniosynostosis is designed to improve morphology, to prevent functional disturbances, and equally important, to enhance the psychosocial development of the child. As the first of a two-part series, 104 patients with isolated craniofacial synostosis were retrospectively analyzed. Diagnoses ...

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  • The capsule quality of saline-filled smooth silicone, textured silicone, and polyurethane implants in rabbits: a long-term study.

    abstract::Recently, there have been many new designs in both the surface texture and chemical composition of breast implants that claim reduced constrictive capsular formation. The purpose of this study was to utilize a quantitative method to determine the firmness of capsules formed around saline-filled smooth silicone, textur...

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  • Congenital double lip: a review of seven cases.

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    abstract::Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is an uncommon neoplasia occurring in women with either cosmetic or reconstructive breast implants. The actual knowledge about BIA-ALCL deriving from the literature presents several limits, and it remains difficult to make inferences about BIA-ALCL ep...

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    authors: Nava MB,Adams WP Jr,Botti G,Campanale A,Catanuto G,Clemens MW,Del Vecchio DA,De Vita R,Di Napoli A,Hall-Findlay E,Hammond D,Heden P,Mallucci P,Martin Del Yerro JL,Muti E,Rancati A,Randquist C,Salgarello M,Stan C,Roc

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  • Tolerance induction in composite facial allograft transplantation in the rat model.

    abstract::Clinical application of composite tissue allograft transplants opened discussion on the restoration of facial deformities by allotransplantation. The authors introduce a hemifacial allograft transplant model to investigate the rationale for the development of functional tolerance across the major histocompatibility co...

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  • Practical Tips to Improve Efficiency and Success in Upper Limb Replantation.

    abstract:LEARNING OBJECTIVES:After reading this article, participant should be able to: 1. Describe the technique of replantation for very distal amputation of the digit and salvage procedures for venous drainage. 2. Perform single-digit replantation after viewing the videos. 3. Recognize appropriate cases for joint salvage tec...

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