Improved isolation strategies allowed the phenotypic differentiation of two Nitrospira strains from widespread phylogenetic lineages.


:The second step of nitrification, the oxidation of nitrite to nitrate, is vital for the functioning of the nitrogen cycle, but our understanding of the ecological roles of the involved microorganisms is still limited. The known diversity of Nitrospira, the most widely distributed nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, has increased remarkably by analyses of 16S rRNA and functional gene sequences. However, only few representatives could be brought into laboratory cultures so far. In this study, two Nitrospira from activated sludge were isolated using novel approaches together with established methods. Highly enriched 'Candidatus Nitrospira defluvii' was separated from concomitant heterotrophs by taking advantage of its resistance against ampicillin and acriflavine. Beside this member of lineage I, a novel species of lineage II, named N. lenta, was initially enriched at 10°C and finally purified by using optical tweezers. The tolerance to elevated nitrite levels was much higher in N. defluvii than in the more fastidious N. lenta and was accompanied by pronounced biofilm formation. Phylogenetic classification of 12 additional enrichments indicated that Nitrospira lineage I is common in extreme and moderate ecosystems like lineage II. The new cultures will help to explore physiological and genomic differences affecting niche separation between members of this highly diverse genus.


FEMS Microbiol Ecol


Nowka B,Off S,Daims H,Spieck E




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  • In vitro suppression of fungi caused by combinations of apparently non-antagonistic soil bacteria.

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    abstract::Many bacteria can resist phagocytic digestion by various protozoa. Some of these bacteria (all human pathogens) are known to be packaged in multilamellar bodies produced in the phagocytic pathway of the protozoa and that are secreted into the extracellular milieu. Packaged bacteria are protected from harsh conditions,...

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  • Abundance and activity of nitrate reducers in an arable soil are more affected by temporal variation and soil depth than by elevated atmospheric [CO2].

    abstract::Elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations ([CO(2) ]) might change the abundance and the function of soil microorganisms in the depth profile of agricultural soils by plant-mediated reactions. The seasonal pattern of abundance and activity of nitrate-reducing bacteria was studied in a Mini-FACE experiment plan...

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  • A cold-loving crenarchaeon is a substantial part of a novel microbial community in cold sulphidic marsh water.

    abstract::In this paper, we report the identification and first characterization of a novel, cold-loving, prokaryotic community thriving among white-greenish 'streamers' in the cold (c. 10 degrees C) sulphurous water of the marsh Sippenauer Moor near Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. It consists of the bacterial genus Thiothrix, th...

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  • Structure and activity of the denitrifying community in a maize-cropped field fertilized with composted pig manure or ammonium nitrate.

    abstract::One alternative to mineral fertilization is to use organic fertilizers. Our aim was to compare the impacts of 7-year applications of composted pig manure and ammonium nitrate on the structure and activity of the denitrifying community. Mineralization and organization of N, denitrification rates and N2O/N2 ratio were a...

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