Determining the level of evidence for the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in upper limb pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis.


BACKGROUND:The use of spinal manipulation (SM) for upper limb pain has been advocated based on the concept of regional interdependence. However, its evidence has not been established. OBJECTIVE:To determine the level of evidence for the effectiveness of SM in patients with upper limb pain as part of the concept of regional interdependence. METHODS:MeSH and Key words representing two broad subject areas: SM and upper limb disorders were used to conduct an electronic search in sixteen electronic databases. Randomized controlled trials and/or controlled clinical trials investigating the effects of SM in patients with upper limb pain were included. Studies including pain in the neck or scapular region and those using spinal mobilization were excluded. Meta-analysis was conducted to examine the effects of SM on upper limb pain. The overall quality of evidence was assessed using the GRADE system. RESULTS:Out of 3307 studies, six trials met inclusion criteria for this review. Of these, three studies were included in meta-analysis. Meta-analysis results suggested there were no statistical differences between SM and other interventions in the effects on reducing upper limb pain. The overall quality of evidence was very low. CONCLUSION:The number of studies regarding the current topic is limited. There is very low quality evidence that SM is not better nor inferior than other interventions in the management of upper limb pain.


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Aoyagi M,Mani R,Jayamoorthy J,Tumilty S




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  • Effectiveness of the end-range mobilization and scapular mobilization approach in a subgroup of subjects with frozen shoulder syndrome: a randomized control trial.

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  • Localised resistance selectively activates the semispinalis cervicis muscle in patients with neck pain.

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    abstract::Physiotherapeutic management of lumbar disorders often utilises specific segmental joint mobilisation techniques; however, there is only limited evidence of any neurophysiological effects and much of this has focused on the cervical spine and upper limbs. This study aims to extend the knowledge base underpinning the u...

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  • The muscular arch of the axilla revisited: its possible role in the thoracic outlet and shoulder instability syndromes.

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  • Reliability of lumbar movement dysfunction tests for chronic low back pain patients.

    abstract::Assessment of lumbar movement dysfunction commonly comprises trunk range of motion (ROM), movement or control impairment (MCI), and reposition error (RE). Those assessments are typically based on visual observation. Consequently it is not possible to reliably quantify back movements for intersubject comparisons, or fo...

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  • Validation of a new questionnaire to assess the impact of Whiplash Associated Disorders: The Whiplash Activity and participation List (WAL).

    abstract::Valid questionnaires for measuring functional limitations in patients with Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) are lacking, since existing measures are not suitable for addressing the specific limitations of these patients and because of cross contamination between theoretical constructs. The objective of this study w...

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