[The clinical picture, fluorescence angiography and histologie of a ringmelanoma of the iris (author's transl)].


:Report on a rare case of an iris-ringmelanoma. Arising from the iris base the primary tumor spread in a continuous line along the anterior chamber angle and a shedding of tumor cells in other places of the iris surface could be stated as well. A unilateral dark spotted colouring of the iris with a secondary glaucoma was clinically observed. Gonioscopy, diaphanoscopy, 32P-test, and iris fluorescence-angiography aided the diagnosis. Fluorescence angiography appears to be of particular value in the diagnosis of malignant melanoma of the iris: The peculiar filling pattern seen at the pupillary border of the tumor has up to now only been found in malignant processes of the anterior uvea. The clinical tentative diagnosis of malignant ringmelanoma of the iris, could histopathologically be verified.


Klin Monbl Augenheilkd


Demeler U,von Domarus D


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1976-03-01 00:00:00












  • [Treatment of trichiasis and distichiasis with a biopsy punch -- an effective and practical method for eyelash follicle excision].

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  • [Functional and Anatomic Outcomes of Primary and Secondary Internal Limiting Membrane Transplantation in Large and Persistent Macular Holes].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The gold standard therapy for full-thickness macular holes (FTMH) is vitrectomy (PPV) with peeling of the internal limiting membrane (ILM), gas tamponade of the vitreous cavity and postoperative face-down positioning. Nevertheless, eyes with large macular holes (> 400 µm) and surgical failures remain difficu...

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  • [Tear film diagnosis in contact lens wearers].

    abstract::Contact lenses have an intimate relationship with the precorneal tear film and it is important to attempt to prognosticate the likelihood of successful contact lens wear by evaluating, both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the precorneal tear film. Aspects of history diagnostic methods and general aspects which...

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  • [Refractive benefit and incremental costs of LASIK: results of a cost benefit study in two universities' LASIK departments].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:No data is available to date on the cost effectiveness of laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) with regard to the German-speaking health care system. Hence we compared the clinical outcome and cost data of two German LASIK centres in respect of procedure cost effectiveness from the patient perspective. MATE...

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  • [Sectorial racemose vascular malformation of the iris].

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  • [Abnormal head turn in a patient with Brown's syndrome].

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  • [Inferior nasal transposition of the lateral rectus muscle for third nerve palsy].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The choice and extent of extraocular muscle surgery in N.III palsy are based on the specific pattern and degree of the palsy. In severe paralysis the eye has to be shifted from an exotropic to a straight ahead position. Additionally, a change in vertical position may be desirable. To reach this aim, transposi...

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  • [Long-term treatment of circulatory disturbances of the retina and optic (author's transl)].

    abstract::Forty-six patients with in most cases severe vascular degenerative retinochoroidal circulatory disturbances or with glaucomatous visual field defects were treated with rökan dragées (160 mg/day for four weeks, then 120 mg/day). The following were checked at monthly intervals to determine the degree of success of the t...

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  • [Optimised frontal suspension for correction of complicated ptosis].

    abstract::Complicated ptosis can be corrected by frontal suspension with autologous fascia lata. Via an open approach, the fascia is implanted between the brow and the tarsal plate behind the septum. The oblique implantation between the tarsus and the brow preserves the flexibility of elevation, closure and blinking of the uppe...

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  • [Circumscribed peripheral (equatorial or pre-equatorial) retinoschisis (author's transl)].

    abstract::Circumscribed areas of retinoschisis along or anterior to the Equator occur mainly in elderly subjects. Diagnosis is based on biomicroscopic criteria. ...

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